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In olden times religion was the ostensible adjunct of mens enterprises but science as a cure has now largely displaced religion. Science is now a god in every western household just as securely as the old puritan-like awe of the gods of Numa pervaded the respectable Roman household twenty-five hundred years ago. Whatever science says” is supposed to be truth and verity, something which no layman may question or doubt.


Destruction of rats by trapping and poisoning is a commendable procedure, but of itself will never eradicate endemic plague, for the losses in the rat population are quickly made good if survivors are provided with food and harbourage. An important measure of personal prophylaxis is inoculation with anti-plague vaccine, which affords a good degree of protection.

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Fleas suck the blood of a rat and then bite an individual, thus injecting bacilli into the human body. In addition to this, in very rare cases the excreta of fleas or rats might contain a large number of bacilli and if any one lived in dirty surroundings there was every chance of the bacilli entering into human host through any abrasion of the skin. Bacilli might also spread from one person to another through breath.

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The intensive drive against hoarding and black-marketing now adopted by Provincial Governments is an effective assurance of equitable distribution and smooth flow of business through proper channel. Selling against the amount of import duty expected or earned now, an excise duty may be levied at the mill end on deliveries and the revenue thus realised credited to the Central exchequer.

Management Of Mrs Obstetrics – 1

In the development of a professional complex it is necessary to thoroughly understand theory and practice, but in addition to this one must have experience and know how to use that experience whenever a time should arrive for it. The late J. C. Sanders, emeritus professor of the University of Medicine and Surgery, used to demonstrate for the benefits of us young doctors the process of delivery in its various stages with a manikin and his leather doll.

Notes On Borax Veneta

The catarrhal symptoms of nose and throat are quite prominent in Borax. Discharge whitish, mucous, profuse; fluent coryza, with much crawling in nose; discharge of much greenish mucus from nose which is thick and difficult to dislodge; dry crust in nose, reform if removed; obstruction of r. nostril, with constant inclination to blow the nose; alternate obstruction of nose.

Homoeopathy The Saving Grace For The Suffering Humanity

The common man finds himself forced to choose between a so-called scientific medicine man mumbling unintelligible technical pessimistic man mumbling unintelligible technical pessimistic jargons and an empirical quack, mumbling incredible hopes and promises. This unfortunate situation has been brought about by the medical men themselves while forgetting the fundamental mission in life.

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The manner and moods that patients display are of far greater value than any particular words that we may listen to . This we call personality; something quite apart. It is the objective halo with which the mind surround itself; the true tincture of its action and is deserving of our closest scrutiny. The mind that hides itself in the subtleties of speech is far removed from the one that almost invariably uses direct and positive language.