Headache every morning on awaking or after dinner of else on every change of weather. Pulsating, beating headache with heat on head, especially on vertex, or on right side or over eyes preceding a cold in head with stiffness in neck. Unilateral headache, creeping, gradually toward left side, until it makes a complete journey around head. Unilateral temporal pain with palpitation.


Stiff neck.

Cannot think or fix attention.

Listless and stupid.


Face red.

Speech thick.

Thought slow.

Pulse full, round and seems to flow under the fingers like a current of water.

Double vision.

Staggering as if drink when trying to move.

Roaring in ears.

Head feels enlarged.

Cold sweat.

Cold feet.

Back part of head seems to have a spot four inches square that is turning to ice.

Pulsation of carotids.

Pain in limbs.

Occiput feels numb.

Passive congestion.

Dullness of all mental faculties.

Excessive irritability of body and mind.

Difficulty to open eyes or to keep them open.

Dilatation of the pupil, amaurotic diplopia.

Blindness, dimness of sight.

Feeling of emptiness and weakness in stomach and bowels.

Diarrhoea from exciting emotions, sometimes involuntary.

Dysmenorrhoea of a neuralgic or spasmodic involuntary.

Dysmenorrhoea of a neuralgic or spasmodic character.

Feeling as if the heart would stop beating if she did nor move about.

Symptoms: Headache; neuralgic, pain beginning in upper cervical portion of spine; vertebra prominens sensitive; extending over whole head, causing bursting pain in forehead and eyeballs; worse at 10 A.M. when lying, with nausea, vomiting, cold sweat and cold feet with cramp-like drawing, tearing pains in upper cervical and occiput regions, extending upward and forward worse from exertion or study, of a remittent or intermittent character; excruciating, accompanied by slight nausea; from emotional excitement.

Heavy feeling of head; band-feeling around and occipital headache.

Dull heavy ache, with heaviness of eyelids; bruised sensation, better compression and lying with head high.

Pain in temple extending into ear and wing of nose, chin.

Headache with muscular soreness of neck and shoulders.

Headache preceded by blindness, better profuse urination.

Scalp sore to touch; wants to have head raised on a pillow.

Dull, tired, prostrating headache at base of brain; wants head high; sometimes better by profuse urination.

The most characteristic headache of Gelsemium is a dull tired headache at the base of brain.

The patient wants to lie with head raised upon a high pillow and lie perfectly still.

It is worse by mental labour, smoking tobacco, lying with head low and in the heat of the sun.

It is worse by mental labour, smoking, tobacco, lying with head low and in the heat of the sun.

It is temporarily better by pressure and stimulants.

Such headaches often follow a debauch.

Sometimes we have a headache from passive congestion; then the pain begins in the occiput and spreads all over head.

The headache is relieved by a profuse flow of urine.

Gelsemium has another sick headache that is preceded blindness.

As the head begins to ache the blindness disappears.

The sick headache of this remedy is not accompanied by much nausea and vomiting.

The headache begins in the nape of neck, passes up over the head and settles down over the eyes.

It is usually worse in the morning and is accompanied by stiff neck or it begins at 2 or 3 A.M. and reached its acme in the afternoon.

The patient cannot think effectively or fix his attention.

He becomes listless and stupid; he has dizziness with blurred sight and heaviness of the head.

These symptoms are alleviated by the discharge of watery looking urine.

The face is a suffused red colour.

The eyes grow heavy and blood shot.

There is great difficult in lifting the upper lids; often, too, the speech is thick, as the tongue were un-widely.

Altogether the face has the appearance of one under the influence of liquor.

Thought is slow so that the patient answers questions either slowly or imperfectly.

This condition is accompanied by a pulse which is full and round and seems to flow under the fingers like a current of water.

Not infrequently the headache is preceded by blindness as under Psorinum.

A headache which is associated with a feeling as though there were a band around the head or across the forehead.

Headache with soreness of the eyes on moving them.

Commences with dimness of sight and double vision, vertigo, heaviness or lightness of head; wild feelings alternating with uterine pains, worse about 10 A.M. and when lying down, better from shaking head, from sitting and reclining head on high pillow, from profuse emission of urine; sun-headache.

Patient finds himself getting blind before headache, roaring in ears, hates to speak or to be spoken to during the headaches.


Type: Catarrhal. Gastric. Rheumatism Nervous. Migraine.

Location: Forehead. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eye brows. Above left eye.

Character of pain: Burning, bursting, cutting, darting, stabbing, pressing, stitching, shooting, sore, bruised, tearing, throbbing, pricking, stinging.

Causes: Suppressed catarrh; gastric irritation.

Extension: forehead, face, occiput, vertex, back.

Aggravation: Morning; morning on waking; 5 A.M. noon; evening; cold air; taking cold; suppressed coryza; coughing; after dinner; lying on painful side; during menses; motion; noise; after sleep; in a small spot; stooping; touch; walking in open air.

Amelioration: Evening; open air; cold application; after eating; epistaxis; leaning against something; lying down; light; external pressure; tea.

Attending Symptoms” Blindness.

Aversion to light, to noise.

Face blotched and bloated and covered with pimples or acne.

Whites of the eyes are yellow.

Tongue is thick and broad.

Nausea, eructation and vomiting.


Flabby persons with light hair, and blue eyes.

Persons subject to catarrhs of mucus surfaces.

Symptoms: Supra-orbital headache.

It may be periodical in its return but is particularly excited by gastric irritation.

Although it is neuralgic in character, it is reflex from gastric irritation.

The patient is affected with blindness, more or less marked, objects become obscured and less distinct, the headache then begins.

It is violent, and is attended by aversion to light and to noise and the sight returns as the headache grows worse.

With this headache the face is apt to be blotched and covered with pimples or acne.

It is shallow and yellowish as if the patient were bilious.

The whites of the eyes are yellow and little puffed.

The tongue is thick and broad and scalloped on its edges as though it taken the imprint of the teeth.

Pains appear in small spots which can be covered by a silver dollar or the point of a finger, especially in the sick headache which is preceded by blindness.

Pain appears and disappears suddenly.

Pains fly from one place to another.

Blindness followed by violent headache which comes with the sun, must lie down, aversion to light and noise; sight returns with the increasing headache.

In the morning when awaking, pain in the forehead and vertex, later extends to the back of the head.

Soon after dinner a dull heavy throbbing above the eyes, as if the head would burst, relieved by lying or pressing the head against anything or in the open air, worse stooping or moving about, often caused by the suppression of a chronic catarrh.

Violent pricking, stinging pain from root of nose extending over orbital arch to external angle of the eyes, with obscuration of sight as if scales were before eyes, beginning in the morning, increases at noon and disappears towards evening.

Headache comes and goes with the sun.

Complete obscuration of sight is followed by violent headache, compelling one to lie down with great aversion to light and noise.

The sight returns with the increasing headache.

Headache from suppressed discharge from the nose.

Headache; violent shooting pain from root of nose along left orbital ridge to extreme angle of eyes; with dim sight, as if a scale were over eye; begins in morning increases till noon, and ceases towards evening, frontal usually over one eye; neuralgic, confined to a small spot, with dimness of sight; burning with vertigo, during which all objects, seem to be enveloped in a yellow mist.

Type: Catarrhal, Neuralgic. Uterine. Gastric. Rheumatic. Congestive. Menstrual. Migraine. Hysterical.

Location: Forehead. Occiput. Temples. Vertex. Brain. One side of head. Left side of head. Right side of head. Over eyes. Over left eye. Over right eye.

Character of pain: Boring digging, bursting, crushing, cutting, drawing, dull, jerking, pressing, shooting, sore bruised, stitching, stunning, tearing, pulsation, beating, throbbing.

Causes: Heat of sun; intellectual labour; malaria; abuse of quinine; suppressed catarrh; fasting; depressing emotions especially loud grief; mental or bodily exhaustion; zymotic diseases.

Extension: Ears, Eyes, neck, nose, teeth, occiput, root of nose, shoulders, forehead.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; morning on waking; forenoon; after noon; evening; night; before midnight; cold air; open air; loss of animal fluid; ascending steps; during climaxis; closing eyes; coffee; from becoming cold; from taking cold; while constipated; suppressed catarrh; coughing; pressure of hat; jar; looking upward; lying; before menses; at the commencement of menses; during menses; after menses; mental exertion; motion; moving head; abuse of narcotics; noise; odor of coffee; every day; external pressure; raising head; reading; riding in a carriage; sexual excesses; excessive pollutions; sitting; after sleep; spirituous liquor; in a spot; stepping heavily; pressing at stool stooping; exposure to sun; walking; changes of weather; damp cold weather; wine; wrapping up head.

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