In the sphere of things related to healing and medicine we can see this same potent force of propaganda at work around us today. Some of it is good and true, but much of it is false and evil. A factor of interest to all is the steady growth that the non- medical cults of healing, such as the Naturopaths, Sanipractors, Chiropractors and Osteopaths, are achieving.

In the world of the past and the present, as well as that of the future, the mighty force of propaganda shapes the destinies of men and all organized institutions and things.

We need but recall the spectacular rise of men like Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini to an undreamed zenith of power by means of intensive propaganda, and because it was evil and selfish in character they fell and perished in shame and humiliation, and with their ruin came suffering and impoverishment for all mankind.

On the other hand we may note that the rise and spread of all religious philosophies including our own Christian doctrines are born, nurtured and grown by the power of a benign propaganda to bring hope and righteousness into the lives of the multitude. Because it is based on unselfishness and is compatible with Cosmic Law they shall continue to grow and function for “good and Truth” through the everlasting realm of eternity.

In the sphere of things related to healing and medicine we can see this same potent force of propaganda at work around us today. Some of it is good and true, but much of it is false and evil. A factor of interest to all is the steady growth that the non- medical cults of healing, such as the Naturopaths, Sanipractors, Chiropractors and Osteopaths, are achieving.

Because these practitioners have much that is good and useful although not enough to meet all the needs of the deeply sick) they will grow and prosper and abide in the place where their special uses are required. On the other hand traditional or old school medicine, in spite of constant intensive propaganda, is slowly sinking and dying of a corroding dry rot that will soon spell its doom as a system of medicine.

This comes as a result of false propaganda based on superficial empirical knowledge apart from law and order.

Behold the disappointing and even baneful effects of the so- called “wonder drugs”, now too numerous to mention but all launched under false claims and producing destructive reactions on the human economy often of a more serious nature than the illness for which they were given.

With these observations before us, we wonder why homoeopathy, based on eternal law and with a highly developed philosophy of practice, does not grow but is fast declining in numbers and patronage.

The answer is as clear as the shining stars of heaven. We failed to employ the mighty force of a good propaganda to which the homoeopathic concept of healing lends itself most forcefully and appropriately.

To summarize: The homoeopathic “Law of Similars” is but one of natures unchanging laws. The knowledge of homoeopathic principles is obtained by experimenting on well human beings, proving of individual drugs given to produce an image of illness with all its signs and symptoms. Hence the empirical practice of trial and error on the sick has no place in the homoeopathic field of practice or experimentation. No dumb, helpless animals are tortured or done to death, nor are sick humans made sicker in the search for healing knowledge.

Homoeopathy heals gently, safely, surely and permanently. Homoeopathy heals without leaving in its wake any consequential drug disease. Homoeopathy is applicable to the needs of both acute and chronic disease. It is a boon in cases of burns, cuts, and bruises and broken bones, and bones that will not knit because of disease or weakness heal with alacrity under the chosen remedy.

In the fields of chronic disease homoeopathy stands at the head without equal. Even in incurable disease it has proven the most efficient and comforting palliative known. Sufferers from diseases, like heart and kidney affections, occurring so often in early middle life (the time of greatest use and productivity mentally and spiritually, if not physically) will obtain greater comfort and longer life under homoeopathic care.

In the realms of preventive medicine homoeopathy is most effective because its use builds the human being into a state of harmony with his ever-changing environment, as well as increasing his resistance against acute infectious disease by removing susceptibilities to allergies of all kinds.

Homoeopathy is the only force in nature that can antidote and eradicate inherited toxins and soil conditions that spring from tuberculosis, syphilis, sycosis and even cancer.

Hence an intelligent application of the homoeopathic law can and does prevent cancer and all other degenerative diseases afflicting the race today.

Homoeopathic prophylaxis in severe acute disease is the most efficient and safe method at humanitys disposal ever discovered. epidemic diseases such as small pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough and poliomyelitis may find the most unfailing protection ever known by the gentle yet forceful and certain action of the homoeopathic epidemic remedy.

In the dark, hopeless realm of mental sickness of all kinds, homoeopathy is the only force that can cope successfully with the threatened destruction of the human mind. The fearful increase of mental sickness demands homoeopathys balm of healing where nothing else in the world of medicine can help.

The world is in dire need of these facts pertaining to the healing power involved in the homoeopathic law, an attribute of Divine Goodness for sick humanity languishing in hopelessness and suffering.

What will organized homoeopathy do about giving the world this much needed propaganda or medical education of the true concept of sickness, its causes and cure?.

Organized homoeopathy will do what each individual homoeopathic physician wills and does in this vital and stupendous project. If we are to survive as an organized society of healing, we must act at once and in unison. Ways and means should be discussed and planned at the coming convention at Cincinnati and the plans that are made execute without thoroughness and dispatch.

It is necessary that every homoeopathic doctor give this matter deep and concentrated thought for the consummation of this work. This time is ripe now, for the world senses the need of a more effective art and science of healing without the deleterious effects resulting from the empirical or regular school of medical practice.

A. H. Grimmer
Arthur Hill Grimmer 1874-1967 graduated from the Hering Medical College (in 1906) as a pupil of James Tyler Kent and he later became his secretary, working closely with him on his repertory. He practiced in Chicago for 50 years before moving to Florida. He was also President of the American Institute for Homoeopathy.
In his book The Collected Works of Arthur Hill Grimmer, Grimmer spoke out against the fluoridation of water and vaccinations. Grimmer wrote prodigeously, Gnaphalium, Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Homeopathic Medicine and Cancer: The Philosophy and Clinical Experiences of Dr. A.H. Grimmer, M.D.