Drugs Cause Disease

Two centuries of British rule backed by the subtle propaganda of the vested interest of drug manufacturers has created a psychological belief in the public mind. Whenever we are ill we think only of DRUGS and injections as the surest and quickest way of cure. Right from our cradle we have been taught that the doctor would come and would give us some good medicine to make us well.

Editorial – Samuel Hahnemann

Hahnemanns discovery of the universal therapeutic law, Similia Similibus Curantur, is undoubtedly a great blessing for mankind. Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy, has given us a law of cure which is true and useful in all ages and in all climes. Hahnemann was a very learned man and very highly educated physician.

Headache Repertory

Abuse of drugs.; Nux. vom. Excitement of emotions.; Aco; Arg-n; Bell; Cact; Chin-a; Coff; Gels; Lach; Lyco; Nat-m; Nux-v; Puls; Pho-ac; Staph. Sad news.; Cocc; Ign; Nux-v; Staph. Physical exertion.; Calc; Cal-p. Nat-m; Valer; Sil; Kali-p; Arn. Fasting.; Cist; Kali-c; Lyc; Phos; Sang; Sil; Sulph. Fat Food.; Carbo-veg; Puls; Colch; Ipec; Nat-m; Sang; Sep; Thuja. Fright.; Aco; Ign; Puls; Coff; Nux-v; Plat; Op.

Indigestion – 14

Pressure on the stomach, as if it were too full with ineffectual effort to eructate. Sensation of repletion of the stomach though he has not eaten anything. Sensation of emptiness in the gastric region and especially in the oesophagus, not removed by eating with rumbling in the intestines. Throbbing in a small spot on the left side of the stomach. Rumbling in the abdomen as from emptiness.


Neglected pneumonia with spasmodic cough, bluish face, offensive expectoration. Neglected pneumonia, with expectoration of a dirty yellow color and smelling badly. Old badly treated cases of pneumonia, with remaining bronchitis, weakness of chest when coughing; pneumonia third stage with fetid sputa, cold breath, cold sweat, desire to be fanned; threatened paralysis of lungs.