Hallucinations of sight, during which horrible images are conjured up and horrible animals are seen jumping out of the ground and running at their affrighted victim.

“Stramonium is wild and cowardly”.

Belladonna is fierce and brace”.

“Hyoscyamus is jolly and companionable.”.

“Loquacity of Stram. is confined to one subject and he is inclined to imagine that he is talking to spirits or to absent people.

Abnormal sense of proportions of the body, he imagines that certain parts of unnatural size, or that they are double.

Fear of the dark.

Complaints that it is dark.

Calls for light.

Convulsions at sight of lighted candle, at sight of mirror, or of water.

Loss of consciousness with involuntary motions of limbs.

Earnest and ceaseless talking.

Constant and repeated jerking of head up from pillow.

Loquacious delirium with a desire to escape from bed.

Disposed to talk continually.

Imagines all sorts of things that she is double, lying crosswise, etc.

Indomitable rage and desire to bite.

Dreads darkness and has a horror of glistening objects.

Fearful, desires company or wants to escape.

Active variable delirium, talks incessantly, sees many, vividly brilliant or hideous phantoms, more to one side.

Does all sorts of crazy things.

Cursing and praying.

Self accusation.

Loss of reason or speech.



Delusions as to size and distance.

Weeping in dreams.

Awakes in fear of screaming.

Frightful visions.

Praying and singing devoutly; beseeching, entreating.

Fever, cant bear solitude or darkness.

Unconscious delirium, every now and then jerk the head up from the pillow, then left it fall again.

Delirium: noisy, frightened by strange objects; under impression of danger, clinging to the persons; sees horrifying things more at his side than in front of him; either chasing or fleeing from imaginary objects; usually black bugs, dogs and beasts which see to spring out of the floor or dropping from the ceiling; rage on attempt to administer liquids, spasms of the pharynx so that anything taken choked him or regurgitated; aversion to fluids.

Apprehension, starting up in fright; shuddering as from fright.

Delirium is always wild, full of frightful hallucinations and delusions.

The patient screams from fright, clings to the mother, will not be left alone.

The objects of stramonium are black, of Belladonna red, like Hyosc. the objects are very large.

Attacks of rage with beating and striking persons.

Very changeable disposition; alternate; anticipations of death and rage; laughable gestures and melancholy department; affected haughtiness and inconsolableness; loud laughing and groaning.

Coma, spasms; later snoring, unconscious, jaw hangs, hands and feet twitch, eyes roll, pupils dilated; automatic grasping of hands towards nose, ears, etc.; difficult to swallow liquids.

Unconscious, stupid.

Awakens terrified, knows no one (Hyosc.) screams with fright, clings to those near.

Feels stupid, with indifference to every body and everything.

Hallucinations which terrify the patient; sees ghosts, hears voices back of his ears; sees strangers or imagines animals are jumping sideways out of ground or running at him.

Strange absurd ideas, thinks herself tall, double, lying crosswise, one half of body cut off, etc.

Says he converses with spirit; prays fervently; sermonizes.


Delirium: shy: hides himself; tries to escape; full of fear; talks incessantly, absurdly, laughs, claps her hands over head, wide open eyes.

Talks in a foreign tongue.

Loquacious, talks all the time, sings, makes verses.

Fears death, weeps all the time.

Thinks he is not honest.

Alternation of delirium and somnolence.

Lies on his back, knees and thighs flexed, hands joined.

Delirium alternating with tetanic convulsions.

Crazy fit, he tries to bite, scratch, uses lewd language; desires to escape from bed, takes no notice of surrounding objects, everything appears changed.

Constant involuntary odd motions of the limbs and body.

“Everything is tumultuous, violent.”.

“Full of excitement, rage.”.

“The face looks wild, anxious, fearful.”.

“Violent delirium.”.

“Aggravated especially if the light is bright.”.

“High fever with delirium, continued fever, only at times remittent. (Bell always remittent).

“Stram, is like on earthquake in its violence.”.

“Exposing of the person.”.

“It is useful in violent typhoids.”.

“All sorts of illusions and hallucinations.”.

“He sees animals, ghosts, angels, departed spirits, devils and knows they are not real, but later he is confident of it (worse in the dark).”.

“Sings amorous songs and utters obscene speech.”

“Screams until he is hoarse or loses his voice.”.

“Violent laughter with sardonic expression on his face.”.

“In cerebral congestions the delirium subsides into unconsciousness; the patient has the appearance of profound intoxication; pupils dilated or contracted. Marked stupor, stertorous breathing (Op. Hyosc) lower jaw dropped (Hyosc).”.

“Thinks himself tall, double, a part missing.”.

“Violent and lewd.”.

“Rapid change from joy to sadness.”.

“Wakes with loud outcries.”.

Believes he is always alone and is terrified.

“Bites even his own limbs.”.

“He takes no notice of what occurs.”.

“Neither sees, nor hears, nor recognizes his relatives.”.

“Speaks to the absent as if they were present, and calls inanimate objects by the name of persons, while he takes no notice of his attendants.”.

“Illusion as if his body were cut into in the middle, as if all surrounding objects were very, very small while he himself is very large and elevated on high.

Head: Vertigo, cannot walk with eyes closed; with red face; as if drunk.

Convulsive movements of head with loss of sight and hearing.

Frequently raises the head up.

Sensation of lightness of head.

Headache with loss of sight and hearing.

Headache better from warmth worse from cold.

Jerks head up from pillow.

Boring head into pillow.

Head bent backward.

Moves head, thrusts it in all directions.

Dullness in head; it is difficult to think; sensation of weakness or lightness of head; stupefaction of head with dullness of vision.

Wrinkled skin on forehead.

Eyes: Shuns light.

Double vision.

Total blindness.

Loss of sight, hearing and speech. (Hyosc).

Pupils dilated; sometimes immovable and insensible to light.

Eyes wide open; staring; brilliant.

Wild and red; protrude; vacillate; rolling; squinting; half open in sleep.

Contraction of pupil.

Ears: Deafness. Sensitive to noise.

Nose: Yellow bad smelling discharge.

Face: Distortion of the face as if from pain.

Lips trembling.

Dryness of the lips.

Red, bloated, hot.

Face, red, eyes wild.

Face hot and red with cold hands and feet.

Face pale.

Circumscribed redness of cheeks.

Anxiety and fear is expressed in the countenance.

Deep furrows and wrinkles in the face.

A yellow stripe in the red part of the lip.

Moves lips back and forward.

Lips: red, with yellow streak on vermilion border; dry; sore and cracked.

Lower jaw hangs.

Mouth: Grinding of teeth.

Sordes on teeth.

Stammering; distorts face.


Tongue: Whitish with fine red dots.

Dry and red.

Dry and parched.

Pale red, in constant motion.

Swollen, coated dry.

Yellow in centre dry.

Swollen, hangs out of the mouth (Hyosc.).

Dry sticky lips.

Violent thirst.

Fear of water and aversion to all fluids.

Bloody froth before the mouth.

Swelling and paralysis of tongue.


Viscid slime in mouth.

Whole inner mouth as if raw.

Mouth dry; dribbling of viscid saliva.

Chewing motion.

Troublesome thirst even with much saliva.

Abdomen: Sensibility of the abdomen to pressure; hard; tense; tympanitic.

Distended but not hard.

Stool: Blackish diarrhoea every hour.

Stools smell like carrion.

Urine: Suppressed secretion of urine.

Retention of urine.

Copious involuntary discharge of urine.

Pulse: Weak, irregular, often intermittent, small, rapid or hardly perceptible, very small, rapid and intermittent, imperceptible.

Full, strong, frequent, hard.

Slow in typhus.

Double and very quick.

Limbs: Red rash on chest and back.

Trembling of the whole body, or of one or more of the limbs.

Weariness of the limbs, great weakness, prostration, strong inclination to lie down.

Can only walk a few steps without support.

Small shining, starshaped petechiae on the face, throat and chest.

Neck and back bending backward.

Spot in back pains when touched.

Raises arm above head, claps hands, makes graceful gyratory motions.

Grasping about with hands as if reaching for things; searching for things; picking.

Grasps the throat; sighing, groaning.

Hands and arms tremble.

Clapping hands over head.

Difficult to bring hand to tumbler or carry latter to mouth.

Inside right thigh red, swollen.

Lower limbs rigid.

Constant trembling of feet.

Arms agitated, lower limbs quiet.

Cold hands and feet.

Great inclination to lie down.

Frequent twitching; sudden; jerks through the body.

Trembling of limbs.

Muscles will not obey the will.

Paralysis of one, convulsions of the other side.

Sleep: Sleepy but cannot sleep (Bell).

Snoring deep sleep.

Coma, rattling respiration.

Sleepless, tosses about.

During Sleep: Laughs, screams, starts, sits up, looks about, talks incoherently.

Awakens: all things seem new.

Screaming: seems frightened; knows no one; shrinks away; jumps out of bed.

Generalities: Arms and legs feel as if separated from body.

Skin hot and dry.

Body hot, face red, puffed.

Saliva decreased.

Painless diarrhoea having a cadaverous odor.

Retention of urine in any fever.

Restlessness of body.

Staggering when walking.

Juicy fruit tastes dry.

Food tastes like straw.

Tongue swollen, dry, difficult to protrude.

Oily sweat.

Perspiration of forehead and face, rest of body red, dry, and hot.

Heat over whole body with redness of head and face and coldness and paleness of rest of body.

Covers up closely during heat.

Coldness and paralysis of limbs.

Vomiting from bright light; as soon as he raises his head from the pillow.

Head feels as if scattered about (Bapt).

Oozing of blood from mouth.

Throat and mouth dry; tongue dry, swollen, fills the mouth, pointed, red like a piece of meat, bleeding from the mouth, sordes on the teeth, lips dry, cracked; violent thirst yet dread of water.

Diarrhoea copious involuntary; abdomen tympanitic, involuntary urination.

“Stramonium stands alone among the deep acting remedies, in its violence of mental symptoms.”.

“Hyosc is the most insensibly stupid.”.

Stram. throws himself about, jerking head from pillow.

Hyosc. twitches picks and reaches, otherwise lying pretty still.

Bell. starts or jumps when falling into or awaking from sleep.

Aggravation: In the dark; when alone; looking at bright and shining objects; after sleep; when attempting to swallow. Tough. Pressure; Removing head from pillow (vomiting) walking in dark (vertigo); after motion; wind; cold; evening; night; sun.

Amelioration: Lying (headache); warmth; In light. company; citric acid. Bright light.

Compare: Bell. Hyosc. Nux-v. Bapt. Petr. Thuja. Op. (Hot sweat). Lach. Zinc. (Hands constantly on genitals) Bry. Rhus-t.

Dose: 30th. 200th. 1000th.

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