The symptoms of meningismus are those which are wont to be associated with the various acute meningismus. These are so familiar that it should be unnecessary for them to be discussed in detail. Suffice it to say that any or all the symptoms of true meningitis may be present in meningismus, though in general there are less apt to be focal symptoms in the latter.


The lady told me that about forty years previously, after child- birth, there was considerable sagging of the abdominal organs, and that ever since she had been terribly constipated. She produced, as a rule, a single motion a week, by means of a strong soap enema. One one day a week she had an artificially produced motion, and for six days she was constipated and absorbed the foulest putrefactive material from her bowel.


Coffee and chamomilla are the principal remedies for sleeplessness of children. Both have mental irritability and both are useful during dentition. Green diarrhoea; one cheek red and hot while the other pale and cold; and relief from carrying the child to and fro are the characteristics of Chamomilla while skin affections and sleeplessness from itching skin determine the choice of Coffea.


Organic potassium is a powerful neutralizer. It is a powerful flushing agent, hence it is good for constipation and as an improver of circulation. Potassium is one of the minerals present in blood plasma as well as all tissues. Clarke, in his Dictionary of the Materia Medica, states, “Kalis, in general, cause great disturbance in the circulation of fluids in the tissues.” The organic compounds are also good for pelvic disorders.


Homoeopathy has the glory of having cured hundreds of cancer cases who have been declared absolutely incurable by orthodox doctors and surgeons. Every able homoeopathic practitioners has effected cures of cancer. Unfortunately homoeopaths receive cancer cases as a rule, only when it is too late to cure them, and when orthodox medicine has done its best, or its worst, with operations, radium, etc.


Allopathic literature is now admitting that quinine only suppresses the attacks. The malarial Parasites in peripheral blood are only a phase of the malarial cycle. The parent germs are somewhere in the liver and as yet no medicine has been discovered against it. I have told these results to my allopathic friends, but these people only “fold their eyes and plug their ears” and say it was mere coincidence.


Headache every morning on awaking or after dinner of else on every change of weather. Pulsating, beating headache with heat on head, especially on vertex, or on right side or over eyes preceding a cold in head with stiffness in neck. Unilateral headache, creeping, gradually toward left side, until it makes a complete journey around head. Unilateral temporal pain with palpitation.