This discovery of the physiologists serves to augment and abet the teaching of our system of medicine more than any other that has been demonstrated since the time of Hahnemann, that all parts of the body are affected by conditions and drugs, and that the totality and unity of the whole personality must be considered; this has been solely the province of the homoeopathic physician.


The history of the case would indicate syphilis as the probable cause. Recently he has complained of a tickling sensation in the larynx and pharynx which, at times, causes a physical exertion, talking and laughing always brings on a wheezing cough which continues for some minutes and brings up a slight amount of tough mucus with some relief.


The tumor was of a typical sycotic nature, fibrous in consistency, and possessing the concomitant symptom complex of the great constitutional miasm. The patient possessed a remarkable degree of physical health, there being a lack of objective symptoms except the growth which made her life unpleasant, and, as a matter of materialistic reasoning extirpation was the only reasonable conclusion.


While the materia medica, in the books, is a simple record of observed facts, in the mind of the practitioner it becomes a subject of reflection, of comparison and of hypothetical reasoning, which will be more or less just and valuable according to the measure of the practitioners natural ability and to his intellectual culture. For, as has been already said, “The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer.


Faecal odor of body, or only hands, before stool passing away after stool. Great soreness around anus, passing up rectum three inches. It has a number of important rectal symptoms; also urinary. Heart symptoms are marked and peculiar. Sensitive in every part of body. Restless at night caused by itching all over body as soon as covered in bed.


Concerning the man who had his finger opened I would like to attract the attention of the profession to the inanity of spreading infection by forcing the products of infection into the lymphatics with the knife. Why do not some of our keen eyed pathologists watch that process and tell the profession just what goes on after the knife has been thrust into the bed of inflamed infected tissue.


Homoeopathy needs, and it needs it badly, the work on diseases of the skin, and therapeutics which are not a rehash of allopathy with merely a few names of homoeopathic remedies sprinkled in a work which will show to the public the superiority of the higher potencies in skin diseases, and their advantages over the ignorant uses of crude, and near crude, drugs and all kinds of impossible local applications.


Secure pledges from our membership and from others, these pledges to be paid either in a lump sum or at intervals, as individually arranged, over a five-year period. Having done our share we will then be worth petitioners when we approach our friends, and the friends of homoeopathy. Having given ourselves we can ask of others.


As surgery is accomplished only by cutting, bruising and tearing living tissues, much pain and suffering naturally results. to the patient, so for his relief there will be found in this grouping those remedies whose symptomatology points to a relief of this discomfort to the patient. Also here will be found those remedies whose function is to remove the various after symptoms, such as gas pains, nausea, cough and nerve pains, etc., which follow major operations.


The wound gave me no trouble and soon healed. Calendula succus will do the same, stopping the flow of blood and healing the wound by first intention. The cobweb used in the above incident was covered with dust and more or less dirt, but there was no sepsis or other trouble. It is not that which goes into a wound (within reason) that causes trouble, but that which is kept in, or is within.


The appearance of the external symptoms is a manifestation of the internal storm. In speaking of these external manifestations we are not speaking of symptoms of arteries, of muscles, or of mind, but rather of universal symptoms shown in every part of the body, for the sick patient shows distress as a unit, and not as separate, single discrete changes or actions.


Matriculates of a homoeopathic medical college are essentially a heterogeneous group in no way possessing greater homoeopathic physicians. Needles to say I have become an enthusiastic advocate of the Hahnemannian precepts, yet I feel that this enthusiasm has not prevented me from drawing sane conclusions.


lower: Ant. tart., Gels., Ran. scler. Twitching, upper (over malars): Amm.mur., Glon., Phos. eyes, below: Bell. (r), Thuj. (r). right: Amm. mur., Bor., Bry., Calc. carb., Chel., Kali nit., Mag. carb., Meny., Mez., Nux vom., Phos., Plb., Thuj. left: Ant. crud., Arg. nit., Bar. carb., Bell., Brach., Carbo veg., Chin. sulph., Con., Euphor., Glon., Kali carb., Phel., Phos., Tel., Thuj., Valer. flatulency, from: Nat. carb. lips, lower: Ind., Puls., Thuj.


The materia medica of the homoeopath deals with the action of drugs as proven on the healthy. To the beginner it is a maze of symptomatology, hard to understand. The sick-making power of a drug, its pathogenesy, is revealed in its effects on various temperaments and backgrounds. Upon study the drug pictures are differentiated and their similarity to the images of sickness made comparable.


The work on the constitutional condition of these lads has gone on steadily and they have both kept remarkably well most of the intervening months, particularly this past winter. Just now the younger one is rejoicing in a very prompt, uncomplicated recovery from mumps, while many of his playmates are suffering from pyelitis otitis, and even an infected tooth, as sequelae.


The electrocardiogram has shown, according to Stecher, that digitalis is definitely contra-indicated in diphtheria, as has been generally maintained by pediatricians. Stecher reports nineteen cases of heart block occurring in patients with diphtheria all of whom were over twenty years of age. All had received early administration of antitoxin. Death occurred in every one of those cases of heart block within ten days.


Edwards rash was developing slowly, when suddenly the temperature shot up to 106, with pulse and respiration correspondingly high, the whole chest being filled with rales. He was indeed a very sick child, the rash was under the skin and of a livid color, the cough was infrequent, the chest was filled with mucus, there was no expectoration and he was in a semi- stupor, being roused with difficulty.