It was most homoeopathic, forcible, logical, and held his audience, paving the way for those things which were to follow. His address will be retained in the memories of all his listeners as of the greatest value to the progress of true homoeopathy. His honorary oration presented- we are pleased to say-before a very intellectual and appreciative audience, was an inspiration to us all and held us spellbound.

The International Homoeopathic League was held in the beautiful city of Geneva, from August 2nd to August 5th. Some 74 doctors were present, representing eleven countries, namely: Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States of America. Some 57 guests and some doctors of the old school attended the meeting.

“La Residence” was selected as the hotel for the delegates. They were welcomed there by Dr. and Mrs. Pierre Schmidt, Dr.Duprat, and Dr. and Mrs. Jaccard of Geneva. The delegates found this hotel must delightful. It is situated not far from “the Athenee”, where the meetings were held.

“The Athenee:, where the Society of Arts hold their sessions, added a luster and a charm to the meeting. The rostrum and the bust of Hahnemann placed in front were decorated daily with choice flowers by Mrs. Pierre Schmidt.

The first proceeding was the introduction of the delegates by the President, Dr.Pierre Schmidt: Belgium, Dr.Van den Berghe; Brazil, Dr. Nelson de Vasconcellos; England, Dr. Granville Hey; France, Dr.Le Tellier; Holland, Dr. Voorhoeve; Italy, Dr.Bonino; Poland, Dr. Buczynski; Spain, Dr.Hernandez; Switzerland, Dr.Duprat.

Members of the League who have all these years been accustomed to see Dr. and Mrs. Dandolo Mattoli regretted their absence, as they had done faithful work during those passing years.

Dr. Mattoli was President of the League at Rome last year. Proceedings of the last meeting in Rome were read by our able and faithful Secretary, Dr.,Fergie Woods, of London, who has given thirteen years of arduous and excellent work to the organization. He deserves all the credit for his fine and efficient work so quietly accomplished.

The meetings were finely conducted by Dr.Pierre Schmidt, who, we all know, has the ability of organization. A word placed here and there with a smile saved and made smooth many a discussion.

The program, well executed and wrought out, gave pleasure to the delegates and guests from these many countries. Dr.Pierre Schmidts opening address was so full of love and kindness that it made each member from the many countries feel at once at home, and prepared the way to honor Hahnemann, as Hahnemann should be honored. NO words of mine can, in any way, measure the impressions I received from Dr.Pierre Schmidts address. His thoughts and words were truly lovely, so free from malice, prejudice and preconceived ideas, so open, so full of warmth and kindliness, that he seemed inspired with the spirit of the masters who have gone to their reward.

Hark! I can almost hear them speak as, with the smile, he welcomes the delegates, asking them to gather and exchange thoughts with open winds that we may be like good seeds bringing forth rich harvest to the world through Hahnemanns laws and principles. The spirit of the Congress seemed like sweet music penetrating all hearts and minds, kindling a spirit of love and a desire to know more of the principles and laws of Hahnemann.

With a smile, kind words. poise, tact and judgment Dr. Schmidt made us feel like initiates waiting for the higher degrees in Hahnemanns writings and words. He told a story of Dr.Kent coming into the light, thus resolving to give a trial to the higher dilutions by giving Podophyllum to a very sick baby. He pleaded with those sitting in his presence to be like Dr.Kent, who, with other master minds that we have known and loved and lost for a time, followed Samuel Hahnemann.

One of the topics, that he related, was how Hahnemann 80 years old-spoke to five hundred doctors in Paris. The President pleaded with everyone there to become better acquainted with Hahnemanns life and his books.

We can never forget all they did for us and homoeopathy. “To fulfil with dignity his mission, the homoeopath must be fully convinced that there is no act in life which demands more conscience than the treatment of the life of the man put into danger through malady.”.

He ended saying: “If you meet with failure and unsuccess, always remember that: When we are dealing with a science which is concerned with the saving of life, it is a crime to neglect its study”.

Then reports were given by the vice-presidential delegates on homoeopathic activity in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and Yucatan.

The reserved session for Congressionnists which was consecrated especially to the League, was opened by Dr. Burford (England) on the EVOLUTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL HOMOEOPATHIC LEAGUE, ITS HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION. All who know Dr.Burford know his are ability, eloquence, and love for all things truly homoeopathic. To those who may not have the pleasure of knowing him, let me state, that it was a graphic and able address such as we is so capable of rendering. To hear the senior of such an assembly giving practical and useful suggestions for the advancement of homoeopathy was a delight.

Dr.Roy Upham (America) was unable to be present. A disappointment to all those who know him best, but his excellent thoughts and proposals were warmly presented by Dr. Burford.

Dr.Tuinzing (Holland) showed different membership cards, presented designs and valuable criticisms about the League.

The scientific session was opened by Dr.Duprat, of Geneva, on: WHAT IS THE VALUE OF THE CRITICS AND THEIR CONDEMNATION FORMULATED AGAINST HOMOEOPATHY? Dr. Duprat gave his best power and ability to keep Genevas press informed ad delivered and interesting paper. He has a very quick and logical mind and is an able polemic writer.

Owing to the absence of Dr.Belbeze, of Nevers, much to our disappointment, his paper, NOTION OF MIASMA, could not be read.


Dr. Allendy, of Paris: MORBID SUBSTITUTIONS AND HOMOEOPATHY was the title of his paper. He had the reputation of much ability, clearness of thought whole conclusions are philosophical to a degree pleasing to the thinking audience., He exposed most courageously a question which is despised and neglected by the allopaths, because of their failure to define it. A very learned discussion followed and where practical indications in metastasis were given, which permitted him to insist on the doctrinal importance of this question in the interpretation of the action of drugs.

Dr. Neatbys (London) paper was on TROPICAL DISEASES. He stands quite alone on this subject in our school and is known in all countries as a scholar and worker in assisting and upholding the work of medical missionaries. He had done excellent work in the League giving it his full support.

Dr.Aebly, of Zurich, gave his paper on: THE HAHNEMANNS LAW OF SIMILAR, ITS HISTORY AND CONFIRMATION THROUGH THE MODERN EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE, which was full of interest and inspiration, scholarly and helpful. He claims that he found the application of the homoeopathic law amongst the writings of the Greeks. He made an outline about the actions and reactions of the remedies, comparing the Arndt-Schulz law, the curves of Kotschau and the law of Hahnemann, thus demonstrating the superiority of the latter.


Dr. John Weir, of London, delivered the oration at the opening assembly of the League in the following subject: CONFIRMATION OF HAHNEMANNS DOCTRINE IN THE TREATMENT OF DISEASES.

Dr. John Weir delivered before the audience, in a vivid manner, the doctrines of Samuel Hahnemann and how these laws and served him well during the passing years. He spoke of three men who have been in inspiration and a help to him: Hahnemann, Kent, Gibson Miller, of Glasgow, his dear friend, whom he so dearly loved, and of the splendid work and inspiration of Dr. Margaret Tyler. He hoped that all those who attended the Congress would ever strive to place homoeopathy where it belongs.

It was most homoeopathic, forcible, logical, and held his audience, paving the way for those things which were to follow. His address will be retained in the memories of all his listeners as of the greatest value to the progress of true homoeopathy. His honorary oration presented- we are pleased to say-before a very intellectual and appreciative audience, was an inspiration to us all and held us spellbound.

Dr.Borliachon (Nice): WHAT SHOULD WE THINK ABOUT HOMOEOPATHY? He gave us a general survey of homoeopathy useful especially for propaganda and revealed to us that Gounod, the composer, and the celebrated writer, Victor Hugo, were treated by homoeopathy.

Dr. Rabe (Berlin) Brought the message that it would be impossible next year to have the meeting in Berlin, on account of internal troubles. The German physicians feel that they could not bear the expense at the present time but hoped at some future time that the League might be entertained and the Congress held there.

Dr. Brissaud (Nice): WHY ARE THE SIMILARS CURING? A theoretical exposure presented in a very literary way of an original hypothesis of the action of the homoeopathic remedy. The discussions and criticisms were particularly interesting.

Dr. Burford, of London: NEW WORLDS TO CONQUERING HOMOEOPATHY. This address was presented in a masterly manner. This scholarly paper was listened to with the keenest interest by all, and new lights were thrown on the surgical part that was and should be taken by the surgeon in many cases presenting themselves to him.

Dr.Le Tellier, of Paris: A PROUESS OF FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM. The cure of a case supposed given up and incurable by eminent allopaths.

Dr. Fortier Bernoville (Paris ): HOMOEOPATHY IN CHILDRENS DISEASES. A quite scholarly presentation of the diseases of children.

She members of the Leagues, among then Rotarians, were invited by the President to the Hotel des Bergues at luncheon to meet the Rotarians of Geneva.

That same day sight-seeing auto cars took all to see the historic and interesting building of Geneva on a tour through the city. Geneva is not only a most interesting city, but an old one.

Dr. Lancelot and Dr.Duhamel (Paris) read a paper on: HOMOEOPATHY AT THE PUBERTY AND AT THE MENOPAUSE. I must respectfully state to those doctors that one cannot emphasize too strongly that the indicated remedy must be given irrespective of age of different periods of life.

Dr. Pahud, of Lausanne, did not red his paper on PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS ON THE VALUE OF HIGH DILUTIONS. He was generous enough, much to the sorrow of all present, to give his time to other members of the League, that their papers might be read. He always has had a great desire for the finest things homoeopathy can give and is searching for the best.

Dr. Rouy and Mr.Turenne (Paris): HOW TO DETECT HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES. New subjects full of interest, enough so, for further investigations, which were presented with fervor and conviction.

Dr. Madaus (Dresden): PHYTO-ANALYSIS, an interesting study presented by a German author whose work was ignored by French investigation and research workers on the same line.

Dr.Edroms (Bordeaux) paper on ALLOPATHY AND HOMOEOPATHY IN THEIR METHOD, was very much criticised, revealing the homoeopathic doctrine of Dr. Vannier, using many alternating remedies.

Let us hope his enthusiasm many lead him into the truth only found in homoeopathic principles and laws.

DR. Hernandez (Madrid): PHASES OF MY HOMOEOPATHIC LIFE. In a very energetic and forcible way be explained how he was let toward the road to true homoeopathy. While attending the London Homoeopathic Congress some years ago with Dr. Vinyals, he met his confrere from Portugal, who told him how much he was suffering from exophthalmic goitre. Dr. Hernandez proposed at once the leading remedy for this affection. DR.Vinyals at once exclaimed with indignation: “How dare you propose any remedy when you know nothing about the symptoms of this gentleman, as homoeopathy requires a full totality of symptoms to prescribe accurately.” Being Castilian, you many understand how his pride was touched and in the right direction as if converted him completely to homoeopathy.

Since that time he has published Kents Materia Medica in Spanish and a Repertory of his own.

Dr. Nebel (Lausanne): ON THE ISOPATHIC TREATMENT OF MALIGNANT AFFECTIONS, explains, in interesting specimens and micophotographies with lantern sides, about cancer and its development. This was the crowning work of more than 20 years of his won original researches.

For the entertainments, no word can adequately express the pleasure and great enjoyment given to us. We found the Councillor of the State to be most pleasing and able. He delighted his audience with words which were magnetic. He represented the state Council at the banquet given by the State and all who attended went away never to forget the evening. This was an event, as it was the first time in the history of Switzerland that such a high official had presided at a homoeopathic banquet.

As Mr. Paderewski could not be present, he did the next best sending two of his chosen pupils who are now studying with him at his spacious and beautiful villa at Morges. The whole world has been charmed by Paderewskis music, so we were charmed by the grace and loveliness of his music played by his talented pupils.

The next morning, the Congress departed for Ouchy Lausanne leaving from the pier of Jardin Anglaise arriving about noon at Lausanne, where a sumptuous luncheon was served in the spacious fine hotel “Beau Rivage”. The grounds were beautiful and spacious and the magnificent trees added greatly to the landscape. All this could be seen from the dining room where a very generous luncheon was provided. In the name of the Swiss Homoeopathic Society, we were received by Dr.Nebel and Mrs. Nebel.

Dr. John Weir, of England, Dr. Duprat, of Geneva, and others all added to our pleasure and entertainment by their words. We left after luncheon on the steamer, which had been chartered for the day, stopping at Evian, where all were invited to inspect the springs. This accomplished, an elaborated tea was served through the kind invitation of the Evian Water Co. Again looking across the lake one could see the Alps in the distance, the blue and sparkling water of Geneva added a background to this occasion never to be forgotten. We again boarded the spacious steamer which took us back to Geneva.

Both going and coming paper s were read on the steamer.

The paper of Dr.Gagliardi (Rome) on THE REASONS FOR A HOMOEOPATHIC PRESCRIPTION was substantial and prize worthy, logical from a homoeopathic standpoint on every line. A very promising future has this young man, as he is fearless, knows the truth, has set him free, and thus he speaks in no uncertain words for true homoeopathy.

Mr. Ferreol, of Geneva, is one of the most able veterinary doctors in Europe. He loves the law of Hahnemann and ever strives to practise pure homoeopathy on the animals he is called to see. Fortunate are they who fall under his care. In his paper on THE DETERMINATION OF HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDY IN THE VETERINARY ART he gives a clear and real general survey on the difference between homoeopathic treatment in the care to his teacher, Dr.Pierre Schmidt.

Dr. Vinyals, of Barcelona, a lovely soul, working always with self forgotten, no sacrifice too much or great if he can render service to the laws and doctrines of Hahnemann, whom be loves and honors.

Realizing that there would be no spare time he very graciously distributed a printed pamphlet about the HISTORY OF HOMOEOPATHY IN SPAIN as it stands today.

Dr.Cooper, of London, spoke regarding his paper on the boat coming back from Lausanne, of THE DANGER OF USING ALUMINUM IN COOKING. His friends regretted that there was no more time but the President gave him all the time that possibly could be spared, calling the meeting to an end as the boat was approaching the landing. Discussed officers for the coming year were elected and business transactions finished.

The same evening a symptoms and magnificent banquet was held in the Palais Eynard. It afforded everyone and opportunity to become better acquainted. There were speeches by the President, the Dean, Dr. Burford, and all the vice-presidents, representing many different countries. The writer spoke about the President as he had known him during these passing years as a most earnest and faithful worker, who, with great aid of his wife, has wrought splendid achievement for the advancement of homoeopathy throughout Europe.

Dr.Pierre Schmidt and his wife received from the members of the Congress a very magnificent silver plate, on which was engraved the signatures of all the members attending the Congress. After the speeches, the members of the Congress, their ladies, and guests adjourned upon the terrace and on the spacious ground adjacent to the building, which is located in Jardin des Bastions, where they were treated to an exhibition of the athletic games used in Switzerland, such as wrestling, performances on horizontal bars and the most superb exhibition of flag tossing and waving that one could imagine. Some of these gymnasts hold Olympic honors and records.

The Swiss dancing given by the men and women was unique and beautiful. The famous great Swiss horns, which are seldom seen today, brought forth great and lovely musical sounds which charmed all who heard them. The writer remembers so well heating one of these Alpine horns calling down the herds of cattle and goats from many a mountain side to their abiding places as the shades of evening gathered.

One of the finest group of yodlers in Switzerland thrilled us, giving great joy and pleasure. A member of the Geneva Rotary Club took charge of this for Dr. Pierre Schmidt, who is also a Rotarian. It simply was marvellous and greatly appreciated by everyone.

Dr. and Mrs. Pierre Schmidt received the congratulations of everybody in their usual modest way, saying, “If you are pleased we are happy to have done it for the cause of homoeopathy”, and thus ended a lovely evening in the Geneva park of Switzerland, which no words can picture, as trees and strawberries have come from all four corners of the world, and birds swaying on many a branch and the fragrance of flowers makes one imagine he might be in some oriental garden.

In closing, allow me to say I trust that this brief account of the most brilliant and pleasing Congress to all those who attended may inspire more Americans to attend the League meetings.

Dr.Pierre Schmidt and Mrs. Schmidt have demonstrated again their rare ability, as the meetings took place at the appointed hour, and there was not a false step from beginning to end.

Dr.Pierre Schmidt, all through the passing days of the early summer, tried to plan every detail in such a masterly may what nothing might be forgotten to give joy and entertainment. He was so clever that he never once forgot that all work and no play would make Jack a dull boy, so we were entertained by sweet music, tables full of choice things, boat ride views from one point of the Alps overlooking many of the white peaks that form great glaciers, great rivers of ice and snow which seemed like hallways coming from the immortal good. Then he brought us back to listen to excellent papers, so full of thoughts, and between those papers Dr.Pierre Schmidt would tell us about the amazing things he had found among the old books, as he has one of the finest homoeopathic libraries in the world.

May this meeting be like a great light, a burning torch, as inspiration to all the world to strive and work for better things which it seems today are not so readily found.


Alonzo Eugene Austin