Found under Sepia only: Shrieking unless she holds on to something. Unconscious while kneeling in church. Pain in waves in forehead. Shooting pain in forehead > eating; over eyes to occiput. Tearing pain in left temple to side of head. Burning pain in eyes from cold wind. Pain in right eye as from sand. Sore, bruised pain in eyes after a walk evenings.

Found under Sepia only: Shrieking unless she holds on to something. Unconscious while kneeling in church. Pain in waves in forehead. Shooting pain in forehead > eating; over eyes to occiput. Tearing pain in left temple to side of head. Burning pain in eyes from cold wind. Pain in right eye as from sand. Sore, bruised pain in eyes after a walk evenings. Tarsal tumors after repeated styes. Epistaxis with hemorrhoids. Emptiness of stomach a. eating, evening, and when thinking of food. Gnawing pain in stomach > supper. Heaviness in abdomen on rising. Pain in hypogastrium > evening and a. supper.

Dragging pain in abdomen from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Pressing pain in abdomen 9 A. M. ; in hypogastrium 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. and at 9 P. M. Stitching pain in liver to right shoulder. Pain in rectum 10 A. M., while sitting. Pain in bladder d. menses. Urinary sediment white, filmy, very hard to wash off, or yellow pasty. Uterus prolapsed afternoon. Constant cough on waking. Sticking pain in short ribs. Pain in back against if struck by a hammer; in lumbar region, > pressing against something hard. Cold feet. Headache. Hands hot, feet cold, or vice versa. Fever changing paroxysms after abuse of homoeopathic potencies. Herpes circinata every spring; brown. Faintness with heat, then coldness; while kneeling in church.

MIND: Absent (V-ap). Anger (V-aco); contradiction (V-aur) Anxiety evening (V-ars); fever (V-aco). Aversion to husband (+); members of family (+); business (+) ; company, > alone (+). Concentration difficult (V-anac). Confused (V-bel) Consolation < (V-ig). Contraction intolerable (V-aur) Exertion causes ailments (V-arg). Fear (V-aco).Fright easy (V-arg-n). Hysteria (V-asa). Impatient (V-cham) Impetuous (V-hep). Indifferent (V-ap); to loved ones (V- hel); to relations (v-hel); her children (Phos, +) Indolent (V-carb-s). Irritable (V-aco); a. coition (V-calc); < consolation (V-ig). Memory weak (V-amb). Occupation > (+) Prostrated (V-arg). Restlessness (V-aco). Sad (V-aco) Sensitive; overly; to music (V-nat-c). [Shrieks if she does not hold on to something]. Timid (V-bar-c). [Unconscious while kneeling in church]. Weeps (V-ap); < consolation (V- nat-m); involuntary (V-ig); telling her sickness (pul, +).

VERTIGO: Closing eyes (V-arn); kneeling (mag-c, stram); sleep. (+); a. tea nat-m.

PAIN (V-anthr); periodic (V-alum); rheumatic (V-bry); waves. (+); carriage ride (V-coc); chill (V-bel); coition (V-calc); h. getting cold (V-bel); artificial light (+); menses (V- bel); stooping (V-bel); stooping (V-bel); a. sexual excesses (V-agar); > open air (V-lyc) and a. eating (+); Bones (V- aur); Forehead [waves], paroxysmal, > eating (+); Occiput (V-ap); Sides, r. (V-bel), l. (V-bro), > open air (+); Temples and Forehead (+); Bursting (V-bel); Shooting Forehead l. side, to occiput (bel, pru, +), over eyes [to occiput], [> eating]; Tearing Temple l. [to side of h.] Pulsating Occiput (V-bel). Waving sense (glo, +); Forehead (bel).

EYES: Agglutinated (V-arg-n); night (V-alum). Eruption: Scales Lid (pso, ars); scurf Lid (PET, mez, tub). Inflamed (V-aco); arthritic (V-ant-t); scrofulous (V-ars); pustular on Conjunctiva and Cornea (V-ap). PAIN: reading (V-con); Burning (V-nat-m), [cold wind]; Drawing Canthi (aur); [as from sand in right.]; Sore [a. walking evening]. Paralysis Lid (spi, +), upper (V-caus). Stye (V-carb-s); indurations following (stap, +). Swell (V-anac); morning (V-cham). Tarsal tumors a. repeated styes. Yellow (V-chin).

VISION: Black spots b. (V-glo), floating (V-chin). Dim (V-agar); a. coition (V-kali-c) or seminal emissions (lil, kali-c, nat-m). Flickering (V-bel). Hypermetropia (V-arg-n). EARS: Itching in (V-aur). Noises; Humming (V-chin); reverberating. (V-caus); ringing (V-aco).

NOSE: Catarrh (V-ars); post-nasal (V-fer-p). Discharge: Crust, scab inside (V-bov); green masses (kali-bi, +); greenish (Kali-bi, +); hard, dry (V-alum); milky white (kali-chl); yellowish green (V-hydr); yellow (V-arum). Yellow saddle (carb-a, sani). Epistaxis: a headache (+); [with hemorrhoids]. Ozaena (V-asa). Scurfy nostrils (V-aur). Smell acute (V-aco); sensitive to odor of food (V-ars). Swells (V- ap); inside (+). Ulcer inside (V-ant-c); nostril (+).

FACE: Chlorotic (V-ars). Cracked lip lower (+). Discolored: Earthy (V-chin); pale (V-anac); red d. fever (V-bel); yellow (V-arg), in intermittent (+), [saddle across cheeks]. Eruption (V-ant-c); Chin (V-nat-m); Forehead (V-

ant-c); Lip (V-ars), lower (bry, +); around Mouth (V-ant-t); Nose (V-caus); Acne (V-aur), Forehead (V-carb-a); Crusty on and inside Nose (V-bov); Herpes (V-lach), about Lip (nat-m, rhus, +); Itching (V-mez); Scurf (V-ant-c); Spots (+); Vesicles (V-crot-t). Heat flashes (V-carb-s). PAIN: Stitch (V-aur), to ear (cham, bel). Saddle across nose (carb-a. sani). Swelling with toothache (V-cham); Lip (V-ap).

MOUTH: Bleeds, gum (V-bar-c). Dry (V-aco). Mucus on Tongue (nat- m, pul, +). Excoriated mucus membrane of Tongue (+). Gums pulsate [d. menses]; swell (V-ars).

TEETH: Caries (V-ant-c); rapid (fl-ac, +). PAIN (V-aco); Incisors (+); Molars (V-bry); Lower (V-bel); L. side (V-caus); to ear (V-kre); biting together (am-c, mez. +); cold things (V-kali-c); menses (stap, +); pregnancy (lys, +); touch (chin, +); warm drinks (chin, +); pulsating (V-bel); Drawing, from cold (nux), warm fluids (am-c, nux), Upper molars (amb, ang, bel); Stitching (V-bry), to ear (thu, +) Tearing (V-aco).

THROAT: Dry (V-aes). Disposed to hawk (V-arg-n). Mucus (V-arg) Constantly disposed to swallow (V-caus).

STOMACH: Appetite lost (V-ars). Averse to meat (V-calc) Emptiness (V-ant-c); headache; [thinking of food]; not > eating (V-cina); [> evening a. eating]. Eructates (V-aco); a. fats (pul, +). Loathes food (V-ant-c). Nausea (V-ant-c); morning (V-calc), b. breakfast (+); pregnancy (V-asar); carriage or car riding (coc, pet, +); > (+) also < a. eating (V-am-c). PAIN: A. eating (V-arg-n); Gnawing (V-am-m), [> supper]. Pulsates (V-aco). Sinking (V-dig). Thirst d. chill (V-ap). Thirstless d. heat (V-ap). Vomiting a. eating (V- ars); pregnancy (V-ars); Bile (V-ars), morning (+); Milky. (+); odor offensive (ars. nux, +).

ABDOMEN: Brown spots (lyc, +). Distended a. labor (lyc) Emptiness (V-arg-n). Enlarged (V-calc); mothers (iod, nat- c). Full: Hypochondria (+). Heavy (V-alo); morning (amb, dio); motion (nat-m); [rising]. Liver, etc. (V-aco). PAIN (V-ars); morning (nux, +); 9 A. M. (dio, pip-m); menses (V- calc); Hypogastrium (V-ars), forenoon (phos, agar, com), b (V-lach) and d. (V-calc) menses [ > evening; a. supper]; Liver (V-aco), touch (V-chin); Dragging (V-bel), [9 A. M. to 6 P. M.], walking (tril, +); Drawing (Cap, +); Pressing (V- calc), [9 A. M.], menses (pul. +), Hypogastrium (V-bel), [9 A. M. to 6 P. M.; 9 P. M.], menses (pul, sec, +), outward (V-bel), downward (pul, +), towards genitals (V-bel), Liver (V-chel); Sore (V-aco), morning, (nux, +); Stitching Liver (V-ber), [to r. shoulder]. Restless (V-ars). Tense (V-bar- c); Hypogastrium (+).

RECTUM: Constipation (V-aco); difficult stool (V-alum), soft (V-alum); menses (V-ap); pregnancy (V-dol); urges and strains ineffectually (V-amb). As if feces remained in (nat-m, +). Fissure (V-cham). Hemorrhoids (V-aes). As of a lump (+), [not > stool]. Moisture (V-ant-c). PAIN: Burning (V-aes); sitting (lyc, rat, +), [10 A. M.]. Prolapsus (V- ap); stool (V-ig). Weight and a feeling as if a plug were wedged between the pubis and coccyx (+).

STOOL: Hard (V-alum). Large (V-alum).

URINARY ORGANS: BLADDER: Calculi (V-ben-ac). Inflamed (V-aco) PAIN [menses]; Pressing (V-aco). Urging (V-ap); constant (LIL, uva) and frequent (+) with prolapsed uterus; sudden (V-kre), must hasten or u. will escape (V-arn); with dragging down in pelvis (lil, lac-c). Urination frequent nights (V-bar-c); involuntary (V-ail), night (V-ap) first sleep (caus, +), laughing (caus, +); retarded, must wait for u. to start (V-arn).

PROSTATE GLAND: As if sitting on a ball (chin, can-i, sil). Emission p. fluid (V-ph-ac), stool (V-con).

URETHRA: Agglutinated morning (phos, thu, canth) Discharge: Gleety (V-agn), morning (aur-m, phos, ac), painless (kali-i, nat-m, +); gonorrheal (V-calc-s); milky (nat-m, +); mucus (elap, +); white (nat-m, +); yellow (V- alum).

URINE: Cloudy (V-ap). Brown, dark (chel, +), d. fever (vera, +) and perspiration (ars, +). Clay color (+). Dark (V-aco). Red (V-ben-ac), dark (+). Light yellow (aur, lach, +). Colorless (V-can-i). Cuticle (includes fatty) forms on surface of u. (par, +). Odor offensive (V-ap); sourish (+. Scanty (V-ap). Sediment (V-canth); adherent (+); bloody (V- canth); mucus (V-ben-ac); pasty (ars); red (V-canth), hard to wash off (+); sand, gravel, small calculi (lyc, sars, +), red, brick dust (V-arn); white (V-ber), adhesive (bro), [filmy, very hard to wash off]; yellow (phos. +), [pasty]. Thick (merc-c, nux, +). Watery (V-gel).

GENITALIA: MALE: Condylomata Penis (V-cinb). Erections incomplete (V-agn); wanting (V-agn). Pain Testes (V-arg) Sweat (V-aur). Seminal (nightly) emissions (V-bar-c); a onanism (V-chin).

Allan D. Sutherland
Dr. Sutherland graduated from the Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia and was editor of the Homeopathic Recorder and the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy.
Allan D. Sutherland was born in Northfield, Vermont in 1897, delivered by the local homeopathic physician. The son of a Canadian Episcopalian minister, his father had arrived there to lead the local parish five years earlier and met his mother, who was the daughter of the president of the University of Norwich. Four years after Allan’s birth, ministerial work lead the family first to North Carolina and then to Connecticut a few years afterward.
Starting in 1920, Sutherland began his premedical studies and a year later, he began his medical education at Hahnemann Medical School in Philadelphia.
Sutherland graduated in 1925 and went on to intern at both Children’s Homeopathic Hospital and St. Luke’s Homeopathic Hospital. He then was appointed the chief resident at Children’s. With the conclusion of his residency and 2 years of clinical experience under his belt, Sutherland opened his own practice in Philadelphia while retaining a position at Children’s in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.
In 1928, Sutherland decided to set up practice in Brattleboro.