lower: Ant. tart., Gels., Ran. scler. Twitching, upper (over malars): Amm.mur., Glon., Phos. eyes, below: Bell. (r), Thuj. (r). right: Amm. mur., Bor., Bry., Calc. carb., Chel., Kali nit., Mag. carb., Meny., Mez., Nux vom., Phos., Plb., Thuj. left: Ant. crud., Arg. nit., Bar. carb., Bell., Brach., Carbo veg., Chin. sulph., Con., Euphor., Glon., Kali carb., Phel., Phos., Tel., Thuj., Valer. flatulency, from: Nat. carb. lips, lower: Ind., Puls., Thuj.

381. Pain, chewing, when: Coca, Coloc.

382. motion of lower jaw: Coloc.

383. swallowing, agg.: Bell.

talking, agg.:Coca, Coloc.

walking, amel.: Ail.

extending, neck, to: Lyc.

teeth, to: Merc.

bones: Sulph.

385. bursting: Bov., Thuj.

cutting: Ars.

386. drawing, right: Kali chlor., Lyc., Verat.

left: Arg. nit., Sulph.

387. sore, bruised: Alum., Anac., Ant. tart., Bry., Kali. carb., Manc., Mez., Phos., Plat., Verat.

390. Paralysis, lower jaw: Bapt., Carbo veg., Colch., Hell., Hyos., Lyc., Mur. ac., Op., Phos., Sec.corn., Stram., Sulph., Zinc.

Peeling, lips.: Nit. ac.

Perspiration: Amm. carb.

391. eyes, under: Con.

upper lip: Med.

Picking lips: Arn., Lach., Stram.

Pulsation, lips: Berb.

Saddle across nose: Tril.

392. Stiffness, pain, during: Nit. ac.

Lower jaw: Cann. ind., Cic., Ign., Phyt.

Sunburn: Thuj.

Swelling, right: Act. spic., Ars., Calc. carb., Plb., Rumx.

morning: Hep., Kali chlor., Lyc., Kalm., Phos., Sep., Spig.

afternoon: Bell.

evening: Ars., Lyc., Sulph.

393. eating, after: Merc.

oedematous: Urt. ur.

one sided, side on which he lies: Phos.

sensation of: AEsc., Bell., Lil.tig., Mez., Nat mur.

toothache: Thuj.

cheeks: Calc. carb.

bones: Nat. ars.

forehead: Apis. Ars., Hell., Lyc., Nux vom., Phos., Rhus tox., Ruta, Sep.

eyes, above: Chin., Puls.

around: Ail. (r), Rhus ven. (r), Urt. ur.

under: Bursa past., Carb. ac. (r), Colch. (1),. Raph., Sulph. (1).

lips, lower: Arn., Lach.

394. submental gland: Glechoma.

Tension, as of white of egg dried on: Nat. mur.

forehead: Cann. ind.

395. Trembling, right, then left: Plb.

jaw: Gels., Ign.

lips: Gels., Nux vom., Terb., Zinc.

lower: Ant. tart., Gels., Ran. scler.

Twitching, upper (over malars): Amm.mur., Glon., Phos.

eyes, below: Bell. (r), Thuj. (r).

right: Amm. mur., Bor., Bry., Calc. carb., Chel., Kali nit., Mag. carb., Meny., Mez., Nux vom., Phos., Plb., Thuj.

left: Ant. crud., Arg. nit., Bar. carb., Bell., Brach., Carbo veg., Chin. sulph., Con., Euphor., Glon., Kali carb., Phel., Phos., Tel., Thuj., Valer.

flatulency, from: Nat. carb.

lips, lower: Ind., Puls., Thuj.

396. Veins, distended: Cupr., Tab.

forehead: Abrot., Calad., Camph., Chin.,.

Cub., Piloc., Sulph.

temples: Ars., Glon., Sang.

Weak, lower jaw, after eating: Cham.

Wrinkled: Sec. corn.

forehead: Syph.

eyebrows: Rheum, Viola-od.

lips: Amm. carb.

397. Biting, glass, when fed: Ars., Bell., Cham., Cina, Cupr., Puls., Verat.

399. Coldness, sensation: Lac. can., Lach.

gums: Phos.

tongue: Iris.

left: Aloe.

Covers mouth with hand, etc.: Ip., Lach., Rumx., Kali bich.

Cracked tongue: Kali iod.

center, across: Lach., Merc.

Detached from teeth: Par.

400. Discoloration, blue: Ambr., Gymn.

401. brown, base, at: Pyrog., Torula.

green: Caps., Chion., Iod.

red stripe down center: Arn., Bapt., Colch., Iris, Lach., Plb., Pyrog., Rhus.tox.

tip: Hyos.

402. white, sides, one: Daph., Irid.

yellow: Kali bich.

403. Dryness, morning: Senecio.

chewing food, agg.: Ferr.

forepart: Ars., Bry., Nux vom.

posterior: Thuj.

sensation, spells of: Kali bich.

thirstless but: Arn., Ign., Kali bich., Sep., Verat.

404. tongue, forepart: Rumx.

side: Cocc. ind. (edge), sang. (r).

tip: Apis, Codeine, Ind. met., Phyt., Sec-corn., Val.

sensation: Mang.

Enlarged, tongue sensation: Absin., Alum., Caj., Card. mar., Phys., Polyg., Rat., Spig., Xanth.

base: Bapt., Calc. chlor., Cocc-ind., Spig.

405. Greasy palate: Card. mar., Kali phos.

406. Indented tongue: Bapt., Calc. carb., Crot.tig., Pip. meth., Puls.

Inflammation, tongue: Magn. arct.,, Prun. spin.

Itching, gums: Kali carb.

palate: Polyg.

407. Mapped tongue: Lil. tig.

Mucus: Tab.

balls of: Mag. phos.

408. viscid: Lach.

Mucous membrane, excoriation: Carbo veg., Nux vom.

menses, agg.: Kreos.

scaling off: Spig.

tongue: Agar., Carbo veg., Lach., Nux-vom., Phos., Sil.

Nodosities: Lyss.

Numbness: Mag. mur., Stram.

morning on waking: Ambr.

tongue, posteriorly: Bov.

409. Odor, menses, during: Ov. gal. pel.

onions, like: Lyc.

Open: Ail., Bar. carb., Nat. carb.

files, suddenly: Carbo an., Ign., Magn. arct., Rhus tox.

410. Pain, palate, eyes and root of nose, to: Phos.

tongue, warm or cold, agg.: Osm.

root, swallowing, on: Kali bich.

sides: Calc. carb.

411. gums: Act. spic.

412. tongue, spots on: Act. spic., Ars., Kali iod.,

across: Asar.

edge, left: Lach., Nat.sulph.,

right: Phos.

sides of: Calc. carb (one).

tip, night, at: Hep.

burnt, as if: Arg. nit., Ars., Puls., Sang.,.

SEP., Syph.

413. sore: Man.

palate: Lac can., Laur., Plb.

414. tongue, sides: Calc. carb.

right: Carbo veg., Merc., Phos., Plat., Sabad.

spots: Agar., Ant. crud., Apium, Bar. carb., Cinnb., Ind. met., Iod., Ran. scler., Sil., Tarax.

stitching, tip: Acon., Aloe, Arg. nit., Asaf., Aur., Canth., Con., Dios., Glon., Hell., Led., Merc., Nat. sulph., Verat., Zinc.

415. Pimples, tongue tip: Lyc.

416. Ranula: Syph.

Saliva, acrid: Hydras., Kali chlor., Kreos., Phos. ac., Plb.,.Sec. corn., Stann., Staph., Sulph., Tarax.,.Zinc.

astringent: Caps., Merc. cor., Sabad.

foetid: Caps., Phos., Zinc.

frothy: Gaulth., Ip.

offensive: Kali carb.

417. salty: Sanic.

snow white: Ol. an.

yellow: Spig.

418. Salivation, night: Verat.

cough, with: Bell., Nat. mur., Verat.

dryness, with sense of: Aral., Asaf., Calc. carb., Chion., Ind., met., Laur., Lyc., Merc., Nux vom., Sep., Spig.

eating, after: Cham., Kali-phos., Petr., Rhus tox., Staph.

headache, during: Epiph., Irid., Kali bich., Mang., Op., Phos., Sep.

mouth, forepart of: Lyc., Plb.

side, right, of Hep.

stomach pains, during: Gran.

sudden attacks of gushing: Carbo veg., Nat. mur.

talking, while: Mang.

Sensitive tongue: Croc., Stront.

419. Spasms, tongue: Acon., Carbo veg.

Speech, stammering: Vip.

420. Sticky, tongue, back of: Laur.

421. Swelling, tongue, one sided: Merc.

right: Calc. carb.

left: Lach.

spasms, before: Plb.

and contracting alternately: Xanth.

422. Taste, astringent: Aur., Caps., Chion., Card. mar., Clem., Coc. cact., Coloc., Graph., Kali cyan., Merc. dulc., Sang.

bad, on awaking: Merc. i.r.

apples, after eating: Bell.

water tastes: Acon., Ars., Chin. ars., Colch., Kali bich., Puls., Sumb.

bitter, on awaking: Merc. i.r.

bread, of: Bell.

423. food tastes: Sep.

throat, in, not in mouth: Podo., Ptel.

sour: Chin.

sweet: AEsc., Chin. sulph., Dulc.

424. fatty: Iris.

fishy: Graph., Lach.

metallic: Merc. praec.

cough, agg.: Cocc. ind.

tobacco, to: Kali carb.

musty, throat, in: Mar. ver. (Teucrium marum verum).

425. pasty: Kali bich., Nux mosch.

peppery: Acon., Chin., Euphb., Lach., Lyss., Manc.,, Plat., Sulph.

pine wood, as of: Glon.

resinous: Cocc. cact.

salty in a.m. : Brom., Cupr.,, Puls.

p.m.: Bar. carb., Kali bich.

426. slimy, morning: Puls., Sil.

soapy: Arg. nit., Chlor., Merc., Rhus tox.

sour, morning: Merc., Phos., Zinc. val.

eating, after: Amm. mur., Con., Mag. mur.,

meat tastes: Lapp.

throat, in: Alum.

sweetish: Iris.

night: Fluor-ac.

427. mouth posteriorly: Lil-tig., Thuj.

sour: Chin.

Trembling, tongue, tip, of: Nat. mur.

429. Ulcer, tongue, tip of: Thuj.

Vesicles: Bor.

430. Teeth, abscess at roots: Merc. i.f.

431. Caries, roots: Fluor. ac.

Clinch together: Lach.

Coldness: Ox-ac.

Crumbling: Arg. nit., Bor., Crot. hor., Kreos., Sabad., Spig.

Dry, as if: Merc. i.f.

Edge, as if on: Rob.

432. Falling out, as if: Hyos.

Fuzzy, as if: Calc. caust., Hyper.

Grinding: Glon.

Heaviness: Fluor. ac.

Loose sensation: Graph., Kali carb., Mag. cor., Tarant.

433. Mucus on: Senec., Ther.

brown: Nat. phos.

434. Pain, one sided: Acon.

night, lying, when: Ars.

435. air, draft, from a: Nat. mur.

biting teeth together, amel.:, Ol. an.

blowing nose, amel.: Acon.

436. cold amel.: Bism., Caust., Nat. sulph., Sep.

or hot, agg.: Carbo veg., Lach.

dental work, after: Acon., Arn., Hecla, Hep., Merc.i.f., Staph.

437. jarring, agg.: Nux mosch.

438. periodical: Lach.

sour things, from: Cimic., Cupr., Dulc.

439. talking, from: Amm. carb., Nux mosch.

touch of cheek: Mag. mur.

tongue:Mag. carb.

vinegar, amel.: Tongo.

440. water, from feet in: Nat. nit.

extending downward: Cann., Carbo veg., Coff., Crot. hor.

eyes, to: Spig.

fingers, to: Coff.

lower limbs, to: Chen., Kali carb., Lycps.

outwardly: Chin.

441. tooth to touch: Puls., Tilia.

upward: Caps., Clem., Nat. carb., Nit. ac., Ol-an., Syph., Thuj.

boring: Laur., Mur-ac., Nicc.

bursting: Bar. carb., Chin., Phos-ac.

corrosive: Merc.

443. grumbling: Mar. ver. (Teucr.), Nux mosch.

jerking: Mang., Nat. sulph.

nerve, exposed, as if:Kalm.

444. pressing, as of a shred of meat: Ptel.

wedge: Ptel., Rhus tox.

pulled, as if: Bov., Calc. carb., Con., Mag. carb., Magn. arct.

446. Sensitive: Ox. ac.

447. Smooth feeling: Carbo veg., Phos.

Sticky: Syph.

Tension: Merc. i.f.

Warm, feel: Chel.

448. Adhesive, sticky, as if: Caust., Kali nit.

Choking: Sil., Syph., Tereb.

evening: Mag. carb.,

night: Gadus.

449. drinking, when: Phos.

Coldness, sensation of: Chel., Meny., Mez., Ol. an., Rhus.tox., Sulph.

peppermint, as of: Agar.

450. Discoloration, mottled, spotted, etc.: Ail., Kali per.

redness, dark red: Merc.

Distension, sense of: Upas.

451. Dryness, talking, from: Merc. acet.

thirst, without: Kali carb., Lyc., Sep.

posteriorly: Caust., Merc., Rhus tox.

Dust, as if, in: Cocc. cact.

Emptiness, as if hollow, etc.: Chin., Elat., Fluor. ac., Iris., Lob., Ptel., Sanic., Xanth.

452. Fissured, pharynx: Kali bich.

C.M. Boger
Cyrus Maxwell Boger 5/ 13/ 1861 "“ 9/ 2/ 1935
Born in Western Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and subsequently Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia. He moved to Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1888, practicing there, but also consulting worldwide. He gave lectures at the Pulte Medical College in Cincinnati and taught philosophy, materia medica, and repertory at the American Foundation for Homoeopathy Postgraduate School. Boger brought BÅ“nninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory into the English Language in 1905. His publications include :
Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory
Boenninghausen's Antipsorics
Boger's Diphtheria, (The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of)
A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica, 1915
General Analysis with Card Index, 1931
Samarskite-A Proving
The Times Which Characterize the Appearance and Aggravation of the Symptoms and their Remedies