Immediately before an attack the face of the child becomes pale and he is found heedless to his nearest surroundings; unconsciousness follows soon and convulsions start next. During a fit the jaws remain tightly locked and the fingers tightly clenched with the thumbs inside the fists. This state passes away soon when the child becomes very drowsy.


Morning. Morning in bed. Morning on awaking. Noon. Afternoon. Evening. Night. Coition. Taking cold. During eating. Lifting. Looking upward. Lying on side. Lying on painful side. Before menses. At the commencement of menses. During menses. Mental Exertion. Motion. Moving head. Abuse of narcotics. Noise. Strong odors. Riding in carriage, lying. During sleep. In a small spot. Summer. Turning body. Turning head.


Epilepsy in young persons at the age of puberty, from fright, from being chilled or exposed to some great change in the weather. Useful to the physician in assisting him to cure are the particulars of the most probable exciting cause of the acute disease. The highest ideal of cure is rapid gentle and permanent restoration of the health.The worst kinds of chronic diseases are those produced by the unskilfulness of allopathic physicians.


In general this remedy has great inclination to exhaustion. Besides, there may be general or local spasms especially of respiratory organs, pharynx, esophagus, stomach with vomiting, intestines (tympanitic), and uterus. Menstruation with cramps, painful and very weakening, and yet relieving because, if retarded, all complaints are increased.


Delirium in which the patient may jump out of bed, throw off the bed clothes, or take off the clothes and go naked. Patients with fever will often throw the bed clothes entirely off, not because they are too warm, but they will not remain covered. Amativeness. Memory weak or lost. Unconscious delirium with closed eyes; when spoken to, the answer is properly given, but immediately unconsciousness and delirium return.


Disease is just a deviation from the normal healthful ease due to a disturbance in the harmonious vital operation in which the vital Force maintains the body, its different parts, organs and the endocrine glands. The derangement of this natural and normal activity of the Vital Force is caused by some invisible morbific influence which expresses itself only through sings and symptoms.