Nalini Kanta Mazumder, B. A. Bidyaratna, Bidyabinode,

Bengal, India, P. O. Naog…

A young man, during childhood, got an attack of hydrocele on the right side as was wont in his family and gradually both the testicles became affected.

In his twenties one day the right one became inflamed, but was subdued by the application of allopathic lotions, though the left one in turn became inflamed also and pursued a very obstinate course, the fever running 101-104, and so the testicle had to be operated upon.

For about a year everything was normal, but after that the right testicle gradually went on assuming its former shape, becoming moreover hard and aching at times, attended with occasional attacks of fever at irregular intervals. The seminal cords became thickened and knotty. During each attack the testicle became inflamed and intense pain was felt in the waist and thighs.

For about six years such a state of things continued, and in the last three years the attack became more frequent and more irregular, the longer the interval the severer the attack; fever was always high, belly filled with most offensive gases, scrotum inflamed and aching very severely, relief being felt when flatus was passed.

He was not well for even three days at a stretch, and the malady recurred even as often as three times a week–constipation always preceding, and each attack left him ghastly pale.

Taking the passing of offensive gas and the constipation into consideration, I gave him Lycopodium 200th three doses once in a week, and this remedy effected a cure, the permanent swelling of many years completely disappearing. The remedy, however, reproduced a suppressed gonorrhea, the knowledge of which he had long kept secret.

Nalini kanta Mazumder