Chapter Vision from Homeopathy Repertory by James Tyler Kent. This repertory was originally published in 1899. This chapter gives all the symptoms related to Vision in an alphabetical order, along with their indicated remedies.


Chapter Face from Homeopathy Repertory by James Tyler Kent. This repertory was originally published in 1899. This chapter gives all the symptoms related to Face in an alphabetical order, along with their indicated remedies.


Chapter Respiration from Homeopathy Repertory by James Tyler Kent. This repertory was originally published in 1899. This chapter gives all the symptoms related to Respiration in an alphabetical order, along with their indicated remedies.


Chapter Chest from Homeopathy Repertory by James Tyler Kent. This repertory was originally published in 1899. This chapter gives all the symptoms related to Chest in an alphabetical order, along with their indicated remedies.


Chapter Generalitis from Homeopathy Repertory by James Tyler Kent. This repertory was originally published in 1899. This chapter gives all the symptoms related to Generalitis in an alphabetical order, along with their indicated remedies.


Chapter Mind from Homeopathy Repertory by James Tyler Kent. This repertory was originally published in 1899. This chapter gives all the symptoms related to Mind in an alphabetical order, along with their indicated remedies.

Acute Mania

Though Belladonna stands highest in the anamnesis, the bodily heat of the remedy is lacking and the case may later demand Hyoscyamus, as the mania is not active enough for Stramonim. …


The paralysis of left is almost complete and the right is showing signs of weakness in abduction. Rash comes out on the body in heated air. Cured with Plumbum met….


Eczema of vesicular form. Vesicles filled with thin, yellow fluid. Copious on inside of hands and fingers. Lips cracked. Has had stomach or intestinal trouble for years. Eczema cured with Kali sulph….


Ulcer burns, stings, smarts; sometimes has a jerking sensation through heel; she wants it kept cool, it is worse from warmth. Pain is something like splinters or buzzing. A case of ulcer cured with Pulsatilla….

Healing Principle

Healing Principle. The vital principle that pervades all simple and complex organisms and substances manifests itself, through various media and under varying ……


Pulsatilla has such a strong affinity for the ear that it will cure earache in almost all sensitive children who cry pitifully. But those who are snappish, who are never suited, who will throw away something they have asked for, and slap the nurse in the face, must have Chamomilla. With Pulsatilla, Chamomilla and Allium cepa you can cure the majority of earaches in children.


The physician would not use the atropine. He came to me, and on a study of the symptoms he saw that Staphisagria was the remedy and Staphisagria removed the symptoms at once. All sorts of ulceration of the eyelids, of the corner of the eyes, and of the surface of the eyes with sticking, jagging pains.


Consumptives often suffer greatly when left to themselves, and some medical practitioners, knowing no better way, give Morphine and other stupefying agents, thinking that they allay human suffering. The true physician will embrace the opportunity to exercise his skill at these moments.


That little child did not need any more medicine. After that I had quite a number of Podophyllum cases, and the 30th did the work to my astonishment. It was different from anything I had ever seen; the cures were almost instantaneous, it seemed as if there would be no more stool after the first dose of medicine.


The extreme sensitiveness of Zincum is like that of Nux vomica, and yet the two remedies are inimical, because of much alike. This is one of the mysteries of inimical remedies. One would suppose that as they are similar, they would become antidotal, but there are instances in which very similar remedies are inimical. In Nux vomica the patients are sensitive to all manner of treatment, the highest potencies excite symptoms rather than effect a cure.


The headache is sometimes ameliorated by compression; better by a steady even gentle pressure; worse from the slightest jar or noise. The noise of a passing vehicle generally produces great exaggeration of the symptoms, with throbbing as if the head would fly in pieces. Riding on a smooth country road, or the gliding motion of the street cars, ameliorates these headaches.


Dr. Kent was addressing the people members of International Hahnemannian Association, expianing the goals of organisation….

Relation of Gout to Voluntary System

Dr. Kent’s advise on the treatment of chronic disease. Mental state right from childhood must be taken into account to reach the similimum….

Why is Cancer Incurable

Dr. Kent’s observation on cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, Bright’s disease, and many organic conditions of the body that how to take the case in such diseases and how to prescribe the remedy in such difficult cases. He further states that take the whole history of the patient since childhood, not prescribe on the current symptom picture because this picture is the end result of the previous childhood actions have been forgotten…

Tendency to Re-Prove Our Mat Med

Dr. Kent’s advice on re- proving of the homeopathic medicine. Here he advised that drug reproving should be genuine as per the direction given by Dr. Hahnemann, only then we can add the symptoms of drugs in original text of our materia medica….

Definition of Homoeopathic Physician

Definition of Homoeopathic Physician. Dr. Kent want to differentiate the quality of Homeopathy and allopathy physician. A homeopath who ignore the knowledge of Hahnemann’s ORGANON, PURE MATERIA MEDICA, and the Homeopathic repertory, is not a true Homeopathic physician….

Preface to Lesser Writings

Preface of Kents New Remedies, Clinical Cases, Lesser Writings, Aphorisms & Precepts by W.W Sherwood. M.D….

Criticism Of Dr Holmes

Criticism Of Dr Holmes. Dr. Kent raised question mark on Dr. Holmes for his prescription without referring the required text books. …

Study In Materia Medica

Dr. Kent describe how many remedies comes in our mind when we here each symptom during case….


Dr. Kent said that perfection in prescription comes with experience. He further added importance of organon of medicine, materia medica and potency selection…….

Use of Repertory

Use of Repertory makes prescribing more accurate and less laboring. By the use of repertory symptoms can be arranged as per their importance in case of disease. …

Address Preliminary to Study of Homoeopathics

Homeopathy rests not upon theory nor opinion, but upon facts. Hypotheses and reasonings have no place in treatise on that upon which human life depends. The whole system is based on the fixed principles mentioned in the ORGANON and CHRONIC DISEASE and materia medica is based on proving on the human being….

Birthday of Hahnemann

The silent, heartfelt thankfulness that Hahnemann was born and lived his life and left us the results of his discoveries in the ORGANON, CHRONIC DISEASES and MATERIA MEDICA PURA, is the best way to celebrate this wonderful man’s birthday….

Classroom Talks

Discussion on the remedies, complimentary medicine, acute and chronic prescription. Dr. Kent’s advice to investigate the case completely before prescribing and he also warn not to prescribe just on the fixed ideas for the particular remedy….

Classify Constitutions useless in Prescribing

Classification is necessary to the proper study of diseases, pathological conditions, and diagnosis, but every case of sickness in an individual is so dissimilar to another case that each and every patient must be examined and measured by the symptoms that represent his disordered economy and prescription should be based on that peculiar symptoms….

Adoption of Homoeopathy

Every practitioner who claimed himself a Homeopath should have deeper knowledge of Homeopathy principles and Hahnemann’s ORGANON….

Organs & Direction Of Cure

Discussion on Hering law of cure. Mental, intellectual faculties, will plays important role in prescribing. A remedy prescribed on the basis of mental symptoms is able improve not only mental and intellectual faculties but the physical disease also….


Criticism of Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book. Question mark on the idea of grand generalization….

Typhoid Fever

Dr. Kent’s advice on the treatment of Typhoid fever. Instead of treating with the group of therapeutically indicated medicine physician must focus on the individual character of the patient in the disease state….

Two Different Presentations

The investigation of sickness must be in a order, right from the disturbance in desire aversion, memory, intelligence to the end presentation of symptoms….


Explanation on the dose and potency. Effect of increasing potency or dosage in pathway of cure….

How to Study the Repertory

Guidelines to read and use of repertory. Repertory is the tool by which prescriber can reach to the similimum without much efforts. A prescriber who does not use this method has not right to call himself a homeopath. …


Idiosyncrasy a special hypersensitive state always present in a particular patient. Helps in drug proving as well as in selection of remedy….

Landmarks of Homoeopathy

Homeopathy is an art and science. Science part of the system is neglected which should taught before the a student learn the artistic part of homeopathy system.


Find out the uncommon symptoms of the case. Be confident when examine the patient at bedside. The characteristics of a fatal case of this disease are as follows: 1st. No individualizing symptoms. 2nd. An ignorant physician, and this is the commonest cause of failure. …

Malaria Fevers Therapeutics

Discussion on the therapeutic of malaria fever with differentiation of remedies. Advise on the repetition of remedies….

Distinction between Similar and Similimum

Distinction between Similar and Similimum. Similar medicine is capable to change in symptom set and complimentary medicine complete the cure of case of disease. On the other hand similimum medicine that cures the symptoms present, eradicates them completely….

Emergencies – Euthanasia

Do not hesitate when prescribing in great suffering, for immediate relief. Take the symptoms of each individual case and select the remedy capable of producing similar symptoms, rather than giving Morphine and other stupefying agents or leaveing the suffering patient….

Gall Stone or Kidney Colic Discussion

Gall Stone or Kidney Colic Discussion. The constitutional remedy is the best thing for the patient. It will set the kidneys to manufacturing healthy urine….

Hint To Specialists

Specialists must have deep knowledge of materia medica and Organon. They must try to treat the patient with medicine. Should not hurry to do surgery, because it is not the curative treatment of the case of disease….

Homoeopathy its Fundamental Principles

Discussion on the fundamental laws of homeopathy given by Dr. Hahnemann. Principles that governs the whole system of homeopathy medicine explained by Dr. Kent…….


Dr. Kent’s comments on using temperaments as a differentiating symptom for selection of remedy. He suggest that temperament has noting to do with pathology of the patient, it remains same in heath and disease state of the patient, then what we suppose to treat? …

Management of Displacements

Understanding an individual case to prescribe a remedy is not always occurs in first consultation. It may take several sitting to open up the patient….

Murex – Sepia

Murex – Sepia.   Editor Medical Advance:

Please ask Dr. Kent where he got the symptoms of Murex. p. 478 of Advance, “pains in Murex aggravated whi…

Administration of the Remedy

Kent’s discussion on the Hahnemann’s guidelines for selection of potency and repetition of dosage. He further added that repetition should be guided by the demand of the patient….

Potencies Discussion

Potencies Discussion.       Question: What is the explanation of antidoting high potencies by using low ones? In tuberculosis, for instance, Sulphur is occa…

Pure Homoeopathy Defended

Pure Homoeopathy Defended.
“What can be more astonishing than that professed homoeopathic physicians should deny the efficacy of their own remedies?”

“What …

Reply to Dr Hughes

Dr. Kent’s criticism on cyclopedia based on the pathogenetic symptoms of the crude substance. He called this cyclopedia is just toxicology book not a materia medica….

Series in Degrees

Dr. Kents observation and clinical experience on using the potencies. He advise to go higher potency if the previous potency has done best….

Sycosis Miasm

Sycosis, a miasm. Direction for the treatment of the cases having sycosis miasm in their history. Discussion on the remedies indicated in such cases….

Syphilis as a Miasm

Dr. Kent’s direction for the treatment of syphilis. Guidelines about the expression of syphilis after the suppression with allopathic drugs….

Careful Records

Case notes help the physician to make a second prescription. Also helps to recall the whole case when the patient has been cured….

How to Study the Materia Medica

Symptoms are the only manifestation by which disease can make itself known to an intelligent physician. Disease beings in an individual prior to the development the pathology or something that can be find by the pathologist….

Language of the Repertory

Direction to use the repertory. With help of repertory symptoms can be arranged on the basis of their importance, that can not be explained through pathology. This helps the physician to find the similimum….

Making of a Man

The highest aim of man is to become wise, and the only way to attain wisdom is to do for the good of others….

Plane of Disorder & Cure

Infection is not the cause of disease. Cause is prior to the infection. It lies in the simple substance. Mere killing of the bacteria from the body fluid is not the cure of the disease….

Second Prescription

Evaluation of the patient after first prescription. Kent’s advise what should be kept in mind before making a second prescription?…

Proper Time to Change

Changes in symptom does not always call for a newer remedy. It may the older set of symptoms on its way to final departure. Make a prescription if they persist for long duration….

Avoid Haste

Hurry in prescription is an error, many a life has been saved by waiting and waiting. haste is a common error, more frequently with the second prescription than the first….

Wait & Observe

Advise on the repetition of medicine. Dr. Kent says never change the remedy unless you are very sure that the remedy is no longer acting. …

Improper Action

The complaints of patient or friends constitute no ground for a second prescription. Knowledge of medicine as well as knowledge of disease both are necessary to make a second prescription….

Remedies Suitable to Follow

Prescription made in acute and chronic state are complimentary to each other. One follow the another and complete the work of cure….

What the People Should Know

The people should not expect to obtain homoeopathic results from a physician whose methods are not in accordance with the homoeopathic art of healing….

Study of Our Materia Medica

A homeopath should be master in the Materia medica by heart. Another warning to the beginner, that he may not be too hasty in giving medicine to sensitive, nervous patients….

Lachesis Case

Lachesis Case. Mrs. H. W. A.- Proving of Lachesis 10m. Beginning February 14, 1887. A very nervous little woman who has never been very sick, but always ve…

Study of Provings

Study of Provings.    It is nearly useless to cram students with the language of provings. If they cannot be made to see the clinical image to be met, th……

Symptoms & Aspects of Cases

A experienced homoeopathic observers know very well that the burning, stinging, enlarged glands, infiltration, hardness of the part, weakness, loss of flesh, in a scirrhus of a mamma will not lead to a remedy that will act curatively. Generals and particulars of the patient must be consider….

Comprehension & Retention of Homoeopathy

Dr. Kent’s criticism on the Boenninghausen idea of grand generalization and concomitant. He says that this is apart from the guidelines given by Dr. Hahnemann…….


Drug proving gives the knowledge of effect of a drug substance on a human being, as a whole, not on the parts. Similarly when drug is prescribed should be given on totality of symptoms not for the isolated organ. …

To All Homoeopaths

Dr. Kent’s criticism to the Homeopath who does not follow the laws of homeopathy and still call himself a Homeopath….

View for Successful Prescribing

Successful Prescribing is typically based on what we see in patient. Strange rare symptoms defines the patient and his reaction to the suffering, these symptom forms the base of successful prescription….

What is Homoeopathy

Discussion on the principles and laws that forms the foundation of the Homeopathy system of medicine. …

What Shall We Do When Law Fails

“When we have to do with an art whose end is the saving of human life, any neglect to make ourselves thoroughly masters of it, becomes a crime.” …

Aphorisms & Precepts

The Homoeopathic physician must continue to study in the science and in the art before he can become expert. This will grow in him until he becomes increasingly astute and he will grow stronger and wiser in his selections for sick people….

Abrotanum with Clinical Cases

Two Clinical Cases presented by Kent showing clinical efficacy of Abrotanum in cases of Rheumatism of Ankle and knee….