Hahnemann used medicines up to the 30th potency at the highest in all chronic or acute cases and successfully cured them all. But we find that to-day even the best homoeopaths can not cure chronic cases with remedies below 200th potency and they rise high and higher to C.M. or M.M. potency. Some say that it is due to the fact that the diseases are more complicated now-a-days than they were at the time of Hahnemann.

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People have an idea that as the homoeopathic medicines cannot be chemically analyzed so it is safe to get them from an old established firm, or from a firm which has convincing advertisements.

A warrior with a blunt sword, a horseman with a lame horse, a barber with a blunt razor and chippers, a carpenter with blunt tools present only a poor show. So a homoeopath without potent and genuine medicines is also pitiable. Hahnemann says in 6th Ed. Organon Para 264 “The true physician must be provided with genuine medicines of unimpaired strength so that he may be able to rely upon their therapeutic powers: he must be able, himself to judge of their genuineness.” In para 265 Hahnemann says “It should be a matter of conscience with him and, therefore he must give the patient the correctly chosen medicine prepared moreover by himself.”

But unfortunately few of the Homoeopaths have got any knowledge to judge a genuine medicine. Hahnemann has directed that every physician should prepare his own medicines but no one does this. Hahnemann foresaw that pharmacists, apothecaries and after all business people, their main aim should be always for gain, so they can easily sacrifice anything, even the quality of medicine for their gain. The master foresaw that apothecaries if solely depended on, will bring a degeneration in medicines which will greatly hamper the cause of homoeopaths. And it has turned to be true at the present time.

The majority of the pharmacies engage low paid people with no knowledge of homoeopathy who are irresponsible, who do not care to follow the directions in all the details, who somehow or other finish their duties. The main aim of preparing homoeopathic medicines is to break the molecules of medicinal substance in finer to finest atoms, and the breaking must be in a systematic way and not in a haphazard way, by succussions i.e., a proper number of jerks should be given to each potency and proper and equal force should be given in each jerking.

These are the requirements for making good and ideal homoeopathic medicines. By these forceful jerks and the molecules of the medicine break into finer atoms and become radio-active. Hahnemann through untiring lifelong experiments fixed the methods by which such radio-active medicines can be produced only by following his directions strictly.

If the jerks are not sufficiently strong or if they are less or more in number than is required, the atoms are irregularly broken or sometimes they are not at all broken, so the result becomes indefinite, physicians can not rely on them.

But it is a very difficult job to find out which of the firms follow the rules strictly. I have seen in big pharmacies, when the employees are busy preparing medicines they are laughing and talking with one another and the jerks they are giving to the phials are so mild that thee liquid within is scarcely moved. The employees have no meter before them, so the member of jerks given are sometimes six or seven and sometimes seventeen to eighteen as they talk they forget to count the jerks. Some one hums a song while preparing medicines. There is a peculiar weakness inherent in men to transgress laws, to deceive.

So you should find out such a firm which is conservative in all its methods, whose employees are satisfied, and observe all the rules very strictly. Shun such firms where the employees enjoy talks and jokes while preparing medicines, where the employees are low paid, where the employees are shabby in habits.

There is a maxim in Psychology, and every one should know this. A man who tells you that this man should not be relied on as he is a thief in disguise, another man should not get any respect as he is a drunkard, another one is a downright liar, another is a miser and so on. After he has finished, one can easily and most certainly tell him “Thou at the man with all these faults in thyself.”

There are firms who always blame other firms, you should shun such firms as they are sure to have such faults in themselves. A good and respectable firm tries to establish his own good methods only but does not mention faults of any other firm, a respectable man never talks of others faults.

I think that every firm should introduce an automatic counting disc before each employee to ensure the correct counting of the succussions as it is the essential necessity for homoeopathic medicines.

Thus far for the medicines that are current now-a-days throughout the world, from Messrs. Boericke & Tafel down to the small pharmacy in the village. But there is another consideration by which test all these medicines become not only useless and impotent but they are injurious to the patients by the statement of Hahnemann himself, the originator of Homoeopathy.

You will be amused to know that all the apothecaries of the world are following the directions of the 5th Edition Organon. In the 6th Ed. Organon Hahnemann has totally cancelled the previous method of preparing medicines and has declared it to be not only useless but also injurious to the patients.

Hahnemann used medicines up to the 30th potency at the highest in all chronic or acute cases and successfully cured them all. But we find that to-day even the best homoeopaths can not cure chronic cases with remedies below 200th potency and they rise high and higher to C.M. or M.M. potency. Some say that it is due to the fact that the diseases are more complicated now-a-days than they were at the time of Hahnemann. But is it a real fact? Or it may be that the medicines are not really potent as they were at that time.

There is every proof that medicines are not up to the mark. It can be demonstrated that genuine homoeopathic medicines prepared according to the directions of 6th Ed. Organon and administered according to his latest directions will cure any chronic disease in the 30th or utmost 200th potency I have experimented and experienced myself by following the directions verbatim, since last few years. Every serious homoeopath can do it himself with a few medicines prepared by himself and see how miraculous results they produce.

In the footnotes of paragraph 27- (footnote No.155) he says, “According to first directions (i.e. the directions in the 5th Ed. Organon) on drop of the liquid of a lower potency was to be taken to 100 drops of alcohol for higher potentiation. This proportion of the medicine that is to be dynamized (110:1) was found altogether too limited to develop thoroughly and to a high degree the power of the medicine by means of a number of such succussions without specially using great force of which wearisome experiments have convinced me.

But if only one such globule be taken of which 100 weigh one grain and dynamize it with 100 drops of alcohol the proportion of 1 to 50,000 and even greater will be had for 500 such globules can hardly absorb one drop for their saturation. But with so small a diluting medium as 100 to 1 of the medicine act almost immediately but with furious even dangerous, violence especially in weakly patients, without having a lasting mild reaction of the vital principle.”.

In the above statement Hahnemann describes how much injurious is the medicine of the present day, which are advertised to be genuine and best, by the leading firms. I can remember how many cases of collapsed stage died soon after a dose of Carbo V. and such is the experience of many physicians. But as there is an idea that homoeopathic physicians. But as there is an idea that homoeopathic medicines are quite innocent and they can not kill a patient, so no one blames the physician.

So Hahnemann substitutes a totally new method of preparing medicines which can be called radio-active in the real sense as the atoms in such medicines are uniformly broken and the high atomic powers have been released.

So you see that any medicine prepared in the drop method with the proportion (100 : 1) as is prevalent to day is a dangerous medicine. Any homoeopath who wants to succeed with his medicines should carefully avoid such medicines as they get an unnecessary aggravation and have no lasting effect on the human body.

But unfortunately there is not a single apothecary in the whole world that follow the ideal method. All of these are following the easiest, cheapest and quickest method of using drops of medicine. So every physician should prepare his own medicines as far as possible according to the directions of 6th Ed. Organon.

If any one can not come up from the lowest potencies to high ones, he may prepare at least from the back potencies up to two or three steps which will minimize the quantity of the mass to some extent and break into more finest atoms due to the one hundred successions instead of ten or twelve as followed normally. Such medicines will give much better results and may avoid unnecessary aggravations.

All the homoeopaths of to-day are vainly trying their utmost to select their medicines correctly but to their surprise they do not get the lasting result. They put all the blames to their own selection without the least doubt that their medicines have anything wrong in them. The reputed doctors somehow or other adjust their medicines by minimizing their quantity, still they have to face unnecessary aggravations.

Mitter A.