Tubercular History Love & Mental Ability Revived

A strange case of a lady who lost all his love and mental ability had been cured with Tuberculinum presented by J.T.Kent….

Now another strange case I may tell you: A woman had been sick four years, declining steadily, when she came to consult me.

She had lost all her loves: had not the ability to exercise that function at all. She was ashamed of it: did not like her husband; did not love her children: and she said: “What shall I do! Don’t tell of it. I don’t want anybody to know that I do not love my husband; he is a good man. And my children; I have lost all my love for my children.”

She had no resolution whatever; was entirely irresolute: Was irritable; had no desire to do anything: it was all lost.

Undertaking any mental exertion brought much pain in the occiput; she put her finger directly on the spot: she felt hot right at that spot.

Hers was a marked tubercular history. From her recital I recognized that there was a difficulty it was clear to me that there was some obstruction in the passage between the third and the fourth ventricles; it appeared to me that the cerebro-spinal fluid would not flow out of the brain to accommodate her mental exertion, and then she would have congestion.

I could strongly suspect that there were tubercular deposits in the brain; I was convinced of this by her strongly tubercular history. But I did not come to a conclusion until after studying her for more than six months, giving her such remedies as I could.

She would pick up slightly; and then within a week would drop right back again: I would select another remedy, and after another slight improvement she would again drop back.

Finally, I thought: Here is a tubercular history and here are the tubercular symptoms; I am going to test her.

Putting her under a test with TUBERCULINUM bovinum 10m, she responded to it.

She said, “Doctor, I am a new woman.” All of her loves came back; her mental ability revived.

She had 10m twice at long intervals and: had 50m twice, also at long intervals.

She responded and felt better after the first dose; within three or four weeks her symptoms returned and I gave her a second one. She is now on the third or fourth dose; now, after about three or four doses she is a new woman, perfectly natural in everything.

James Tyler Kent
James Tyler Kent (1849–1916) was an American physician. Prior to his involvement with homeopathy, Kent had practiced conventional medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He discovered and "converted" to homeopathy as a result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.
In 1881, Kent accepted a position as professor of anatomy at the Homeopathic College of Missouri, an institution with which he remained affiliated until 1888. In 1890, Kent moved to Pennsylvania to take a position as Dean of Professors at the Post-Graduate Homeopathic Medical School of Philadelphia. In 1897 Kent published his magnum opus, Repertory of the Homœopathic Materia Medica. Kent moved to Chicago in 1903, where he taught at Hahnemann Medical College.