Headache with vertigo, blindness which does not diminish as the headache increases and sensation as if falling to the left when looking up or backward when stooping. Nightly headache of a tearing or grinding nature with noises in the head. Tightness and stitches from the lower part of the forehead to vertex. Constant succession of shocks and jerks in head during rest or motion. Sensation in the integument of the head as if it were too tight. Involuntary nodding of the head when writing.


A Homoeopath in the real sense of the term never uses allopathic injections along with his homoeopathic drugs. He believes in Homoeopathy and practises Homoeopathy with an unhesitating mind. He works with a determined will to cure his patients with Homoeopathic remedies. Such practitioners of pure Homoeopathy never constitute a danger to society. On the other hand, they are great benefactors of human society.


Hahnemann used medicines up to the 30th potency at the highest in all chronic or acute cases and successfully cured them all. But we find that to-day even the best homoeopaths can not cure chronic cases with remedies below 200th potency and they rise high and higher to C.M. or M.M. potency. Some say that it is due to the fact that the diseases are more complicated now-a-days than they were at the time of Hahnemann.


In the sphere of things related to healing and medicine we can see this same potent force of propaganda at work around us today. Some of it is good and true, but much of it is false and evil. A factor of interest to all is the steady growth that the non- medical cults of healing, such as the Naturopaths, Sanipractors, Chiropractors and Osteopaths, are achieving.


It is my opinion that the boy worked out his original pneumonia through this attack. I think his vitality had been lifted up to the level of severe acute reaction by two prescriptions of Ferrum phos. over the telephone for colds. Anyhow the debility had continued a year after the first attack: whereas when acute conditions are cleared up with dynamic treatment, we always expect a distinct and prolonged increase of vitality. As to Aethusa, it is not the first time it has done the trick in pneumonia.


Homoeopathic prescribing all through pregnancy keeps the patient feeling better, prevents the various complications common to pregnancy, and makes delivery easier.I claim that babies born to mothers who have had Homoeopathic treatment during pregnancy are healthier and have a better start in life.