Dr. S. K. Basu, Mymensingh, India.



Tara Kanto Kea, aet….


Tara Kanto Kea, aet. 30 years. Had an attack of retention of urine and stools. Gonorrhoea three years back. The old school experts used enema and rubber catheter No. 10 for one day. No stricture was found anywhere along the urethra. Examination per rectum revealed some retained scybala. So far they were successful. But on the next day the same thing happened. Again rubber catheter was tried but it failed. Then they gained renewed energy and passed silver catheter under chloroform, after which blood came out after every urging to urinate. This urging came very frequently.

I was called in the evening. I tried Cantharis 30. Next morning he told me he has the sensation that the urine came and then went back. So Prunus spinosa 3 was tried. After second dose he felt intense pain, was crying and became extremely restless. I placed him then in a tub of hot water. In a few minutes I found the whole water turned red. I at once ran to my dispensary and gave him a dose of Conium 200. After five minutes he went to sleep and after an hour he passed a great quantity of pus, blood and urine. Since then he passed stools and urine normally.


Nagendra Bha Hocharjees son, aet. eight years. Had the formation of hard tumor on the malar bone in the right side about the size of a pea. The allopaths wanted to remove it by operation, at which the father was frightened and placed the boy under my treatment.

I first began with Thuja 1000, one dose; after three weeks, I put him under Hecla lava 6 X Trit.; 3 grs. a dose; twice daily for a month. After this course the tumor was much reduced but beyond a certain point it did not go.

So I changed the medicine to Calcarea carb. 30 twice daily. After a fortnight the hard mass was no longer felt.

Nagen Babu wrote me a letter saying: “I find no words to express my gratitude to you for the miraculous treatment you made to my son”.


Sudhanya Shaha, aet. sixty-five years. Has diabetes mellitus for five years. Was in the habit of using opium in the morning for twenty years. Had suddenly profuse bleeding from spongy gums. The blood was bright red, clotted and sometimes dark. The blood was permanently stopped by Opium 30, after failure of Hamamelis, Millefolium, Mercurius, Trillium pendulum, Cinnamon, Acid. nitric., Phosphorus, Ferrum, phos., Alumina, Ferrum, Mur. The italicized medicines temporarily stopped.

S K Basu