Paralysis – 7

CHARACTER: With coldness of paralyzed parts. Painlessness. Worse morning in bed.

AGGRAVATION: Wine after dinner. Towards evening. Warm room. Touch 5 to 7 p.m.

SUGAR. Night watching. Suppressed foot sweat or eruptions. Grief.

Anger. Fright. Rest. Jar. Cold.

AMELIORATION: Open air. While eating Discharges. Appearance of eruptions. Rubbing. Stretching. Emission. Friction.

LOCAL SYMPTOMS: Paralysis after suppressed foot sweat. Paralytic symptoms are worse after drinking wine or caused by wine. Paralysis with restlessness of feet. Paralysis with vertigo, trembling, numbness and formication. Ptosis. Weakness of all limbs when walking in open air. Hands tremble when writing. Paralysis of limbs. Paresis and finally paralysis of one or both sides. Fidgety feet. Paralysis of feet. Paralysis worse wine and better by friction. (Phos. Plb.). Upper eyelids fall down, as if paralyzed.

ATTENDING SYMPTOMS: In the female, complaints come on when the menses are absent and fees perfectly well during the flow. Patient cannot keep still, must be in motion all the time. Feet in constant motion. Variable mood. Clay-like sediment in urine. Sensation of coldness in the bones. Formication between the skin and flesh. Chilliness on approach of stormy weather. Chills run down the back. Chilliness in open air and when touching a cold object. Pulsation through whole body.

Violent trembling, twitching of the whole body. Cold feet at night. Weak, trembling feet. Formication in calves. Cracks between fingers. Dry, cracked skin of hands. Lameness and deadness of the hands. Cough from sweets. Great falling off of the hair of the genital organs. Violent and long lasting erections. Can pass urine while in a sitting posture. Constipation with hard dry stools, also insufficient stools. Taste of blood in mouth. Aversion to meat, fish, cooked or warm food, sweets. Sour eructation after milk. Sweets cause heartburn. Pale face. Lips and corners of mouth cracked. Thick, viscid, tasteless humor on lips.

Redness of chin. Sensitiveness to all noise, weak memory. Profuse fetid foot- sweet. Itching of knee joint. Sweaty hands. Hasty eating. Changeable mood. Easily startled. Indifferent. Sad. Soles of feet sensitive. Steps with entire sole of foot on floor. Burning along spine. Nape of neck weary from writing or any exertion. Hungry about 11 a.m. Suppressed eruptions or discharges. Great relief from discharges. Anaemia and profound weakness. Depression. Cannot tolerate any covering during sweat. Cannot bear back touched. Backache worse from sitting, better by walking about.

N C Das