Homoeopathy needs, and it needs it badly, the work on diseases of the skin, and therapeutics which are not a rehash of allopathy with merely a few names of homoeopathic remedies sprinkled in a work which will show to the public the superiority of the higher potencies in skin diseases, and their advantages over the ignorant uses of crude, and near crude, drugs and all kinds of impossible local applications.

What a question at this late day, after over 125 years of positive proof and verification! Do we breathe? Does the earth revolve? Who, with a single grain of intelligence, would question them? Yet we have men who consider themselves homoeopaths, who profess to doubt both the action of the higher potencies and their ability to act. Is it ignorance that actuates them in asking the above questions, or is it a desire to discredit homoeopathy and injure its standing in the field of medicine?.

Pope said, “All fools have no itching to deride and fain would be upon the laughing side.” But, who is going to laugh last? Are our so-called modern homoeopaths going to be able to laugh after they have helped to discredit homoeopathy and to banish it from the face of the earth? We are afraid not at least not after the operation is fully completed.

Ignorance and spinelessness will ever aid and abet the enemy by causing us to pursue the course of least resistance. Nothing was ever gained by that method. For their pains and efforts in discrediting homoeopathy our modern homoeopaths will, after all is over, find themselves relegated to the rear in the allopathic ranks, despised, forsaken and ostracized, because of their treacherous acts, in the belief that if they will play false with one method there well no assurance that they will not also play false with the other. can any of us, in the final wind up. afford to seek and work to that end? The Creator has sent to us, in homoeopathy, a luminous guide to the search for the proper remedy to heal His people, and has entrusted to us its care for research and proper applications. He has reposed this faith in us. Can we as a body afford to misplace that faith, confidence and trust?

He will hold us responsible, for He alone can restore us life, reason and memory after death, and mete out to us proper and just punishment for our faithlessness. How shall we then, excuse and atone for our delinquent act in the last judgment ? In this we are not sentimental; we re very, very apt to wake up only to find it a stern reality. How shall we excuse out ignorant prejudices, our narrow-mindedness, our refusals to be convinced, our wanton sacrifice of human life because of those ignorant obsessions? Everlasting doubting with no intention to learn or to be convinced is a mark of the crassest kind of ignorance, and inexcusable in any one who makes any profession of possessing even a modicum of that rare commodity known as education.

It is this ignorance, the refusal to learn, this narrow mindedness, this prejudice, and the refusal to be convinced that caused the death of eleven children, in a Cincinnati hospital , with a certain serum injected into the spine; also the death of 44 children in Luebeck, Germany, with an anti-tuberculosis serum; also of 11 children at Sydney, Australia, with toxin-antitoxin serum; also 232 children, under five years of age, in England, in the 24 years ending December, 1928, with vaccine virus; also the injury and deaths for which a certain serum manufacturer had to pay many damages in Texas.

It is this narrow-minded, prejudiced class that gets all the real sick cases, or if they are not real sick when they get them they will see to it that their victims are good and sick before they get through with them. It is that class of people, who when they have man-handed a case until life is nearly extinct, and then the victim is turned over to you and recovers under a high potency, run to shelter for their failure, in the stereotyped ignorant, stock excuses, “It was a case of mistaken diagnosis on our part; or the recovery was merely a coincidence; or there was nothing ailed the victim anyway, he was about to get well before he left us, etc., etc.,” If that is not self-condemnation, just what is it? If the case after much man-handling and maltreatment is compelled to leave their hands they at once lose faith in their own diagnosis.

If it was “only a coincidence” or “if they would have gotten well anyway”, could homoeopathy ask or have a greater recommendation for its acceptance? Just think of it, we are credited, by modern medicine, with a system that can, at the twist of a wrist, by the patients merely turning himself over to it, change his serious, incurable disease into one of benignity or banish it altogether. Isnt that wonderful, marvelous, miraculous! You have no conception of what you possess in homoeopathy. The strangeness of it all is that our allopathic friends are too dumb to realize that in their assertions and condemnations they are condemning themselves and parading their own ignorance and, at the same time, boosting homoeopathy to the very high heavens.

While these men are trying to deride homoeopathy, the very cases that turn from them to homoeopathy and are cured by the higher potencies are stern sentinels pointing the finger of inefficiency and ignorance at them.

Thousands of homoeopaths from Hahnemann down, have proven beyond question of doubt the action and the efficiency of the higher potencies. Hahnemann said, “That a potentized dose of a homoeopathic remedy should ever fail to act, in a case conducted with care, I think impossible; I have never perceived it.” Even those so-called modern homoeopaths who profess to doubt the action and the accuracy of these preparations as well as the veracity of the firms which prepare them, such as B. and T., seem very glad to avail themselves of these “doubtful preparations” in case of stress.

We have reported several cases, that had been very badly man-handed, which were restored to normal with a few doses of the higher potencies. We have a bottle of Variolinum 30x bought of B. and T. over 15 years ago. It was the 30x then. Out of that ounce bottle we have medicated over 600 2 and 3-dram vials for immunization against smallpox. Every time 9/10ths of the liquid was used out of the bottle it was filled up again with pure alcohol and given seven sharp strokes against a pile of cardboard strips that we keep for that purpose. We have done this over 160 times, so that if it was not the 30x then it surely is now. Only a short time ago we produced typical smallpox pustules with it on the wrists of a young lady. We have quite frequently produced with it all the prodromal symptoms of small pox. But we presume the doubters will say that even that bottle still contains some of the original crude substances in its crude state, or that the results were only coincidental, etc., etc.

On April 23, 1930, Ruth G., aged 19, a beautiful girl in both features and form, was brought to us by her fiance, whom we were also treating for a skin eruption. She was covered from head to foot, front, back and sides, with psoriasis mumulata, the spots varying in size from 3/16 to 1/4 inch in diameter. Dr. D.T. Pulford took the young ladys history for me, and how well he did his work you can decide for yourself from the result obtained. Out of two pages of closely written history we were able to get the following characteristic stamp of the drug: Sad, hopeless; extremely irritable; wants to lie down and be let alone; offensive; offensive discharges; chilly, desires a warm place, yet skin is worse from warm covering; weak; stools never completed at one sitting, and lack of reaction to any treatment.

This young lady received but a single dose of the 10M and Placebo. She reported weekly, improving steadily both generally and locally. She was in today, July 2, 1930, with body clean, eyes bright, thoroughly happy and full of good healthy energy. As to the accuracy of the potency, we bought it of B. and T., so that your doubts cast only reflection on them. We have had the 2- dram vial over 15 years and have filled it up numerous times since with pure alcohol so that we positively know it was not the crude remedy; and we have always found B. and T. honest as far as we have been able to check up on them.

That the 10M acted in the above case, and that after other means had failed, it would take a very perverse and prejudicial soul to deny, and if you require a sworn statement to the above, all parties will be glad to comply with your request in its make up.

In denying the action of the higher potencies the “would- be scientist” denies real science and thus stamps and displays his own ignorance. It is true that the higher potencies fail to act physiologically, but only the crassest perverseness can deny that they act pathogenetically as well as curatively, palliatively and produce euthanasia.

We fully realize that it is a waste of time to attempt to convince those who are opposed to conviction. Homoeopathy does not want, nor can it afford to accept, the man who even consents against his will and still remains of the same opinion. It wants and badly needs, men of intelligence with open minds, who are willing and anxious to be convinced and who are willing to submerge self in the interest of principle and truth. Prejudice, narrow-mindedness and obstinacy are all the children of ignorance and have no place whatever in any profession, be that profession religion, law or, especially, medicine, yet this later is dominated and ruled by that very trinity.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.