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 Many cases of severe asthma the results of suppressed gon…

Many cases of severe asthma the results of suppressed gonorrhoea, are speedily cured by Medorrhinum, and the symptoms of gonorrhoea brought out. Epithelioma, phthisis, cauliflower excrescences sterility, and erosions have been traced by me its basis; suppressed gonorrhoea may produce iritis; syphilis produces it without suppression-KENT.

Sycotic children (so born) when one or both parents have gonorrhoea, have cholera infantum, marasmus and are pining child- kent.

Medorrhinum and Thuja have thick, long hair on the extremities, from the elbows and knees down.

The Medorrhinum patient is better near the seashore.

Kali bromatum is equally useful in the night terrors of child life and the loss of memory and hesitancy in remembering words, of old people.

Clear ,stringy fleet, resembling the seminal fluid, may be cleared up and the patient cured by Kali hydriodatum.

A patient reports a Persian cat greatly benefited by a dose of Paris quad. 30. This was prescribed on the symptoms of diarrhoea coming on in the fall, a soft stool changing in character, but much urging with small results, and at frequent intervals, which had a smell as of putrid fish; a fishy smell about the animal at all times; appetite almost entirely gone, smells of his food but would not touch it, but acted as though it sickened him; having once eaten, however, he became ravenous; nervous and appeared to have headache and eye irritation, although not sensitive to light.

Think of Ruta for pip or croup in bowels, where there is chokiness and the comb of the fowl turns black, especially if contagious or from impure water.

When a patient complains of a feeling as if the heart were swollen to enormous size, as if the whole chest were distended, and as if the heart suddenly fell into the abdomen, think of Cenchris contortrix. This patient will also complain of a profuse, bland foot-sweat, corns that are troublesome in wet weather, and his hands chap very easily-H.A.ROBERTS.

Allan D. Sutherland