Government expect that in their own interest and in the interest of the Faculty the Kavirajes will renew their registration on payment of the prescribed fee within the extended period. Otherwise they will cease to be regarded as registered Kavirajes, lose their franchise and will not be able to participate in the next general election to the Ayurvedic Council.


Stramonium acts like other plants of the Solanum family in producing cerebral excitation, particularly delirium, which here assumes a peculiar form. Its scarlatina-like eruption is similar to Belladonna. Suppression of urine is one of the peculiarities to be noted; great sexual excitement; tendency to convulsions; fiery eruptions of the skin similar to Belladonna; dryness of the throat, with fear of water.


The care of the sick is one of the greatest problems that has confronted the human race since its very beginning. There have always been sick people. Even among primitive people there are those who are injured by accidents of various sorts, bitten by snakes, or who contract infections and so from the very beginning of the human race this problem of taking care of sick people has been an important one.


In consequence of an injury to a nerve, she suffered for months from attacks of asphyxia, and remained hoarse. Since surgery could do nothing for her, she tried homoeopathy, which soon relieved, but she carelessly failed to return for further prescribing at the agreed dates, and aggravation demanded even night calls. My son Dr. Oswald Schlegel treated this daughter of a physician mainly and obtained splendid result in attack of great distress by giving patient Ammonium iodatum in a low potency, after which she again could ride her bicycle.


Time will not permit me to speak of the chaotic condition of medical science during Hahnemanns time. He not only exposed and overthrew the errors, but he founded a system of therapeutics based upon natural laws. Modern medicine is still in the same chaotic condition save for some few branches, and in so far as they are successful I contend that their success is founded upon the law of similars.