Paralysis – 7

Violent trembling, twitching of the whole body. Cold feet at night. Weak, trembling feet. Formication in calves. Cracks between fingers. Dry, cracked skin of hands. Lameness and deadness of the hands. Cough from sweets. Great falling off of the hair of the genital organs. Violent and long lasting erections. Can pass urine while in a sitting posture. Constipation with hard dry stools, also insufficient stools. Taste of blood in mouth.


Paralytic drawing in the whole thigh worse when standing and in warmth of bed, in evening, at night. Paralytic sensation of the whole thigh with a sensation as if it would go to sleep. Paralytic feeling in the knee when sitting. Paralytic pain in the right knee when walking. Weakness and want of strength in both arms. Feels paralyzed in both the arms. Paralysis of old people and dropsical affections. Paralysis of thighs.


Readily frightened especially by a slight touch of the body, particularly soles which are ticklish. Restlessness of mind. Hasty thought and action. He feels lonely; seeks for company. Sad and lachrymose. Apprehensive and anxious about her disease. Timid. Irresolute. Irritable. Peevish. Easily vexed. Easily excited to anger. Indisposed to work. Despondent, alternating moods. Hypersensitive to pain, noise, touch.

Vertigo, better in open air. Vertigo especially after eating. Vertigo on turnieg. Vertigo, everything whirls about him. Headache comes on with yawning or from riding in cold wind. Painful tumors on scalp more painful from pressure and motion and less from external heat. Falling off of the hair, especially on the temples, of the eye brows and the bread, with great dryness of the hair; the scalp oozes if scratched. Swelling over upper lid, like little bags. Swelling like a bag between the upper eyelids and eyebrows. Weak sight from excessive sexual indulgence. On shutting eyes painful sensation of light penetrating the brain.

Stitches in ears. Ulcerated nostrils. Sensation of coldness of the eyelids. External ear red. Face bloated. Yellow colour of face. Lips peel off. Both eyes are very hot to touch. Eyelids close violently. After working in water, washing, diminution of slight. Red, thick nose, worse afternoon. Face pale with weary eyes. Toothache only when eating. Redder gums. Dryness of the mouth wakes him from sleep in the morning. Constant gathering of water in mouth or dry mouth. Sensation of a lump in throat. Taste in mouth of blood, sweetish. Putrid, sour or bitter. Aversion to ryebread, desire for acids or sugar. Milk disagrees.

Nausea while eating fried fish or vomiting. Drowsy during and after meals. After meals paleness of face, Numbness of feet after a meal. Flatus emitted upward and downward with relief. After stool continual burning in anus, Pain in anus after vomiting. Constipation, difficult large sized feces. White mucus before and during stool. After micturition discharge of prostatic fluid. Turbid urine. After urination emission of milky fluid, Male genital strongly smells of semen. Coitus without emission of semen. After coitus lascivious dreams at night and pollution. Sexual desire excessive or deficient. Pain in Haemorrhoids when coughing.

Complaints from coition. Asthma better while sitting up or bending forward worse from 2 to 4 A.M. Leaning forward relieves the chest symptoms. Tendency to tuberculosis, constant cold taking, better in warm climate. Burning in spine. Soles very sensitive. Pain from hip to knee. Pain in knees. The arms feel numb in the cold and after violent exercise. Perspiration in axilla, The hands tremble in the morning when writing. Itching in palms of hands. Restlessness of legs in evening. Heaviness and stiffness of feet. Profuse fetid sweat of feet Cold feet in bed. Entire want of perspiration and inability to perspire.

Dryness of skin. Yellow scaly violent itching spots over the abdomen and around the nipples. Fissure in cicatrix of an old issue. Aversion to open and cold air. Cold hands. Rough chapped skin on the hands. Right lower limb especially the leg feel numb, cold feet in bed. Cold feet while face is hot, soles sweat. The limbs pain in those parts on which they rest. The whole body is very sensitive. Cannot bear to be touched, starts when touched even so lightly, especially on the feet. Great aversion to being alone.

Stitching pains, very ready to take cold. Burning on skin. Sensation of emptiness in the whole body as if it was all hollow. Muscles quiver. Dreams of diseased parts of body. Sweat on the perineum during night. Ulcers bleed at night. Cramps in right thigh and calf in the night.


TYPE: Post diphtheritic. Hemiplegia.

LOCATION:-Muscles of eyeball. Internal recti. Ciliary. Optic nerve. Throat, Pharynx. (P.Diph). Rectum. Hand. Lower limbs. Hip.

Leg. Ankles. Flexors. (caust).

CAUSES:-Anger (Nux-v. Staph). Pain Mental emotion. Diphtheria. Sexual excesses. Onanism. Intermittent fevers.

CHARACTER: Painless. With stiffness of parts with watery symptoms, lachrymation, Salivation Etc. when worse from 10 to 11 A.M. With craving for salt. With greasy skin of face. With history of chronic malaria.

AGGRAVATION: At 10 or 11 A.M. At sea shore of from sea air. Heat of Sun or Stove. Mental exertion. Talking, writing. Reading. Lying down. Noise. Music. Warm room. Consolation. Morning. From mortification caused by offence. After eating From working with the hands. From spraining the parts. From abuse of quinine. After urinating. Summer. Lying on left side. Moving. Walking. After sleep. Coition. During full moon. Bread, acid food. Fat, wine. Touch. Pressure. Suppressed foot sweat.

AMELIORATION: Rubbing. Lying on something hard (backache). Tight clothes, while fasting, before breakfast. Going without regular meals. Lying down. At sea-side. Sweat. When stomach is empty. While lying on back, or on right side. Open air. Cold bathing.

LOCAL SYMPTOMS: Paralysis of lower limbs after intermittent fevers, diphtheria, sexual excesses and violent fits of passion. Paralysis of the flexor muscles. Paralytic pain in the hips. Paralyzed pain and smarting in the top of the shoulder, weariness, heaviness and sinking down of the arms. Paralytic weakness of legs and especially of joint of foot. Paralysis after emotion. The arm almost loses its power after a fit of anger. Functional paralysis from fatigue, from emotion, from onanism. Paralytic condition of tarsal joints.

ATTENDING SYMPTOMS: Melancholy, dejected, sad weeping worse by consolations from others. Great inclination to start. Hurried. Gets angry at trifles. Weakness of memory. Absent-minded. Depressed (chronic diseases). Wants to remain alone to cry. Hasty. Unnatural indifference. Dryness of manner. Lazy.

Impatient scratching of head. Offended at a joke. Easily makes slips of the tongue. Sensation of coldness on the crown. Rough skin on temples. Falling off of the hair as soon as it is touched, from forepart of the head, temple, whiskers, genitals. Greasy shining face. Scalp sensitive to touch. Burning on vertex. Lachrymation in open air. Hot ear or lobule. Cracking in ear when chewing. Nose feels numb on one side. Lips dry, cracked. Deep crack in middle of lower lip. Corners of mouth ulcerated. Frothy coating on tongue with bubbles on side. Numbness, tingling of tongue, lips and nose. Eruption around mouth and vesicles like pearls on lips.

Tongue mapped. Ptyalism. Dryness of the mouth, lips and especially of the tongue. Sensation as of hair on the tongue. Heaviness of tongue with difficulty of speech. Tendency to choke in drinking. Aversion to coffee, meat, rye- bread, oysters, bread, to anything slimy, to fats. Craving for salt, for bitter food and drink. During meals perspiration in the face. Hungry yet lose flesh. After meals quick pulse and palpitation, oppression of breathing. Drowsy after meals. Sprained pain in left groin. Ineffectual call to stool. Hard dry stool. After stools fissures of the anus and bleeding. Constant burning of anus after annoyance.

Herpes about anus. Milky discharge after micturition. Urine dark or black. Pain after urinating. Involuntary urine when walking, coughing. Has to wait a long time for urine to pass if others are present. After an embrace, seminal emissions. Strong and disagreeable smell of sexual parts. Red tip of glans or red spots on glans. The foreskin is retracted behind the glans. Tardy emission of semen during coition. Exhaustion and coldness of joints after pollutions. Emission of much prostatic juice when thinking of lascivious subjects even without erection or excitement. Flow of tears with cough. Sense of coldness about heart during mental exertion. Palpitation on standing; motion; with anxiety. Over sensitiveness of sensitive of spine.

The pain in the back is ameliorated by lying on something hard. Pulse intermits on lying down. Palms hot and perspiring. Cold feet. Brown spots on hands. Warts in the palms of the hands. Hangnails. Restlessness in the legs, must move them constantly. Sensation of paralysis of legs especially ankles. Hands tremble, when he writes. Perspiration of hands. Dry cracked skin of the hands, especially around nails. Tingling of hands and feet. Involuntary movement of hands. Cramps in arms, hands, finger, thumb, in lower legs and calves. Great heaviness of the legs and feet. Foot-sweat suppressed. Feet burn.

Numbness and tingling in the fingers and lower extremities, knees crack during a walk. Stiffness of knee. Corns with shooting pains. Old cicatrix becomes painful and red. Aversion to open air. A small prick in the finger begins to bleed for days, in succession. Weakness from least exertion. Limbs feel weak in the morning after rising. Greatest debility in morning in bed. Great emaciation. Twitching of muscles and limbs. Pulsation of the whole body even from least exertion. Feels unrefreshed in morning. Dreams of burning thirst, of robbers. Weeps in a dream. Sweat relieves pains. Nettle rash after violent exercise.

N C Das
N C Das