Notes On Borax Veneta

Notes On Borax Veneta.
Sparhawk S H


This is one of the “smaller” remedies as compared with some of th…

This is one of the “smaller” remedies as compared with some of the polychrests; but, nevertheless, possesses an individuality which distinguishes it from all others in its grand characteristic modality-worse from downward motion-which seems to manifest itself as a “general” in all its parts. The cause of this modality is probably cerebral anaemia, and the downward motion makes them feel as if they were going to fall.

It has been much used and abused as a domestic remedy for aphthous sore mouth, canker and the like; as a wash for the mouth, and as facilitating the labor pains of parturient women.

Mentally it shows great anxiety and fear: worse by downward motion, and violent fright at a shot or other sudden, loud, unexpected noise as of thunder, etc., and greatly benefits children who manifest over-great, unnatural fear of thunder, gunshot reports and the like. It has nausea from overuse of the mind; better by rest for a while, only to recur when the mental effort is repeated.

Its pronounced action on the mucous tract is shown by the aphthous condition throughout the body wherever a mucous membrane can be found.

Chilliness of the whole body, and particularly of the back is quite a marked symptom, without thirst; and the symptoms appearing latest in the proving seem to yield most readily to the remedy in a high potency.

Catarrhal inflammation of the eyes, with nightly agglutination. Inflammation of eyes caused by ingrowing of eye- lashes, when other symptoms agree, these symptoms appearing after six weeks in the proving.

The catarrhal symptoms of nose and throat are quite prominent in Borax. Discharge whitish, mucous, profuse; fluent coryza, with much crawling in nose; discharge of much greenish mucus from nose which is thick and difficult to dislodge; dry crust in nose, reform if removed; obstruction of r. nostril, with constant inclination to blow the nose; alternate obstruction of nose. first r., then l., as changed sides of lying with lachrymation; red and shining swelling of tip of nose, with throbbing and pressed sensation. Tough, whitish mucus in throat adhering like glue, and difficult to dislodge; palate wrinkled as though burnt; worse swallowing and chewing.

Is indicated in painful erysipelas of l. side of face, while Bell. attacks the r. side or whole face in a similar way.

In teething of children with swelling of one cheek, with drawing and tearing in upper and lower jawbone, and sensations of threatening pain, and in teeth, as if too long-symptoms appeared after 40 days in proving. In “nursing sore mouth” and aphthous condition of nursing infants, both in mouth, stomach, bladder, intestines, or all combined, when the constitutional symptoms agree, it is the grand panacea, and a single dose of borax to the mother in suitable potency will not only cure her “nursing sore mouth,” but will restore order to the infant as well. The diarrhoea which almost invariably follows the aphthous condition in infants is preceded by colic, and stools are green and always contain mucous; thus showing its decided action on the mucous tract.

Borax has stitching pains in r. chest similar to those of Bryonia, and suitable for intercostal neuralgia of r. chest, and may sometimes be used with good results in phthisis, when the long continued cough brings on this kind of pain in r. chest, and other symptoms agree.

The baby screams before micturition is quite common with Borax; the urine is hot and has pungent odor, and due to an inflammation of the lining membrane; but should not be confounded with gravel of infants showing practically the same symptom, but would require Sarsaparilla, Lyc., or some other remedy suitable for that condition, as indicated by totality of case.

Some remarkable remedial powers are displayed by Borax in diseases of the sexual organs of women particularly in membranous dysmenorrhoea; when the patient is excitable and nervous, with dread of downward motion, severe pains before or during menses, sharp, stabbing in back and groins, with bearing-down, labor-like pains attended with moderate flow, but continuous pains, until the membrane is thrown off with some relief. Also in profuse, albuminous leucorrhoea, either bland or acid, preceding or following menses; if characteristic constitutional symptoms are present, it will show wonderful curative results.

In the stinging pains in corns; worse rainy weather and better by pressure, it acts very kindly.

Marasmus of infants offers a fertile field for the action of Borax; they can not digest their food; hence starvation winks at them with its off eye- skin sallow, wrinkled, hanging in folds, face looking like an old mans aphthae extending from mouth to anus, with offensive diarrhoea of greenish mucous and water; wants to be eating all the time, to vomit soon afterwards, crying or whining and moaning most of time, so hungry, and nothing satisfies; when asleep, if attempts to lay it down, it wakes with a scream and throwing up of hands, over-sensitive to least noise, easily started, etc.

A child answering the above description was brought to me several years since. She weighed 7 pounds at birth, and then appeared like a plump, healthy child; but marasmus overtook her, and she was brought to me after six months of “scientific” allopathic treatment, weighing 4 pounds only, with a prognosis of hopelessness. The case looked hopeless enough, surely; but I told the parents-who were very young, poor and in experienced-that I could not promise to cure the baby; but that I had seen similar cases recover, and possibly this one might.

She received then and there a single dose of Borax c. m. on her tongue, with a restriction of quantity of food given at a meal, and fed at as exact regular intervals as possible, adding 2 drops Bovinine to each feed, gradually increasing as her stomach would bear it. Suffice to say the better was immediate, and continued until in six months from date of prescription she was the largest healthiest appearing one of the eight babies of practically the same age in their country neighborhood and has grown to be a strong, healthy girl.

My compensation for making the cure (aside from remorse of conscience, of course) was similar to the Irishmans who bought up a lot of hogs in early days, and, for want of better transportation, drove them to market and sold them for just the purchase price. On being interrogated as to how much he made in the operation, replied that he got the travel out of the best.

The skin of Borax subjects is very loath to heal; scratches and slight wounds fester and suppurate; sensations of cobwebs on face and hands.

Particularly adapted to blondes. Antidoted by Chamomilla and Coffea. Inimical to vinegar and wine.

Related remedies; Bryonia,3 Calc-c4, Lycop3, Merc-sol.3., Nux-v.3, Sepia3, Sulph.3.

S H Sparhawk