Organized homoeopathy has, especially in the past, accomplished many things to its advantage and credit such as for example, the control of certain state insane and other hospitals and the establishment of separate examining boards in various states of the Union; these boards however, have of late years either disappeared altogether or have had their powers so curtailed by legislative or other enactments that, so far has homoeopathy is concerned, their influence is practically negative.


This fact was frequently pointed out by the lamented Albert E. Hinsdale, who more than anyone else up to the time of his death, had made use of the information to be found in the field of industrial medicine. Hinsdale also demonstrated, albeit on animals, the objective effects or gross pathology of many of our drugs. Witness, for example, his experiments with the bichromate of potash in the production of duodenal ulcer.


Members of the Foundation for Homoeopathic Research have, for four years, been experimenting with certain radiant qualities of homoeopathic remedies. Occasionally,by-products of this work develop in the form of isolated happening that carry a suggestion nor directly to the immediate experiment. The three cases presented apply to this point.


The headache is sometimes ameliorated by compression; better by a steady even gentle pressure; worse from the slightest jar or noise. The noise of a passing vehicle generally produces great exaggeration of the symptoms, with throbbing as if the head would fly in pieces. Riding on a smooth country road, or the gliding motion of the street cars, ameliorates these headaches.


A student of mine, a prominent regular physician, reports to me a good cure. A clergyman brought to him a patient. In the course of conversation between the doctor and the minister, the latter remarked that “he had been troubled with mucous enteritis and that he had been troubled with mucous enteritis and that he had tried all the best doctors, in that part of the state,without getting any relief.


As an exposure of total ignorance of the true relation of systems to science Professor Goldscheiders dictum is complete. As an expression of arrogance, intolerance and bigotry it is comprehensive. It affords sufficient vindication for those who hold that “Modern scientific medicine” is the most unscientific body in the scientific world of today.


Found under Sepia only: Shrieking unless she holds on to something. Unconscious while kneeling in church. Pain in waves in forehead. Shooting pain in forehead > eating; over eyes to occiput. Tearing pain in left temple to side of head. Burning pain in eyes from cold wind. Pain in right eye as from sand. Sore, bruised pain in eyes after a walk evenings.


All science is systematic. Every science is a system. Without system there would be no sciences. System gathers up and correlates isolated facts, deduces general principles, forms theories or working hypotheses, conducts experimentation and research, tests and verifies results and finally establishes a science which has individuality and may be given a name. System and Science are inseparable.


Heart sounds were normal, except that the aortic second sound was a little snappy. In july, 1925, there was painless enlargement of the cervical and other lymphatic glands. Early in August there developed severe pain in the left hypochondrium, and a physician who was called in my absence diagnosed pleurisy, but could not understand why the pain was worse lying on the painful side.


In two former papers before this Association, I tried to give rather full notes, with detailed symptoms, of each member of the family which formed the subject of the study. This allowed definite conclusions to be drawn concerning the miasms lying behind the symptom lists in each case. The family under consideration this time is known to the writer not in the intimate relationship of physician and patient, but from an excellent opportunity to observe many members of it and ask questions about the others.


Every action that goes on within it, every thought and exertion of the mind, every breath, every pulsation of the heart, every act of digestion, assimilation or elimination requires the use of power and the expenditure of force. What and whence is this power? What is it source and nature? Chemists, physicists and biologists in their respective fields, are not able to answer these questions.


Modern criminology has its rogues gallery, wherein it records photographs, measurements and thumb-prints of offenders against society. Homoeopathic materia medica has its Rogues Gallery, with just as unmistakable records. The homoeopathic physician follows the old adage and sets a rogue to catch a rogue.