Homoeopathy has the glory of having cured hundreds of cancer cases who have been declared absolutely incurable by orthodox doctors and surgeons. Every able homoeopathic practitioners has effected cures of cancer. Unfortunately homoeopaths receive cancer cases as a rule, only when it is too late to cure them, and when orthodox medicine has done its best, or its worst, with operations, radium, etc.

It is the privilege of Homoeopathy to relieve those unfortunate patients who suffer from incurable diseases. Relief is given by the orthodox doctors, who employ the most effective and most dangerous hypnotics. In case of cancer the orthodox practitioner has little to relieve the patient, except morphia. Thousands of cancer patients receive no treatment. Morphia is used only at the last. This is understandable. Morphia is apt to upset the patient terribly when he comes out of the morphia stupor. Its after effect may be compared to that of an alcoholic debauch.

Homoeopathy has the glory of having cured hundreds of cancer cases who have been declared absolutely incurable by orthodox doctors and surgeons. Every able homoeopathic practitioners has effected cures of cancer. Unfortunately homoeopaths receive cancer cases as a rule, only when it is too late to cure them, and when orthodox medicine has done its best, or its worst, with operations, radium, etc. Happily homoeopathy can give wonderful relief to the incurable.

I would give a few examples of such treatment by homoeopathic and dietetic means.


One of the most horrible diseases existing is cancer of the stomach. Tens of thousands of people die of it every year, and in nearly every case on is told that the sufferer had the habit of taking boiling hot food and especially boiling hot drink. I imagine that at least 90- per cent. of the sufferers from cancer of the stomach have brought the trouble on themselves by the habit of drinking things boiling hot. One can quickly put ones hands through a gas flame without burning them. One can quickly dip the finger into almost boiling water without scalding it. Most people are able to take tea at the temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit while they cannot stand a hotter temperature in the bath than from 105 to 110 degrees.

I ask people who have the habit of taking over-hot liquid to put their finger into the tea which they have just enjoyed. They snatch out the finger in a hurry because otherwise they would burn it. Then I explain to them that there are no pain nerves in the oesophagus, the swallowing tube which leads to the stomach, and in the stomach itself, and that the liquid passes so quickly over the tongue that it has no time to burn it, that repeated scalding of the stomach is apt to lead to the most dreadful of diseases, to cancer of the stomach. I suppose I have saved a large number of people from this disease owing to the lesson which I have given them in my consulting room.

Cancer of the stomach is readily treated by enterprising surgeons. However there are in the United Kingdom probably not ten people who were operated upon for cancer of the stomach and who survived the operation by five years. As a rule the operation seems to lead only to greater suffering. It seems to spread the disease all over the body and the pain in the stomach of people who have not been operated upon seems to me to be less than the dreadful suffering experienced by those who have had an operation on the stomach or who had the whole of the stomach excised.

On October 30th, 1935, I was visited by a Mrs. S. from Swansea who was staying with a friend in London. She had been operated upon for cancer of the stomach on August 3rd of same year, but happily she had been told that she had been operated upon for a gastric ulcer. She had lost a great deal of weight, looked deeply jaundiced, lived on almost nothing, had violent, burning pain relieved by cold drinks which were apt to be vomited when they got warm- a Phosphorus symptom. She felt a considerable nausea and she vomited food readily. Her condition was a deplorable one. She ate what she fancied.

I gave her a diet of barley gruel made with water with mild added, softly boiled unbleached sultanas which had been run through a sieve, rusks with the minimum of butter, extremely weak China tea with increasing quantities of milk and if these foods should be tolerated in the stomach, she was to take basins of brown bread and milk, a beaten up egg, etc. For medicine I gave her Phosphorus 3, a dose every hour or two, and a combination of Nux vomica 1 and Carbo vegetabilis 1x before meals. I gave her Ipecacuanha 3x marked “nausea, 3 as needed” and Colocynthis 3x marked “pain relieved by doubling up, 3 as needed,” and I cheered her up as well as I could.

On November 4th, the friend with whom she stayed wrote to me: “On the whole Mrs. Ss progress has been fairly satisfactory. She has had less pain and vomiting and has been able to take a little more food than formerly.” The next letter dated November 7th, after a weeks treatment, stated: “Mrs. S. has now returned to her own home. Her complexion has distinctly improved and the dark circles round her eyes have diminished considerably. She seems stronger and is more upright and alert in her movements.

She has not vomited at all since last Sunday and has not experienced a great deal of pain. She is always at her best experienced a great deal of pain. She is always at her best from 2 p.m. until bedtime. Since she had been on the diet which you have prescribed, she has no experienced any nausea. There is just one thing which will interest you, and it is that she has resumed her interest in reading. During the week she was here, she not only read the newspaper with interest but was absorbed in reading the Life of Queen Victoria.”.

I was highly gratified by her improvement, but of course very sceptical as regards the ultimate result. However on November 12th, Mrs. S. wrote to me herself from Swansea: “I am very pleased to inform you that I am feeling better and find great benefit from the digestive tablets, Nux Vomica and Carbo vegetabilis combined. I also find great help from the tablets which I take on Wednesday and Saturday night.” On Wednesday nights she had to take Carcinosinum 200, and on Saturday nights Bacillinum 200. There was tuberculosis in her family, and I suspected that cancer was superimposed upon tuberculosis.

I then tried Ornithogalum 3x between meals, a specific for cancer of the stomach, which did her a little good. On November 15th Mrs. S. wrote to me: “The sickness is much better I weighted myself and am 7 stone, having lost 2 st. 4 lbs. since last May. Taking things on the whole, I am better since receiving your treatment, for which I am very grateful, and I hope soon to be able to tell you that I am better still.”.

I gave her every encouragement although her small and totally insufficient intake showed quite clearly to me that she was rapidly going downhill. On November 20th she wrote: “I find the sickness is easing off since starting the treatment. I am not able to et up every day, but do so when I feel able. I like the sieved sultanas very much.” As she was losing weight and as the cancer was obviously rapidly encroaching upon the system, I tired Natrum cacodilicum lx, a dose three times a day, which unfortunately had no noticeable effect.

The patient wrote to me on November 22nd: “I feel rather disappointed. I weighed myself yesterday and find I weigh 6 st. 8 lbs. and lost 6 lbs. in two weeks, the most I have lost in such a short time since first I started losing weight. Could you suggest any reason for it? ” The reason was, of course, quite obvious. However I did not tell her the terrible truth, but replied: “It is perfectly natural that you should lose weight as you have been under-feeding so much for so long. The most important thing now is to increase your intake.” I gave her some suggestions to overcome her dislike for food.

Unfortunately the improvement proved short-lived. At the beginning of December, she was doing badly, and very soon the end came. However, I have the very slight satisfaction of knowing that during the first two two or three weeks, there was distinct improvement in her condition. In at least 90 per cent. of the cancer cases, and even in the worst cases, such as that of Mrs.S., one can produce some improvement by putting patients on a fleshless and fishless diet, keeping their bowels open and giving them the indicated homoeopathic medicines.


On February 7th, 1936, I received a letter from a Mr. W. J.s. of Exeter, in which he told me that his wife had undergone a considerable number of searching treatments, operations, etc., and that an X-ray had revealed the existence of a sarcoma in the left lung and on the ribs adjoining it. He had been told by the doctors that the condition of his wife was hopeless, and that she might live for two months with rapidly decreasing strength. Happily the woman did not know that she had a sarcoma, and believed that she merely suffered from osteo-arthritis. I sent her, provisionally, some advice and medicines, and then received a letter from the wife herself She wrote:.

“I am 52, and have three children aged 22, 19 and 13. A year before the last baby was born I had a miscarriage, and have had something the matter ever since. In 1924 I went into hospital and had the womb (which had dropped) fixed up, followed by curetting. After that I had very bad sick headaches and attacks of pain in the right side and up under the shoulder, which the doctor said was the result of gall-stones. So in 1927 I again went into hospital and had the gall-bladder removed and also the appendix. It was slow progress the next few years. Then I seemed to pick up and be better, until the monthly periods stopped in July, 1932.

“In April, 1933, I had a bad attack of sciatica, which lasted six weeks and then I got better. In October of the same year I had another attack, and after medicines, rubbing in oils, injections into the sciatic nerve and spine, followed later by radiant heat and massage, I gradually got worse. In August, 1934, I had an examination under an anaesthetic, by X-ray, which revealed the destruction of the ilium, and the femur was penetrating the acetabulum. Since then I have been in hospital four times for deep X-ray treatment, and I seemed to benefit wonderfully.

“The doctor said the bone had filled in nicely and I began to walk a little. Then the trouble went to the right shoulder and I have had treatment for that, but this has made me low and anaemic, and unfit for further X-ray treatment at present. Since waiting to get stronger the pain has returned in the hip and across the back, and also in the shoulder, and I feel that if something is not done, I shall be as bad as ever.

I manage to get about the house, but cannot walk out. I am taking Estons Syrup, three times a day, a glass of sherry twice a day, and am to have underdone liver and steak for dinner. My appetite is poor. Slippery Elm Food, which is my supper ever night, suits me best of all. I have bread an butter and one cup of tea for breakfast and tea. When the pain is severe I take Empirin tablets. My doctor says I am suffering from osteo-arthritis in the pelvis.”.

The poor woman had been ill-treated for years, with operations, mostly unnecessary, and with dangerous medicines, which had naturally undermined her health and cines, which had naturally undermined her health and constitution. Then she was given various stimulants, such as wine, liver for her anaemia, Eastons Syrup. No one ever thought of inquiring into her diet, bowel action, etc. These things seem of no important to the average prescriber.

I saw Mrs. W. J.S. on March 4th, 1936, and I was horrified by her appearance. She was worn out, deeply jaundiced, could scarcely move, and gave the impression of the greatest internal foulness, which had never been treated by any of the doctors who had attended to her for irritable, had much gas in the stomach, foul smelling urine, perspired little, had dreams of falling, which hosed that she had vaccinal poisoning, which was probably at the bottom of her troubles, she was very anaemic, and the anaemia had, of course, been increased by the foolish deep ray treatment, which has never cured a case of cancer or sarcoma, but has only driven the disease all over the body. She lived chiefly on tea, sherry, liver, milk puddings, a ghastly combination.

She was ordered to leave out flesh, fish, fowl, and everything made of them, coffee, strong tea, white flour and white sugar in every form, and she was not to use aluminium cooking utensils. She was to take nine heaped tablespoonfuls of broad bran daily, a superabundance of liquid, two eggs, two ounces of mild grated cheese, two pints of milk, a superabundance of vegetables, potatoes, raw fruit, salads, etc., and she was to increase her intake gradually and cautiously towards the ideal consumption per day.

As regards medicines, I gave her Sulphur 3x for blood clearing and perspiration, three to the taken first and last thing, a combination of Nux vomica and Carbo vegetabilis thing, a combination of Nux vomica and Carbo vegetabilis for digestion and irritability, two tablets to the taken before meals. She was to take Symphytum. Ruta grav. and and Eupatorium for bone pain, and was to change every three days from one to the other, finding out which suited her best. As there was a tuberculous inheritance in her family, I gave her Tuberculinum bovinum in the 200th potency, to be taken last thing on Sunday night. As she did not perspire I told her to get a Turkish bath cabinet, and take occasional Turkish baths.

These were the directions sent to her on March 4th. Naturally, I had very little hope that this desperate case would improve. After a few days the Sulphur was replaced by Thuja 30, to be taken first and last thing, as a vaccination antidote, and she was given, between meals, Chelidonium, ten drops to be taken in water. This is a wonderful lover remedy, particularly when there is pain under the right shoulder blade. On March 20th, after a fortnights treatment, she wrote, to my delight:.

“I am pleased to report that there is some improvement this week. The pain under the right shoulder blade is much less, and has only flared up when I took the No. 1 bone pain pills. Last Friday night I had my first Turkish bath, and on Saturday thought my breathing seemed better, but my chest seems to be tightening up again, and I have a short spasmodic cough, a dry one, it seems to be irritated by the throat, which is difficult to clear as the spot is too low down. The bowels are still working well, twice a day, and the motion is still dark brown. All here think I am looking a better colour, and next week I hope to give a better report still.”.

I changed back to Sulphur night and morning, and in view of the chest constriction, gave her Cactus grandiflorus 1x, three pilules to be taken as needed, and Causticum 3x, for cough low down in the throat, three to be taken as needed.

Her next report came on March 29th. She wrote: “I am glad to report that the progress made last week has been maintained. The cough is a little less, through still persistent, and the breathing is still bad. Any exertion makes me puff, and if I stoop down, it is worse than ever. The Turkish baths are a great delight, I have one twice a week, and have felt better after every one”.

The poor woman, though doomed by the doctors and specialist, had the happiness of experiencing for the first time for years, real improvement, although she was not given any surgical or ray treatment, nor was she given powerful and dangerous medicines in large doses. Her next report, dated April 6th, delighted me. She wrote:.

“I have been comparing my present condition to what it was a month ago, when you took me in hand, and I am very pleased and thankful to say that there has been steady progress. The bone pains are less and I can move about better. The breathing is easier, and the cough nearly gone. Also the indigestion, though still very touchy, has improved. I feel brighter, and have a great desire to get well. A month ago I had almost given up hope.”.

I had cheered her up, for sympathy and hope are the best medicines for the suffer. On April 13th came another letter, in which Mrs. W.J.S. stated:.

“I do not seem to be getting on quite so well this week. My digestive organs have not got over the sick turn I had early last week. The pain in the left his is better, but rather wore in the back and right hip, and the right shoulder is very painful.

Obviously there was a set-back. However, one must not be discouraged if “incurable” patients and others have a set-back. I wrote to her cheerfully that set-backs were only natural, considering the great improvement she had experienced, and on April 23rd came a letter which made me very happy. She wrote:.

“I am glad to be able to send you a better report this week. My general condition is much better, and there is less pain in hip and shoulder. I went out for my first little walk on Sunday, since I came to see you. It took me half an hour to do a quarter of an hours distance, but I was encouraged, as I have not walked that distance for nearly three years. I ached rather much for hours after, but it was worth it.

The poor lady behaved like a convalescent, and experienced all the joys of convalescence. On April 30th she wrote:.

“I am glad to report an improvement in digestion and also headache. The bone pains have been rather bad across the bottom of my back, also in the shoulder, but generally I feel much better.”.

I gave her Sulphur 6x for blood clearing and perspiration, and Eupatorium 1x for the bone pain, which apparently did her much good. On May 10th she wrote:.

“I am very pleased to report good progress this week. I am feeling much better in myself, digestion is much improved, and I am quite enjoying my food. The headaches have been much better, and soon pass off, after taking the Glonoine pills. I have noticed my head aches in the night when I lie on my back, and when I turn left to right or vice versa, it grates and cricks just like my knees.

So I am trying gentle exercise for that now. The skin is reacting beautifully. Perspiring starts five minutes after entering the Turkish bath. It used to take fifteen minutes when I first started the baths. Also I perspire when I do things about the house. I had my second walk last evening, and walked for half an hour, had a restless night, but am no wore to-day. I am so grateful to your for all you are doing. Everyone says how much better I look.”.

The poor woman had been declared absolutely incurable by doctors and specialists, and was given two months to live, at the outside, and she had enjoyed four or five happy months, with constant improvement, alternated with occasional set-backs. Her improvement was not so striking as to give me any confidence in the ultimate result. However there was considerable progress for some time. On June 7th Mrs. S. wrote:.

“I am glad to report that I am still feeling better in myself. My appetite is better and I begin to want every meal. The bone pain has been about the same, and is still troublesome at night, and the back is sore to lie on, but I can walk better. I still have two Turkish baths each week, and feel that they help much.”.

I had inspired her to such an extent with hope and confidence that tool philosophically and cheerfully every set-back and every pain. She wrote to me on June 16th:.

“I do not seem to have made much progress this week. The ache in the bottom of my back has been worse than for several weeks, and I am having a yellow discharge from the front passage (this was a disturbing symptoms). The ache is only relieved by lying down and it makes me feel very limp and listless. The hips are not so sore to lie on as when I wrote last. I hope to give a better report next week. You have done so much for me already, and I am grateful.”.

On June 28th she complained again about the pain in the back:.

“I am pleased to report that the pain in the back is less than last week, but still gets bad if I am on my feet for long. The discharge is about the same. My general health is much better, and the ache in the pelvis is much better, so that I can sit more comfortably.”.

J. Ellis Barker
James Ellis Barker 1870 – 1948 was a Jewish German lay homeopath, born in Cologne in Germany. He settled in Britain to become the editor of The Homeopathic World in 1931 (which he later renamed as Heal Thyself) for sixteen years, and he wrote a great deal about homeopathy during this time.

James Ellis Barker wrote a very large number of books, both under the name James Ellis Barker and under his real German name Otto Julius Eltzbacher, The Truth about Homœopathy; Rough Notes on Remedies with William Murray; Chronic Constipation; The Story of My Eyes; Miracles Of Healing and How They are Done; Good Health and Happiness; New Lives for Old: How to Cure the Incurable; My Testament of Healing; Cancer, the Surgeon and the Researcher; Cancer, how it is Caused, how it Can be Prevented with a foreward by William Arbuthnot Lane; Cancer and the Black Man etc.