Delirium in which the patient may jump out of bed, throw off the bed clothes, or take off the clothes and go naked. Patients with fever will often throw the bed clothes entirely off, not because they are too warm, but they will not remain covered. Amativeness. Memory weak or lost. Unconscious delirium with closed eyes; when spoken to, the answer is properly given, but immediately unconsciousness and delirium return.



(1) Redness and heat of parts.

(2) Pains cause redness of ace and eyes.

(3) Violent delirium bites, spits, strikes, tears things; tries to escape.

(4) Throbbing of carotids.

(5) Skin dry, hot, burning, imparts a burning sensation to examining hands.

(6) Face hot with extremities cold.

(7) Sensitive to light and noise.

(8) Averse to uncovering during heat.

(9) Head icy cold or burning hot.

(10) Sweat on covered parts only.

(11) Constant moaning.

(12) Head hot, limbs cold.

(13) Sleeplessness with drowsiness. Sleepy but cannot sleep.

(14) Starting when closing the eyes or during sleep.

(15) Grinding of teeth during sleep.

(16) Wildly delirious, ferocious, noisy, cries out.

(17) Restless and talks fast.

(18) Rolls head, pulls her hair.

(19) Prominent sparkling eyes, dilated pupils. Photophobia.

(20) Dry hot mouth and throat.

(21) Hot sweat.

(22) Craves lemonade.

(23) Lying down aggravates.

(24) Afternoon aggravations.

Mind: Delirium, with frightful figures and images before the eyes.

Furious delirium with violent pain in the forehead.

The patient suddenly springs from the bed, or attempts to.

He is timid and fearful and suspicious and desires to run away.

Reluctant to answer question or to speak.

Increased sensibility of all the senses, is quarrelsome, and strikes, bites and spits on his attendants.

The patient sings, laughs and talks loud in his delirium.

He is completely insensible as if in a dream, he neither sees nor hears.

Illusion of the senses and imagination.

He has visions of duty or terror.

The delirium is violent with staring of the eyes; it is also loquacious or perhaps muttering.

He talks of dogs, wolves, cattle, soldiers, battles, and of going home.

Disinclination to talk or very fast talking.

Rage, madness, disposition to bite, to spit, to strike and to tear things.

Fantastic illusions (when closing the eyes). Stupefaction, pupils enlarged; Nervous anxiety, restlessness, desire to escape.

Imagines he sees ghosts, hideous faces and various insects; black animals, dogs, wolves.

Fear of imaginary things, wants to run away from them.

Merry delirium.

Moaning, it seems to relieve.

Absent-minded, forgetful.

Desire to escape or hide herself.

Talkative, then mute.

Picking at bed clothes (Rhus t.) as if looking for something lost, with confused muttering.

Instead of eating, bit the wooden spoon in two, gnawed the plate, and growled and barked like a dog.

At one time merry, again would spit and bite at those around; thinks himself suddenly rich.

Starts in a fright at the approach of others.

Anxious and confused, fears she is about to die.

Head: Distended and pulsating arteries.

Heat and pulsation in head.

Headache from 4 P.M.

Headache; worse by moving the eyes, when lying down; when leaning the head forward; from slightest noise and motion.

Better when bending the head backward; from external pressure.

Throbbing in brain.

Cold sensation in the brain at the middle of the forehead.

Soreness of the head.

Sensation of heaviness in head.

Forehead most sensitive.

Shuts the eyes with headache.

Vertigo with anxiety.

The eyes are prominent, red, staring, sparkling, brilliant, distorted, the pupils are contracted or greatly dilated and immovable, or eyes may be dull and without expression.

Photophobia. Eyes dry, feel stiff.

Heat and burning in eyes.

Eyeballs red and prominent.

Heaviness of lids.

Trembling of eyelids.

Ears: Deafness, as if a skin were drawn over the ears.

Nose: Red tip with burning.

Dryness of nose with frontal headache.

Face: Red and hot; pale and cold.

Mottled red, swollen and hot.

Burning heat of face with body warm and feet cold.

Swelling of upper lip.

Lips, especially the upper one crack in the middle; dry and parched.

Flushed face and red eyes.

Dry and cracked lips; or dark red and dry.

Mouth: Tongue red on its edges and borders, white in its middle.

Haemorrhage from mouth and nose.

Distortion of the mouth.

Dryness of the mouth and throat.

Tongue red, hot dry and cracked.

Trembling of the tongue.

Heaviness of the tongue.

Difficult stammering speech as if drunk.

Lock-jaw, mouth half-open.

Dryness of the mouth without thirst.

Teeth feel “on edges.”.

Taste: Putrid when eating or drinking.





Bread tastes sour.

Feeling of coldness and dryness in forepart of tongue.

Saliva: Thick, tenacious, white, clings to tongue like glue.

Dryness of mouth with thirst.

Mouth feels hot.

Slimy mouth in morning.

Throat: Dry, raw, sore, constant desire to swallow.

Stomach: Desire for lemons.

Ineffectual effort to vomit about midnight.

Abdomen distended, hot, tender.

Urine: Blood red; dark; yellow; gold colour; pale.

Bright yellow.

Pulse: Accelerated, full, hard, tense; occasionally soft and small; slow, full.

Limbs: Throbbing in the carotid and temporal arteries.

Pain in neck when bending head backwards.

Backaches as if broken.

Heaviness of upper limbs.

Bruised pain in upper arm.

Pain in thighs and legs as if beaten.

Tremulous heaviness of the legs.

Disinclination and aversion to work or motion.

Restlessness; he was obliged constantly to move the body to and fro, especially the hands and feet.

Constantly changes his position.

Trembling in all the limbs.

Weakness and tottering gait.

Great restlessness with sudden startings.

Muscles of face, jaw and limbs agitated by convulsive twitchings.

Clenched teeth.

Stiffness of whole body.

Trembling with sense of weariness in the limbs in the early stage.

Heaviness and weariness in the limbs; great debility, and general weakness with sleeplessness in the afternoon.

Red spots on chest, abdomen, face and neck.

Sleep: Sleeps much yet not refreshed.

Sleepy yet cannot sleep.

Starts as if in a fright during sleep and on awaking.

During sleep singing, talking loud, moaning.

Great drowsiness.

Profound comatose sleep with snoring.

Sleeplessness with strong desire to sleep.

Sighing and jerks in sleep.

Frightful visions on closing the eyes to sleep.

Anxious and frightful dreams.

Generalities: Skin imparts a burning sensation to examining hand.

Skin sensitive to touch.

Young full-blooded patients.

Pulse and heat run high.

Threatened convulsions.

Heat, averse to uncovering.

Heat of forehead, with cold cheeks.

Heat of head with redness of face and delirium.

Coldness of the limbs with heat of the head.

Starting of the head.

During fever, thirst, drowsy, starting, delirium.

Sleeplessness with drowsiness.

Much twitching and jerkings of the muscles.

“Typhoid, congestion with great drowsiness and inability to go to sleep, frequent starting during sleep; fits lies quiet but often moans; trembling, twitching of lips, head and limbs; pulse very small, thready, and irregular, with strong throbbing pulse in head; throat dry and pains when drinking; violent delirium with attempt to run away; to strike, bite, or spit at attendants; sparkling staring eyes with throbbing of carotids and temporal arteries; tongue has red margin and white center; bronchial irritation with dry cough.”.

“Covering parts sweat.”.

Aggravation: Touch. Motion. Noise. Draft of air. Looking at bright shining objects; After 3 P.M. Night. After midnight. While drinking. Uncovering head. Summer sun. Lying down. Least jar of bed or chair. Afternoon. After hair cut. During sleep.

Amelioration: Rest. Warm room. Standing. Sitting. erect.

Compare: Bry. Gels. Hyosc. Op. Stram.

Dose: 30th, 200th.



(1) Twitching, every muscle in the body twitches. Twitching of the muscles.

(2) Delirium without consciousness, does not know any body and has no wants. Furious delirium or low muttering delirium with picking at bed clothes.

(3) Dropping of lower jaw, sliding down in bed.

(4) Involuntary stool and urine; suppression or retention of urine.

(5) Patient weak and trembling.

(6) Fear of being poisoned.

(7) Tongue dry, red.

(8) Sordes on teeth.

(9) Attempts to bite, strike those about him.

(10) Desire to uncover, remain naked.

(11) Aversion to light and company.

(12) Lying quiet in bed, he suddenly sits up and stares around as if looking for some one whom he expected to see in the room; lies down again and goes off into a sleep.

(13) Nervous, whining, crying, twitching, uncovers sexual organs.

(14) Sees persons who are not and have not been present.

(15) Illusions of sight, double sight.

(16) Constant staring at surrounding objects, self-forget fullness.

(17) Want of sensation.

(18) Skin often pale with delirium; body hot.

(19) Roseola on abdomen, chest.

(20) Heat, no desire to drink or violent thirst.

Mind: Entire loss of consciousness, and of the functions of the organs of senses; does not recognize relatives or friends. Stupor, unconsciousness, does not reply to questions, does not recognize any one.

Answers properly but immediately stupor returns.

Makes irrelevant answers.

Inability to think; thoughts cannot be directed or controlled.

Stupid of illusions of the imaginations and senses.

Sees persons who are not and have not been present.

Thinks he is in the wrong place.

Delirium continued while awake; delirious without apparent heat; the face is pale and limbs are cold, though the temperature is high.

Delirium, talks of business; complaints of imaginary wrongs.

Averse to light and company.

Visions as if persecuted.

Insane passion for work.

Indistinct, muttering loquacity.

Silly, smiling, laughs at everything, silly expression.

Cried and laughed alternately, gesticulated lively.

Lascivious mania, uncovers body, especially sexual parts; sings amorous songs.

Cries out suddenly.

Whines, but knows not why.

Muttering, picking at bed clothes.

Plays with his fingers (not picking bed clothes).

Wants to go from one bed to another.

Restless, jumps out of bed, tries to turn away.

Does foolish things, behaves like one mad.

Abuses those about him.

Tries to injure those around him.

Convulsion after trying to swallow. Scolds. Raves.

Answers no questions.

Cannot bear to be talked to.

Anxious apprehension.

Fears, being left alone, poison, or being bitten; being poisoned or sold.

Makes no complains, has no wants.

Does not know whether or not to take what is offered.


Delirium in which the patient may jump out of bed, throw off the bed clothes, or take off the clothes and go naked. Patients with fever will often throw the bed clothes entirely off, not because they are too warm, but they will not remain covered. Amativeness. Memory weak or lost.

Unconscious delirium with closed eyes; when spoken to, the answer is properly given, but immediately unconsciousness and delirium return.

Sings amorous and obscene songs.

Uncovers his whole body.

Exposes genitals.

Riotous; laughing, singing, talking, babbling, quarreling.

Silly with comical acts.

Plays with fingers.

Fumbles the genitals; wants to escape.

Speaks each word louder.

First cant think, then can barely be aroused, then relaxation; with muttering, the lower jaw drops.

He slides down in bed.

Delirium with attempt to run away.

Deep stupor.


Mental depression with muttering.

Does not know his own family.

Muttering with picking at bed-clothes.

Delirium, with jerking of limbs, wild staring look or closed eyes.

Involuntary loud laughter, with silly actions and trembling.

Complete stupefaction.

Furious delirium which continues while awake.

Loss of speech and consciousness.

Great restlessness, jumping out of bed, and endeavouring to escape.

Delirium and restlessness; would not stay in bed (Bell).

Illusions and hallucinations.

Constant muttering, unintelligible.

Chattering, or talking (Stram) or moddling with the hands.

Scolds, swears, tries to injure others, strikes, bites, wants, to kill.

Foolish laughter, animated and hurried talk.

Ludicrous actions like monkeys.

Ridiculous action like a dancing clown.

Muttering to himself.

Hands in constant motion.

Now clutching the air, now pulling off bed clothes.

Dread of drinks.

Profound stupor, but when aroused answers correctly.

Converses with persons who are not and were not present.

Constant staring at surrounding objects.

Perceptive faculty almost suspended.

Apathetic state.

Furious delirium if Bell tails to relieve.

Coma vigil.

Waking without cries.

“Talks to himself, and once in a while utters a shrill scream.”.

“Picking his fingers, just as if he had something in his fingers when there is nothing there.”.

“He picks at the bed clothes, picking at his night shirt, picking anything he can get his fingers on. Picking in the air, grasping as if he were grasping at flies.”.

“Profound stupor, lies as one dead.”.

“Early in the case he can be roused, and he answers questions correctly and he seems to know what you have said to him; but the instant he finishes the last answer he appears to be sound asleep. Then you shake him and ask him another question, he answers that, and again he is sound asleep. The delirium that belongs to typhoid grows more and more profound, more and more passive, more and more muttering, until he passes into a complete unconsciousness from which he cannot be roused; in which state he will lie for days sometimes and weeks becoming more and more emaciated; lying there in profound stupor.”.

“Sometimes he talks to dead folks, recalls past events, with those that have departed; calls up a dead sister or wife, or husband and enters into conversation just as if the person were present.”.

“Refuses to take medicine because it is poisoned.”.

“Suspicious of every body.”.

“He sees all sorts of things, indescribable things in his hallucinations. He imagines all sorts of things concerning people, concerning himself and he gets suspicious.

“Sometimes the patient is in a state of hallucination, and the next minute in a state of illusion.”.

Head: Vertigo with drunkenness.

Stupor, the head is shaken to and fro.

Swashing sensation in head.

Heaviness, vacant feeling, confusion.

Brain feels as if loose.

Rolling the head.

Head sinks on one or other side.

Rolls head, confusion of brain.

Headache better walking.

Heat of the head and face, with general coldness of the body, without thirst. (Bry. Arnica).

Heat and tingling in head.

Violent pulsations in head; head shakes; relieved by stooping.

Dull pain at the base of the brain, in forehead and especially in the membranes of the brain.

Heaviness of the head with sense of empty confuse, and severe pain.

Stupefying pressure in the forehead, which passes into shootings or tearings (on the left side).

Pulsating headaches.

Eyes: Eyes sparkling and red, prominent and convulsed; distorted and staring; staring at surrounding objects; weak, dull, without lustre; squinting; pupils either much contracted or dilated. Eyes red, sparkling rolling about.

Double sight.

Obscuration of vision.

Distorted appearance of the eyes.

Pupils dilated and insensible to light.

Quivering of the lids.

Jerking of lids; of the muscles of the eye; eyeball is unsteady.

Objects look too large or red or double.

Eyes protrude.

Eyes open; distorted.

Red, brilliant, wild, rolling about.

Averse to light.

Spasmodic closure of eyelids, inability to keep them open.

Ears: Deafness.

Buzzing, singing, rushing in ears.

Nose: Nose-bleed, bright red with salivation,.

Sense of smell weak or lost.

Nostrils sooty, smoky.

Mouth: Tongue stiff, dark, red, cracked.

Tongue: Red, hard, dry and clean or coated brown.

Burning dryness of the tongue and lips which look like burnt leather.

Paralysis of tongue.

Tongue red.

Tongue tastes like sole leather because of dryness.

Tongue rattles in mouth, it is so dry.

Tongue cracked and bleeding (Second week).

Slowly puts out trembling tongue which is covered with blood, cracks, and is dry.

Twitching of the muscles of the face upon attempting to put out the tongue.

Tongue trembles (Lach) catches on to the teeth from its great dryness, and the jaw hangs down, relaxed, the mouth wide open.

The tongue is red, brown, dry, cracked, hard; looks like burnt leather; the tongue does not obey the will; difficult motion of tongue; it is stiff, protruded with great difficulty.

Biting the tongue in talking.

Tongue paralyzed, loss of speech.

The mouth is very dry, as dry as burnt leather.

Very great dryness of the mouth, throat and nose.

Mouth dry, cracked, red, will bleed in low forms of typhoid.

Teeth covered with black blood.

Lips cracked and bleeding.

Tongue cracked and bleeding.

Sordes on the teeth.

Jaw hangs down, mouth wide open.

The whole mouth is dry and offensive.

Jaw fixed, as it were locked.

Close the teeth tightly together.

Grinding the teeth (Bell.).

Talks with difficulty.

Difficult swallowing, food taken into the throat comes up into nose; fluids come out of the nose.

Mouth, sore with bruised feeling.

Foam at the mouth.

Saliva salty; bloody.

Parching dryness of fauces.

Sordes on teeth and in mouth.

Putrid taste.

Tongue: red, or brown, dry, cracked, hard; looks like burnt leather; clean, parched, white.

Tongue protruded with difficulty, can hardly draw it in.

Cadaverous smell from mouth, worse morning and evening.

Thirst, drinks but little at a time.

Dread of water.

Face: Face flushed, dark red, bloated; cold and pale; distorted; stupid expression; muscles twitch; bluish, mouth wide open.

Lockjaw. Lips dry.

Lips look like scorched leather.

Picking of face.

Stomach: Pit tender to touch.

Abdomen distended, sore to touch, Tympanitic.

Roseola on abdomen; Petechia.

Unquenchable thirst.

Inflammation of all the viscera of the abdomen in low typhoid state, with great distention.

Colic relieved by vomiting.

Stools: Involuntary stools from paralysis of the sphincter ani.

Watery painless diarrhoea.

Involuntary painless diarrhoea.

Involuntary and unnoticed stools in bed.

Bleeding from the bowels, ulceration of the Peyers glands; yellow, cornmeal mushy stool.

“Mushy stool that occurs in typhoid fever, pappy consistency.”.

Watery horribly offensive bloody fluid. Painless stools.

Stool and urine passed without his knowledge; watery bloody or mushy.

Urine: Suppressed secretion of urine.

Retention of urine.

Involuntary urination.

Paralysis of bladder.

Has no will to urinate.

Scanty: with red sandy sediment.

Turbid with muco-purulent deposit.

Cough: With bright red blood mixed with coagula; saltish mucus.

Worse lying, better sitting.

Tight feeling on chest.

Green sputum, weak pulse.

Haemoptysis, bright red blood.

Pneumonia, cerebral symptoms, delirium, sopor, dry cough or rattling in chest.

Carotids beat violently.

Roseola on chest, muscles of chest sore.

Limbs: Jerking of the limbs and tendons; debility and weariness of the whole body; uncommon sinking of strength.

Universal debility with trembling of the whole body, and coldness of the extremities.

Burning of the skin while laying the hand on any part of body.

Sweating with great weakness and stupidity.

Arms tremble in evening and after exercise.

Fingers look and feel too thick.

Numbness of hands.

Trembling of arms and hands.

Cold hands and feet.

Throws arms about, misses what is reached for.

Jerks of single muscles or sets of muscles.

Restless, turns from one place to another.

Clenched thumbs.

Sleep: Stupid and drowsy, or excitable and sleepless;.

Falls asleep while answering (Bapt.).

Constant slumber with picking.

Sleep with outcries.

Sleepless or constant sleep, with muttering.

Lying on back, suddenly sits up, then lies down again.

Starts in sleep.

A wakening with screams.

Coma vigil.

Sleeplessness or profound sleep.

Either awake or asleep, there may be muttering.

Jerks in sleep and cries out.

Laughing during sleep.

Grates the teeth during sleep.

Pulse: Small and weak.

Small and thready.

Rapid and intermittent.

Very small.

Hardly perceptible.

Weak and irregular.

Hard and strong.

Slow and small.

Skin: Hot, dry, brittle, want of sensation.

Skin often pale with delirium; body hot.

Skin red.

Want of sensation.

Sensation of picking all over.

Generalities: Light haired people, hardness of hearing, bleeding of nose, blood pale; bluish colour of face; painless diarrhoea; expectoration mixed with pale blood.

Results of unhappy love.

Snoring and rattling breathing.

Restless, sleepless, desire to escape.

Grasping at flocks or picking bed clothes.

Teeth covered with sordes; tongue dry and unwildly.

Involuntary stool and urine.

Sweat cold, sour.

Skin hot and dry, distended veins.

Lips sticky.

The skin burning hot to the examining hand (Bell) which leaves a burning in place touched.

Throws bed clothes off, will not remain covered.

Cannot bear to be talked to or hear least noise.

Whole body cold with burning redness of face.

Lies naked in bed and chatters.

Sings obscene songs.

Every muscle in the body twitches from the eyes to the toes.

Jerkings of muscles.

Jerkings and twitchings of muscles.

Great prostration with twitching.

Complete prostration, the patient slides down in bed, the jaw drops.

Aggravation: Touch. Evening. Night. Lying down; from cold; from cold air; Jealousy. Unhappy love.

Amelioration: From sitting up. Motion. Walking. Warmth.

Compare: Bell. Stram. Op. Arn. Lyc. Apis. Mur.ac. Bapt. Rhus.T.

N.B.; When Hyosc. is indicated but fails, study Lach. Lyc. Mur- ac. Ars-a.

Dose: 30th, 200th, 1000th.



(1) Terrifying delirium with visions of animals.

(2) Aggravation by bright light, mirror or surface of water.

(3) Continually jerks head up from pillow.

(4) Sees objects which seem to rise in every corner of the room and move towards him.

(5) Wants light and company.

(6) Desire to escape.

(7) Awakens from sleep in fright and terror, not knowing those around him.

(8) Body is bathed in hot sweat which does not give any relief.

(9) Desire to uncover (Hyosc).

(10) Tongue often soft, taking imprint of teeth.

(11) Screaming in sleep often with hiccough.

(12) Face bright red.

(13) Fine red dots on tongue.

(14) Constantly spits saliva.

(15) Dry throat with great thirst, yet dreads water.

(16) Putrid, dark painless involuntary diarrhoea.

(17) Grasps the genitals.

(18) Delusion as to size and distance.

(19) Loquacious.

(20) Violent and lewd.

(21) Cannot bear solitude or darkness.

(22) Talks with spirits.

Mind: Most widely loquacious.

Wildly delirious with red face and great loquacity. Loquacity.

Wants light and company (Hyos).

Fears to be alone.

Wants hand held.

Awakens with a shrinking look; frightened; afraid of the first object seen.

Awful raving.

Singing, laughing, grinning, whistling, screaming, praying piteously or swearing hideously.

Throws himself into all shapes corresponding to his changeable delirium, crosswise, lengthwise, rolled up like a ball; or stiffened out by turns or especially repeatedly jerks up suddenly his head from the pillow.

Terror or hallucinations of small black objects which are likened to snakes, bugs or roaches, or to small black animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits.

Often terrified by bright objects.

Seeks to fight those whom he constantly wishes to have in his presence.

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