Concepts Of Health And Disease With Reference To Psychosomatic Medicine

Health and disease are necessarily psychosomatic, so there cannot be part of medicine or some diseases which are psychosomatic. What the psychosomatic method does insists or rather reiterates, for its teachings are as old as medicine is that in health and disease man must be studied by both physical and psychological methods.


Appendicitis is a sycotic disease. It is caused by deficient peristaltic movements of the intestines. Unhealthy intestine cannot evacuate faeces properly and some particles of faeces enter inside the appendix and rot there, hence the inflammation comes on. A sincere physicians duty is to find out the cause of the disease and treat the patient to make his intestines healthy.

Editorial – Struggle For The Recognition Of Homoeopathy

The Committee was of the view that utilisation of homoeopathic graduates, who have completed training for degree course, should be considered for employment in health services. However, those who have received training only of diploma course in recognised institutions, may be considered for employment only after they have had further training for one year in clinical subjects and in preventive medicines.

Polio Aborted With Remedies

The first case was a married woman with five children, who developed the disease and became completely paralyzed from her waist down. At the same time she began to miscarry, being about five months pregnant. Nux vomica helped her through that rather trying time. She is still paralyzed; has had two pregnancies since, which have had to be terminated by caesarean section, because she has absolutely no abdominal muscles at all.


A symptom of very great prescribing value is a faint, weak, hollow, hungry feeling, worse at about 11 a.m., which is apt to make the patient press his hand firmly over the epigastrium for relief only while doing so. If something, perhaps only a cup of tea and a biscuit, is not taken then, the patient becomes faint, weak and trembling, perhaps even flatulent and nauseated.