Actea Spicata

Burrowing, cutting pain, as from a dull instrument within the head, with transient loss of consciousness and repeated roaring and buzzing within the depths of the cranium. Feeling of fulness and fine stitches in various spots on the forehead when raising up, disappearing almost entirely from warm coverings.

Case Of Plain Doctoring Contrasted With Cures Based On Scientific Facts

Several years ago I was called to see a patient suffering from violent pains over the left eye and the left side of the head. For seven weeks previous to the time I saw her she had had severe pains in that part of the head which drove her frantic, finally clusters of watery – like blisters appeared upon the forehead over the left eye, where there was a large scar when I called and so it is to this day. From this history had nightly aggravation and much restlessness, I gave her Rhus tox., which helped, but I was a long time overcoming the distressing condition, and gave several remedies during the following six weeks.

The Logic Of Homoeopathy

The logical factor of homoeopathy is commonly overlooked. The remarkable cures performed by such men as Boenninghausen, Hering, Lippe, Dunham, Fincke and Wells are regarded as having been due to some mysterious personal power or insight possessed by them as individuals. That similar results are attainable by anyone who will master the logical method is difficult for many to believe.

National Homoeopathic Clinic Day

This state is similar to others where there are few homoeopathic institutions, and the burden of the work has to be assumed under the auspices of the State Society, but it must be borne in mind that wherever possible State Societies should not hold meetings as the men must be left in their local communities to man the hospitals, the idea being not to strip the institutions by drawing all the men to the centers. The success of this day centers in the individual and the individuals work will redound to the greatest benefit to homoeopathy and himself if his efforts are spent in his own community.

Notes By The Wayside

In very many years experience in the practice of medicine I have learned one fact, viz., that the higher a doctor is in his profession the more foolish mistakes he is apt to make. I see examples of this in everyday life. For the above reason I do not place much dependence on the opinions of the so – called leaders in the profession.

Partial Provings Of Benzol, Iodine And Kali Bichromicum

The prover often complained of headache, especially on the right side, of sweating, swelling of the right testicle with severe pain, of nausea and loss of sleep. The appetite was not as good as usual, and the student often felt tired Urine was passed in greater quantities than normally. The second prover received the 3rd decimal potency, after he had been taking blank pills for four days.

Editorial Notes & Comments

The case to be reported is presented with the purpose, first, of demonstrating a properly taken case from the prescribers standpoint. No matter how elaborately a case may be presented from the pathologic, bacteriologic, diagnostic and pathognomonic stand – points. it is impossible for the prescriber to select the needful remedy for the case, unless it has been presented from the homoeopathic side also.

Schematic Recapitulation

The increase in the leucocytes and the decrease in the eyrthrocytes is certainly a striking feature of the effects of this drug, and, of course, suggests therapeutic possibilities in diseases marked by similar haemic features, more particularly leucaemia. The fact that several O.S. clinicians have obtained beneficial results from small doses of benzol in this disease, is of interest and suggests that the therapeutic relationship which apparently exists, is based upon the principle of simila similibus curentur.