Indigestion – 14

Pressure on the stomach, as if it were too full with ineffectual effort to eructate. Sensation of repletion of the stomach though he has not eaten anything. Sensation of emptiness in the gastric region and especially in the oesophagus, not removed by eating with rumbling in the intestines. Throbbing in a small spot on the left side of the stomach. Rumbling in the abdomen as from emptiness.


Tongue feels burnt and scalded. Burning on the tongue. Rhagades on the tongue with violent burning pains. White-coated tongue. Great dryness in the mouth. Gathering of water in the mouth before and during its dryness. Hot air comes from the mouth. Salty taste and collection of salty saliva. Taste bitter, sour, slimy. No appetite the whole day. Only in the evening, she eats with relish.

Rapid hunger and fearful sensation of hunger in the stomach, then severe nausea. Hunger, without knowing for what. Appetite at noon, but she is at once satiated. Inclination to titbits. Thirst at 3 a.m. with dryness in the mouth and throat. After dinner, much acidity in the stomach. After meals inflation of abdomen. Eructation of air after dinner. Frequent empty eructation, in the afternoon. Eructation of white foam. Eructation with taste of onion.

Frequent eructation with taste of ingesta. Sour regurgitation of ingesta, especially of the milk. Frequent nausea, with collection of water in the mouth. Nausea, vomiting. Pressure in the stomach, with nausea, removed by eructation. Fullness of the abdomen after eating. Abdomen distended, relieved by discharge of flatus. Very costive, only passing a very small quantity of feces. Stools knotty. Much pressure to stool with scanty evacuation or passage of flatus only. Feces are covered with blood and mucus. Cannot digest milk. (Children). Continual rising of white froth into the mouth.


Excessive nausea; sour, greasy vomit, with aversion to water; on the vomited matter floats a white mass like coagulated fat. Burning pains in stomach and black vomit. Continual choking sensation rising from stomach. Thirst for cold water. Aversion to wine and alcohol. Aversion to meat and bread. Can take only liquid food on account of soreness of the mouth. Drinking water aggravates bloatedness and pain in stomach. Rumbling in left side of abdomen when bending to right side. Colic after drinking water. Pulsation in anus. Discharge of fetid blood from piles.


Oily taste in the mouth. Thirstlessness. Aversion to food from a sensation of satiety. Rising from the stomach like heart burn. Burning in the stomach rising up to the chest. Abdomen distended. Profuse secretion of flatulence. Constipation, stool, rare, dry, difficult, knotty, yellow, granular stool. Stools with sand or gravel.


Canine hunger even after eating. Excessive hunger, but does not relish anything he eats. Has no appetite for dry food, likes liquid food. Violent burning thirst especially for bear and cold drinks day and night. Bitter, sweetish, putrid taste, rising of air or acrid, bitter, putrid eructations Regurgitation of the ingesta, vomiting of food. Nausea with sweet taste in the throat, vertigo, headache and heat. At night restlessness with bitter bilious vomiting. Pressure in the stomach, it hangs down heavily, even after very light. easily digestible food. Burning pain in the pit of the stomach.

Painfulness of the region of stomach especially to the touch. Great weakness of digestion with continuous hunger. The stomach feels replete and constricted. The region of the liver is painfully sensitive to contact. Distention of the abdomen with pressure and tension and painfulness to contact. Cutting and pinching in the abdomen, especially after taking cold. Colic which only passes off in a recumbent position. Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen. Colic caused by the cool evening air with diarrhoea. Frequent ineffectual pressing to stool with tenesmus, worse at night. Constipation.

Stool tenacious or crumbling, can only be discharged after violent straining. Feces of small shape. Chilliness between diarrhoeic stools. Rectum black, discharging blood. Never-get-done feeling. Salivation. Sweat. Sweet taste. Fetid smell from mouth. Tongue moist, soft, covered with mucus; dry, hard, coated black, indented. Lips rough, black, dry, cracked. Pale, yellow, earthy color of face. Saltish taste of lips. Repugnance to hot food and great desire for cold food. Copious excessive perspiration, without relief. Tendency to diarrhoea with tenesmus.


Burning in the stomach, mouth and throat, relieved by eating, unusual longing for ham, fat. Sensation of nausea in throat. Increased appetite noon and evening. Beer tastes bitter and causes vomiting. Mouth waters. Nausea better eating. Many, short fetid flatulent discharges especially before the stool. Constipation, stool dark brown, in knots, very hard balls, with great straining but not painful. Stools soft, brown, smelling sour. Chill before and after the stool. Tongue coated white; burning in the mouths extending into the stomach.

Taste; bitter, sweetish-salty; insipid, sourish, offensive. Tobacco tastes like straw. Bitter taste in mouth and collection of water in mouth. Repugnance to meat. Long-continued, severe hunger. Thirstlessness or actual violent thirst. Eructations, frequent, empty, and without taste. Eructations of air and acrid humor. Nausea. cutting in abdomen always towards evening. Rumbling and rolling in abdomen. In brown feces, small white shining grains. Flatus is always discharged in short and abrupt emissions.


Everything tastes sweet. Dry mouth in the morning. She always has the mouth full of water. Tongue sore and bluish, white, eruptions on tongue. Bitter taste. Putrid taste like rotten eggs, with flow of saliva. Beer tastes sweet like honey and he loathes it. Morbid thirst. Total lack of appetite for all food and drink. Neither hunger nor appetite and repugnance to eating, because almost all food tastes sweet. Repugnance to meat. During and after eating, rumbling and dull pain in the abdomen. Continued eructations, bitter, frequent, with putrid taste, regurgitation of sour liquid from the stomach. Violent inclination to vomit, vomiting of ingesta.

Pressure on the stomach, as if it were too full with ineffectual effort to eructate. Sensation of repletion of the stomach though he has not eaten anything. Sensation of emptiness in the gastric region and especially in the oesophagus, not removed by eating with rumbling in the intestines. Throbbing in a small spot on the left side of the stomach. Rumbling in the abdomen as from emptiness. Stool in small pieces with straining. Hard, difficult stool in the morning, soft in the afternoon

. The watery stool passes off unexpectedly, while urinating, without any previous urging. Prolapsus of the rectum during urination. Patient may think he is going to pass a little wind when urine will come away also. Haemorrhoids very tender to touch. Cannot bear the thought or sight of meat. Excessive hunger and thirst.


Sore pain on the inside of the cheeks when chewing. Dryness of the mouth and the tongue, inciting to drink. Always dry in the mouth and on the lips which she has to keep licking. Gathering of much watery saliva in the mouth, at times with sour taste. Salty saliva. Viscid saliva. Burning about the tip of the tongue. Pale tongue. When quickly running, sensation as if something rose in the throat. Taste; spoiled; sharp, acrid; flat, slimy; purulent taste, of blood; sweet, metallic; bitter; sour. Sour taste in the mouth and thickly coated tongue. Much thirst. Much thirst only while eating. Much thirst in the forenoon.

Violent thirst from morning till evening. Neither hunger nor appetite and hunger but he is soon satiated. Intense hunger in the forenoon. Constant hunger. After a meal a strong desire for smoking tobacco. Aversion to milk, meat and fatty food. Diarrhoea after drinking milk. After dinner peevish, cross, ill-humored; eructation tasting of the ingesta. While eating much eructation with intense vertigo. Immediately after eating pinching colic. Constant eructation and much emission of flatus below. Sour eructations. Bitter eructations. Heart-burn, waterbrash, Nausea, in the morning, forenoon; better after meats; attended with water rising into the mouth. Ineffectual empty retching in the morning.

Intense nausea. Vomiting of foamy tasteless mucus of fetid sour liquid. The stomach aches when it is touched. Pains in abdomen cease after stool. Inflation of the abdomen. Colicky pain in the abdomen towards morning, with retraction of the navel and hardness of abdomen. Rumbling in abdomen. Flatus with fetor as of rotten eggs. Sour smelling flatus. Difficult discharge of a stool that was not hard, he had to strain hard in order to pass it. Frequent ineffectual calls to stool and tenesmus.

Stool with little balls of mucus like peas. Stool first hard, then soft, followed by burning in the anus. Much urging to stool but only a little evacuation with the sensation as if much remained behind. Stool spotted with blood. Itching of anus. Foetid urine. Diarrhoea which is marked by a sudden and obligatory call to stool, which escapes with great haste, noise and rushing; yellow fluid; discharges almost involuntary; often a yellow substance like the pulp of an orange in the discharge (women at change of life).

Food tastes bitter. After every meal pressure in the stomach. Continuous qualmishness and nausea. Incessant thirst. Ravenous hunger. Great emaciation with pale face and dark urine. Aversion to open air. Perspiration while eating. Formication under the skin. Skin dry, rough, chapped.


Acid dyspepsia with heart-burn and flatulence. Diarrhoea every morning after rising and moving about, accompanied by discharge of much fetid flatus.

Constipation, stool hard, with pressure; streaked with blood. No urging to stool but difficult expulsion even of a soft stool. Worse in protracted damp cloudy weather. Great flatulence and cutting pains in abdomen, can not bear clothing tight around waist. Distention of and weight in the stomach with vomiting of bitter or sour mucus. Vertigo after a meal. Pale face. Dryness of the upper lip, the skin falls off. The gums burn like fire. Feeling of numbness and roughness in the mouth. Dryness, (Mouth) with redness of the gums and thirst. The tongue is covered with mucus. Slimy taste in the mouth.

Burning blisters on the tip of the tongue. Great thirst for cold drinks; worse after exercise and in the forenoon. After eating perspiration in the face. Gulping up of sour water. Hiccough in the evening; after eating bread and butter. Vomiting of sour mucus, or of saltish sour of water. Bilious vomiting. Qualmishness before eating. Beating in the stomach with nausea. Stitches in the region of the liver while walking in open air. Great sensitiveness in the region of the liver while walking. Colic better in the afternoon by emission of flatulence. Emission of fetid flatulence in the morning, after meals, and with the loose stools. Hydrogenoid constitution.

Prabir Kumar