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Appendicitis is a sycotic disease. It is …


Appendicitis is a sycotic disease. It is caused by deficient peristaltic movements of the intestines. Unhealthy intestine cannot evacuate faeces properly and some particles of faeces enter inside the appendix and rot there, hence the inflammation comes on. A sincere physicians duty is to find out the cause of the disease and treat the patient to make his intestines healthy. If the peristaltic movement is restored entered faeces come out of the appendix and the patient improves all-round.

We have nothing to do with the name of the disease as it often misguides us. Our one correct remedy according to symptoms can cure the pain, either it is in gall-bladder or in duodenum or in appendix or in colons. It is not quackary. Cure is definitely better than diagnosis. Nobody should ignore the fact. Sometimes gall-bladder pain is referred to appendix region and Allopaths diagnose it as appendicitis and remove the appendix. But the pain continues. They realize their mistake soon and declare that the trouble is in the gall-bladder and so on.

Stomach pain is relieved by eating from Allopathic point of view, indicates, ulceration in the stomach, as the acid hydrochloric irritates the affected part in empty stomach and the food when taken absorbs the acid and so the pain stops. We need not bother about the name of the disease; our LYCO-200 can stop this pain in no time.

Antisycotic medicines




Hepar Sulph



Merc. Sol.


Nat. Mur.




10M – CM.












Better in sea climate

Back pain.

Pain in liver region.

Pain in appendix region. Black stool.

Over sensitiveness to touch.

Downwards pressure of internal organs

Yellowish coating on the middle of tongue.

Stool mixed with mucus. Never get done feeling.

Cannot digest fat, the best medicine to tone-up the intestines.

Pre-history of malaria,


General Symptoms

General Symptoms

Most of these medicines I have used myself and I have tried on patients successfully.

Cina is a good medicine for disordered alimentary canal, worms are present there.

A staunch Homoeopathy may oppose to specify medicine according to disease. But that is not true. All famous Homoeopaths have there specifics. of course, based on experience. Experience should be published for the interest of the scientific advancement of Homoeopathy.

A few cases of acute Appendicitis:-

(1) Feroj, age 14, admitted on 17-11-50 at 6 P.M. No motion for 3 days, constant pain on the whole abdomen, XRayed by an Allopath who called him for operation, but the boys mother did not like that idea so he was brought to me.

Lyco 200, after about 15 minutes the pain increased, he was compelled to bend double due to the pain which passed off after a few minutes. The pain became intermittent. I sent him home where he got clear stool at about 8 P.M. The colour of the stool was brown. The pain was recurring at long intervals.

Lach 30. Two doses at one hours interval.

Lach 200. On 18-11-50. in the morning. No pain.

Lach 1M. On 20-11-50. So far he is keeping good health.

(2) Mrs. F, age 24, mother of three children, the last child she delivered a month before. I was called at 3 A.M. ON 28-6-49. She was rolling on bed due to pain with frequent urging for stool which was a little only Nux-Vom. 30. No relief. Time 15 minutes.

Lyco. 30. No relief. Time 15 minutes.

Lach. 30. The pain suddenly stopped for a few minutes to my great surprise. I left another two doses of Lach. 30 to be given at one hours interval and returned. Evening news was complete relief.

Lach 200. On the next morning. Lach 1M. after a week. No further attack so far.

(3) Mr. Prem, age 22. Pain in the abdomen accompanied with diarrhoea, vomiting and temp.-101. Cause meat. Admitted at 5 P.M. (23-11-51) Nux-vom. 30. two doses followed by Lyco. 30 two doses for the whole night.

24-11-51. Morning temp. 98. No vomiting, no motion. Lyco 200.

25-11-51. Sulph 200 in the morning Lach. 200 in the afternoon. Cured.

(4) A. L. age 26, a doctors dilemma. He was Xrayed 5 times and

was under observation for a month in a local Hospital. The Surgeon could not find anything wrong with the Appendix and the treatment to relieve his agonizing pain in the abdomen was of no use.

He came to me on 5-9-52. Dirty yellowish tongue, stomach was full of wind, no clear stool for the last few weeks.

Lyco. 200 at 7-30 P.M. and Nux-vom. 30 at night. He reported the next day that night was better.

6-9-52. Nux-vom 30 two doses, four hourly.

12-9-52. Sulph. 200 in the morning, Nux-vom 30 in the evening.

He felt slightly better.

6-9-52. Nux-vom 1M. No change.

23-9-52. Lach. 1M. Very good result obtained.

7-10-52. Lach 1M. No trouble at all.

24-10-52. Hepar Sulph. 200 for sore throat. No better.

27-10-52. Lach 10M. For the same.

5-11-52. Puls. was given because all old symptoms returned after eating fat food. Puls gave relief of stomach complaint but he developed a new Back pain (Kidney region).

8-11-52. Medo. CM. Little better

14-11-52. Medo.

6-2-53. Puls 10M. Flatulence after eating fat food.

24-3-53. Medo. CM. to avoid constipation as well as Medo. is his constitutional remedy.

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