On another occasion we derived immense benefit from this remedy. In 1933, a gentleman after trying other systems of treatment came to my hand for a kind of Dermatitis. He was 40 and had been enjoying good health all along save and except constipations, which used to give him much trouble occasionally. The eruptions very closely appeared on the neck, back and on the buttock.


At the very outset I admit my incapacity to present you with anything new or any sensational discovery which may open up a new channel of research. The subject-matter of my discourse today is a remedy of our Materia Medica, which I think may be of interest to you. My intention of bringing the matter before you is to gain the weight of your knowledge and experience in exchange for my humble study. I crave your indulgence freely for my many shortcomings in this connection.

Just after the discovery of X-rays in 1896 by Prof. Roentgen, Prof. Henry Becquerel, a French Scientist observed in course of his careful investigations carried out in his laboratory with pitch-blend that uranium. Thorium, Actinium and other elements of the same group are capable of producing a powerful penetrating ray. Radium though belonged to the same group was not then within the purview of human knowledge.

The discovery of Roentgen rays filled the scientific world with great enthusiasm and gave an impetus to every scientist of the time to probe into the domain of Nature so as to present the world with something new and astounding and as a result vigorous experiments conducted in the laboratories of Industrial School of Physics and Chemistry in France by Prof. Curie and his famous consort Madam Curie led to the discovery of Radium in 1902.

The curative properties of the metals like Gold, Silver, Iron, Mercury etc. when used as medicines are well-known. Radium is an element of rarity and hence it is very costly. It has been found to possess an extra- ordinary power to tackle with the dreadful diseases like Cancer and other malignant growths.

The penetrating capacities of Roentgen rays are so well-known now-a-days that it needs no introduction. Radium is equally perhaps more powerful than the former in its scorching rays. The discovery of this wonderful element brought about a great sensation both in the scientific and medical worlds. Series of experiments by eminent physicians of the time revealed that it is the most poignant weapon to fight with the malignant diseases referred to above.

Radium in the hands of scientists was proved to be an element possessing the power of emitting three types of rays viz. Alpha, Beta and Gumma rays of which the latter is the sharpest and is quite capable of penetrating a solid substance, the second and the third are only feeble rays. The Gumma rays when applied to the tumour or cancerous growths are said to penetrate into the ulcers and come into contact with the deeper stratum inside and thereby help a great deal towards cure.

The feeble Alpha and Beta rays fail to enter into the deeper layers and act in the tissues lying slightly below the surface of the sore. Sometimes by the constant application of these rays the destruction of the tissues are noticed.

The chief feature of these rays are, as already described, to send forth their waves into the inner parts of the ulcer without touching either the external parts or the flesh amassed outside. It is found to lessen the depth and decrease the size of the ulcer and to establish the normal order by healing up the dead or almost dead tissues, but where the ulcer seems to be very deep and the destruction of the sebaceous glands are noticed the rays absolutely prove to be useless.

It has been found out that Radium not only irritates the skin but also burn the portion if it is worn just on the skin. The following statement of Madam Curie explains how it affects the skin.

I have read with much interest the reports of cure effected with Radium of Lupus and other skin diseases, Polypus, tumours benign and malignant and also of the much dreaded cancers I have no personal experience as to how the cure takes place but I know it is quite capable of burning ones skin. For the sake of experiments I wore a piece of Radium metal tied in a sheet of rubber on my hand.

Ten hours after I found that the portion of the skin which came in contact with this metal was totally burnt and was giving much pain. The ulcer which resulted from this burning gave me trouble for nearly four months. Equal results were obtained from similar experiments in future.

Dr. Ruze furnished us with the results of his experiments on lower animals with Radium in 1904. He put a piece of the metal in a glass tube and kept it fastened on the head of a rat. Within a very short time the portion became paralyzed and as a result of which it died. Experiments of similar nature were conducted by Dr. Ruze and similar events took place. He found among other things that the eyes of these animals turned deep red and tearful in consequence of the great burning pain. Experiments were made with various plants and trees with similar results.

Before the discovery of Radium outward application of Roentgen and ultra-violet rays on various types of skin diseases and cancer, carcinoma etc. was in vogue but Radium inspite of its high price has been extensively used in the afore-said cases. but this external use of Radium is of very little interest to us.

We, Homoeopaths attach more importance to the internal use of any medicine than its external application.

The following symptoms were recorded of the proving of Radium in accordance with the principles of Homoeopathy.

Mind- Fearfulness, despondent, fear to remain in darkness, great desire to mix with the society, feeling tired, excited.

Head- Vertigo, feeling pain on the occiput, relieved on lying down, pain extending from right eye-brows upto the skull all pains relieved from open air, heaviness of the head, throbbing it the eyes and temples, itching and tickling sensations inside the nostrils, sometimes feeling of dryness there.

Mouth- Dryness in the mouth, no taste, painfulness of the tongue, pain and burning sensation towards the end of the tongue.

Stomach- Empty feeling, heat internally, aversion to sweets, nausea, empty eructations, feeling of pain in the abdomen, burning sensation, rumbling, sometimes constipation and again diarrhoea, loss of appetite and feeling of heaviness.

Female sexual organs- Delayed and irregular menses, pain on the right breast.

Respiration- Constant cough, tickling sensation in the throat- pit, dryness and pain there, pain on the back and neck, aching pain here and there relieved by walking.

Extremities- Feeling of bruised pain all over the limbs, especially on the joints, swelling of joints, thigh, heel, shoulder blades, hands, legs even fingers and toes are extremely painful, aggravation at night.

Skin- Small pimples, scabies which appear confluently and round in shape, skin red, inflamed and swollen, itches all over the body with extreme burning pain.

Fever- Chilly internally but feeling hot externally, trembling, distension of abdomen, liquid motion, amelioration from open air, movement, bathing with tepid water, lying down, from pressure but aggravated on rising from sitting posture.

It is complemented by Roentgen rays, Rhus Tox, Sepia, Arsenicum, Pulsatilla and Causticum and antidoted by Rhus Ven and Tellurium.

It was found to affect the skin, in fact different varieties of skin diseases were noticed during the proving.

In 1906 a physician in England was attacked with a type of skin disease viz Impetigo and placed himself under the treatment of Dr. Clarke. The eruptions first appeared on his arms but shortly after an extension was noticed all over his body. The learned Doctor first prescribed Athiops Antimonium, which for the time being gave him some relief. He afterwards tried Urtica Urens, Croton Tig, Copaiva, Antipyrin but without any effect. The eruptions rather very closely appeared.

There were no symptoms worth mentioning excepting that aggravation was noticed during evening and at night. Dr. Clarke afterwards placed him under Radium 30th and the cure took place in course of three to four weeks. Thus he used to get much benefit from Radium in various types of skin affections on many occasions.

We sometimes got brilliant results from this remedy in various affections of the skin. We remember to have excellent results in a case of Eczema on the right heel of a boy. He was aged five years and tried many external applications but failed to receive any benefit. According to the symptom totality we tried Sulphur. Mezereum. Graphites but with little effect. Several doses of Radium 30th set him right in course of a month.

On another occasion we derived immense benefit from this remedy. In 1933, a gentleman after trying other systems of treatment came to my hand for a kind of Dermatitis. He was 40 and had been enjoying good health all along save and except constipations, which used to give him much trouble occasionally. The eruptions very closely appeared on the neck, back and on the buttock.

Itching was intense, so much so that his wearing apparel and bed cloths were full of blood prints. He liked cold in general and occasionally had burning sensation on his palms, feet and eyes. Sulphur, Rhus Ven, Croton Tig, Gunpowder were of no avail to him but Radium 30th at last removed all his troubles.

In Rheumatism it acts like Rhus tox and bears the similar modalities, but where the affection is noticed on the muscles or tendons Rhus Tox has the greater hold but in the affection of the synovial membrane and the surrounding tissues. Radium more quickly brings about its action than the former remedy. In the inflammation of the smaller joints of the fingers and toes and specially of the ends of the great toes and also of the wrist in a word it acts marvellously in gout.

Besides it has the action on the kidney. Some of the provers mentioned that it had increased uric acid in urine and Albumen and casts are also noticed in the same.

Dr. Cardozo has written that once he was invited to undertake the treatment of an infant, all hopes of his recovery was given up by the former physicians. The infant had been swollen in such a manner that it is hardly possible to recognise him and a watery secretion was noticed to ooze out from several places of the broken skin. He passed no stools or urine for the last eighteen hours and was lying in an unconscious state. The learned doctor at first gave him Apis mel in the 3rd potency, the child showed signs of improvement the next day.

After waiting another 24 hours he prescribed Merc. Cor. on the symptoms-totality, good results ensued in course of six or seven days and the infant began his normal life but the examination of his urine revealed the presence of Albumen in addition to the slight trouble of voiding the bladder. A few doses of Radium in the 36th potency completed the cure and restored his normal health.

The experts assert that there are various kinds of cancer. Some sorts of skin diseases are often mistaken for cancer. According to some, real cancer hardly yields to any medicament, but this does not hold good.

We, homoeopaths, know it a certain however dreadful this disease may be it is nothing but a symptom, an external manifestation of the internal self. The explosion may be attributed to the latent psora or the source may be accounted for latent syphilis or sycosis.

Cure of a single case of cancer with Radium was so far possible in our hands. Dr. Clarke of England reported many cases of cancer with Radium. Much benefit was also obtained by him in the nasal catarrh. Dr. Pixley of Massachusetts in America wrote in Homoeopathic Recorder in 1907 that Radium in the 6x potency gives good results in cancer, especially where the oozing of blood is noticed from the ulcer of the cancer. It stops the oozing, and relieve the pain and heal up the sore.

Dr. Clarke of England also confirmed his statement and added that it has the extraordinary power to stop bleeding but it is difficult to ascertain the potency which will prove curative in this respect, experience will teach this. The account of a cure by Dr. Clarke of the afore-said type is given below.

The patient was a girl of 20, she had been suffering from a kind of skin disease while she was fifteen, which did not yield to any treatment. During her infancy she had several attacks of measles, once whooping cough, and once chickenpox. She was never vaccinated. Marked redness of her nose and the parts around it was noticed and often a burning sensation and itching were felt and she occasionally fell prey to epistaxis, blue coloured and tough phlegm used to rush out when she blew the nose.

The redness used to increase especially after meals. Over and above this she used to feel an excruciating pain in and around her ovaries and on her lower extremities just one week before her menses commenced. These troubles used to increase in the winter season. The learned doctor first prescribed Carcinosin in 100th. potency but this proved insufficient and Radium in 30th potency effected a cure.

Dr. Max Iyrehorn reported that good results are obtained from the use of Radium in the cancer of the throat-pit. In such cases his practice was to put a piece of Radium in a bag of rubber and keep it in the throat pit for half or utmost an hour. According to him much benefit was obtained from it.

We derived immense benefit in the inflammation of glands in different localities of the body.

The following records are clear proofs of its efficacy in the inflammation of glands.

Mr. S. C. Das had been suffering from slow fever, headache, aching of extremities, burning of eyes with inflammation of a chain of glands in the neck with severe pain. No benefit from other systems of treatment was obtained. He placed himself under the treatment of the late Dr. Chunilal Mukherjee of Uttarpura and later under Dr. Bijoy Sinha, a veteran Homoeopath of Calcutta. At the time of treatment nearly all the glands of his body were inflamed and the disease was diagnosed as “Hodge-kin disease”.

He derived much benefit in his hands but owing to the prolonged absence of Dr. Bijoy Sinha from Calcutta, he was placed under my treatment. According to symptoms I gave him Ars. Iod. Baryta carb, and Calc. carb. These remedies gave good results but as two or three glands did not assume their normal shapes and were giving him much pain he was given a few doses of Radium in the 30th potency at the suggestion of Dr. K.L. Sen.

Cure of a case of Scrofula was possible in my hands with this remedy after failure of the remedies like Merc. P. Iod. Baryta Carb. Calc. F., Badiaga and she has been doing well since.

N. Sinha