Time will not permit me to speak of the chaotic condition of medical science during Hahnemanns time. He not only exposed and overthrew the errors, but he founded a system of therapeutics based upon natural laws. Modern medicine is still in the same chaotic condition save for some few branches, and in so far as they are successful I contend that their success is founded upon the law of similars.

The human face is indicative of the man : Let us imagine a line as dividing the face horizontally. That development above the ears means brains, and the higher you rise spirituality, below the ears animal life. Above the ears Belladonna, below the ears Nux Vomica, above the ears the hard student, below the ears the hard worker. The same division holds good as to the ear itself above intellect, below material or monetary. As a general rule troubles above the diaphragm give hope, while those below give despair.

As to the four colors, red, yellow, blue and white, red for the lungs, yellow for the liver, blue for the heart and white for the kidneys. Above the diaphragm the colors are red and blue, below diaphragm yellow and white. If we follow this idea in prescribing, when we have a patient with a square face, very red, we immediately ask ourselves what are the red remedies. The prince of red remedies is Belladonna. Aconite, crimson. Psorinum, hot and red, etc. If the face is yellow we immediately inquire what other faces are yellow.

Nux Vomica–Natrum muriaticum, Bryonia. The blue patient is Cuprum. Lachesis, purple, etc. The white patient, bloodless and almost dead, Camphor, Arsenicum, Apis; or if the blanched face is the result of the lad learning to smoke, Ipecac. The Bryonia patient has a square face, and other things being equal, he is short and square, hands are square, finger nails are square, body is square, he is on the square all the way through. If he has a weakness it is his heart.

If you have a yellow patient, with the yellow shades and patches here and there or all over him, think of Natrum muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Bryonia, etc. In Nat. mur. you have characteristic water blisters, etc. If you have this condition of blisters with a blue patient, think of Arnica–if the cast is purple, Lachesis. Bryonia may have all these indications and more –he gets sleepy and thirsty.

The Rhus. tox. face is long and narrow, a rustler and a hustler. The oval face is the good boy, more brains than feet–Lycopodium. Pulsatilla has a characteristically round face. I firmly believe that every child is born with a Homoeopathic remedy dominant in his face and general make-up. A patient enters your office and you at once say to yourself that is a Nux patient, or Rhus., or Puls., etc. This does not necessarily mean that the patient cannot get anything but Nux, but before he is well he will be brought to Nux or whatever remedy.

We have all heard of the wonderful skill of Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Lippe, Guernsey, Hering, Allen, etc., and how they made rapid and clear-cut prescriptions. We often wonder how they made so many prescriptions in one day as they did. I venture to say it was done in great part by intuition, which came from years of practice and accurate prescribing.

That man is most successful in any profession who best knows how to read human nature. The man of magnetism is the one who touches the cords of our being. How do we touch human nature and single out the weaknesses ? By a study of the human face, by seeing what is written in every face.

This surely is our aid to rapid prescribing, if not consciously, nevertheless truly and certainly done. Read and see your patients face, his nose, his eyes, color of hair, complexion, manner of speaking, breathing, walking, sitting down and rising, his clothing and the way he wears his clothes, and every individual peculiarity belonging to him and which goes to make up the totality of the symptoms.

Have ever in your minds eye three pictures, normal, or as things should be, morbid or diseased, as they now are, and a picture of the remedy. This picture idea will not admit of the giving of combination tablets, so extensively used by all would- be labor-saving homoeopaths. Neither can the alternating doctor find solace in these thoughts, for necessarily you cannot have the picture of several people in one and the same person at one and the same time.

But so far as I am able to gather from the teaching of the fathers neither of these modes of administering therapeutic measures is Homoeopathic. It does not include what Hahnemann so grandly designated in his immortal dictum–the totality of the symptoms.

In No. 18 of the Organon Hahnemann says: “It is, then, unquestionably true that, besides the totality of symptoms, it is impossible to discover any other manifestation by which disease can express its need of relief. Hence it undeniably follows that the totality of the symptoms observed in each individual case of sickness can be the only indication to guide us in the selection of a remedy.”.

Am I a rational being anchored to a rational system to therapeutics if I say emphatically that I believe the above to be true; or am I suffering from some aberration of the mind ? As I have previously said, I believe in a wider humanity, a humanity which recognizes the good in all things good; a humanity which also recognizes liberty of thought as a God-given heritage for us to use for the betterment of humanity, local and at large.

Visuality may be applied to other things than those previously mentioned, and for a few moments let us look behind the scenes, as it were. Were I gifted with the power of seeing into the minds of each one of you tonight, what impress picture would I see therein present, in answer to my query: Is Homoeopathy a system of rational therapeutics. and as such has it a right to survive ?

Time will not permit me to speak of the chaotic condition of medical science during Hahnemanns time. He not only exposed and overthrew the errors, but he founded a system of therapeutics based upon natural laws. Modern medicine is still in the same chaotic condition save for some few branches, and in so far as they are successful I contend that their success is founded upon the law of similars.

The science of Homoeopathy is founded upon a definite principle, “Similia similibus curantur.” In order to practice the art along the line of this definite principle we must master our materia medica and have the ability to intelligently use it. If lacking in this knowledge and ability, we are almost certain to be disappointed in the application of it as an art, and driven to the use of all sorts of palliatives.

Another necessary adjunct to the successful application of our art is the preparation and proper method of applying drugs. We have all had experience confirming Hahnemanns theory that triturating and diluting greatly increases the medicinal quality of drugs. Modern science is verifying this daily in the ion theory and in the revival of the tuberculin theory and its modern application, thus revealing and confirming the potency of imponderables. “How infinitesimals act” has been and still is a bone of contention.

Because I believe in the potency of infinitesimals it does not follow that you must, but I simply be speak a wider charity for all aids and supplements which the honest physician and surgeon is daily using. As science opens up new avenues to our vision she reveals new and useful additions to our armamentarium, and a further confirmation of natures laws, the intelligent application of which is for the healing of the nations and the preserving of health.

Homoeopathy is a system of rational therapeutics for the light of modern research has vindicated its cardinal principles and it has stood the test of a century, and as such it has a right to survive and will survive; and unless we are alert and study thoroughly, diligently and loyally, we will some day awaken to a realization of the fact that modern science has literally swallowed our golden egg and left us stranded far behind. Let us see to it, therefore, that we are close students of the laws as laid down by Hahnemann, and verified by his faithful followers, and then with our beloved Helmuth we may sing.

Look down, O spirit, from thine unknown sphere,.

Behold the days of persecution past,.

See this assemblage of thy following here.

Proclaims the triumph of the truth at last.

Behold the once torn waters of the sea.

Of Therapeutics breaking on the rocks.

Of doubt and error and uncertainty,.

Tearing the lifeboat with incessant shocks–.

On it the mariner shall safer steer,.

And taught by thee, with thankfulness of heart.

Shall watch the beacon and dispel his fear.

Among the benefactors of thy race,.

Who stamp their impress on the fleeting years.

That grow to centuries, shall be thy place.

Of honor, ceded by thy willing peers.

Among the epoch-making men, whose thought.

Illuminates the world, there shalt thou stand,.

Thy battle for humanity well fought,.

Bearing thy mottoed banner in thy hand.

Then shall the sons of Aesculapius bring.

Their votive offerings of thanks to thee,.

And all the nations of the earth shall sing.

The grand Te Deum–Homoeopathy.

Plumb Brown