Homoeopathic physicians do not give a small dose but a potentized remedy. A remedy in which the dynamic power of the substance has been unlocked by the process of trituration and attenuation. The Homoeopathic high potency stands out as one of the great scientific discoveries of the age and yet the scientific world does not recognize it nor even do they know of its existence.

Editorial – The Homoeopathic Method Of Examination

Presence of paralysis, gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Tuberculosis. Enlarged and diseased glands. Skin eruptions. Asthma. Heart disease. Diarrhoea. Pneumonia. Metastasis. (Heart, stomach) Swelling, redness. Coldness. Blackness. Puffiness Wrinkling of skin. Constrictions. Any deformity. Pleurodynia. Alternating with heart, or with heart, or with diarrhoea.

Paralysis – 7

Violent trembling, twitching of the whole body. Cold feet at night. Weak, trembling feet. Formication in calves. Cracks between fingers. Dry, cracked skin of hands. Lameness and deadness of the hands. Cough from sweets. Great falling off of the hair of the genital organs. Violent and long lasting erections. Can pass urine while in a sitting posture. Constipation with hard dry stools, also insufficient stools. Taste of blood in mouth.

Homoeopathic Treatment Of Cancer

Such are the principle constitutional remedies we ought to review. The dilutions in which they ought to be employed are variable enough. In a general way, the high potencies will be reserved for the precancerous state; the low and middle potencies for the confirmed cancers.

Case – Stomach Ulcer

Ulcer cases can be cured in four to five days with the proper indicated remedy for the individual together with a complete fast during the treatment. Nothing should pass into the stomach except the indicated remedy and plenty of pure water either hot or cold. Whether it takes four or five days depend upon the size of the ulcer and the condition of the person.