R.del Mas, Ph.D., M.D., Hugo, Minn.


A Suppression?

August 16, 1921:


R.del Mas, Ph.D., M.D., Hugo, Minn.


A Suppression?

August 16, 1921:

R. B., age eighteen.

Weakness since Sunday, with vertigo and heart fluttering.

Has taken plenty of physics.

Pain in forehead.

Cries in reciting his case.

Vertigo on standing.

Craves the open air.

Sleepiness constant.

Poisoning this summer, and has used plenty of sugar of lead to: cure” it until lately.

PULS, 200th.

August 19, 1921.

Sleepiness >.

Weakness >.

Vertigo on standing.

Illusions: Things do not look real or familiar, they look strange.

Feels as if he were constantly in a dream.

Aural noises.

Nausea, in bed, today at 6 A.M., during breakfast today. NUX M. 1m.

This case was well on next day. The Puls. was erroneously prescribed.


January 27, 1922:

A.B., age fifty-eight, married.

Stomach has troubled him for several months.

Eructations empty,hot liquid of food by the mouthful.

Feet burn in bed; must uncover them. SULPH. 200TH.

One month later case was discharged and feeling well.


MARCH 8, 1922:

Elaine P., age five weeks.

Chin turned to left, and head to right ride.

Right sterno-cleido-mastoid contracted now for some time.

Noticed soon after birth, Muscle very tight and knotted.

Urine stains diaper red.

Forceps delivery and breech presentation.

LYC. 200th.

April 15, 1922:

Much improvement.

Child begins to hold head up straight.

LYC. 10.

Diaper still red.

May 22, 1922.

The wry-neck has totally disappeared, and muscle is normal.

Diaper not red stained.

Leucorrhoea greenish.

Normal activity of rectum.

Stool hard, yellow, offensive, sour. PHOS., 10M.

This ended the treatment. Child is still well.


May 18, 1922:

Vivian H., age three months.

Back of ears cracked for quite a while; scabby; oozing, sticky fluid.

Eczema on vertex capitis began two weeks ago, scurfy, crusty, oozing, itching. Extending to Eyebrows.

Pimples on genitals almost since birth.


July 8, 1922.

Childs head got > after Graph.

Eczema broke out again lately; itching; moist, yellow discharge.

Discharge reminds one of old cheese.

Eruption, red, all over the body, rough.

Inguinal intertrigo.


September 25, 1922:

Childs head clear.

Body clear.

Slight crack back of left ear.

HEP. 10M.

The skin trouble has not come back yet as we publish this, and child is very sturdy.

Winter Eczema.

February 12, 1920:

Rita B., age one year.

Skin of face red and rough.

Buttocks red, rough, itchy.

Urine smells strong.

Child stubborn, large, fat.


The child has remained well now two years.

Nausea of Pregnancy.

December 3, 1922:

Mrs C. P., age twenty-two.

Mother of one child.

During first pregnancy vomited nine months. Vomited even blood every time. Uterine bleeding frequent from vomiting efforts.

Presently pregnant since first part of October.

Vomits since October. Sour food, bitter mucus, blood toward last part of vomiting spells.

Thought of food nauseates.

Appetite wanting.

Emptiness of stomach constant.

Aversion to greasy, fat food.

Leucorrhoea now for a week; milky.

SEP. 200TH.

Allopathy failed in her first pregnancy and told her nothing could be done for her. The woman did not need to return to the office after she had got Sepia. The indicated remedy was good enough.

A Microbic Invasion, Tubercular, Influenzal? April 289, 1923: A. A., age seventy married; heat engineer.

Three weeks ago a dead, tight feeling about upper part of abdomen.

Sore throat; felt in the night only, beginning towards evening, also.

Cough from irritation in throat.

< cold, and as soon as he lies down in bed.

Breath offensive.

Nightsweats for last three weeks, began with sore throat.

Profuse; must change night dress in the night.

Expectoration white.

Dyspnoea on ascending hill and stairs.

Vertigo on ascending stairs.


Appetite wanting at first; now >. Weakness.


This dose alone inside of a month had restored the man to his former self and stopped the sweat from the beginning of its action which was noticed immediately, and ameliorated all the other symptoms. Patient was seen twice after that.


June 13, 1923:

Agnes L., age six.

About one week ago or so she developed a measles like rash, which remained on the surface only one day. Ophthalmia of both eyes followed thereupon, but soon subsided to be replaced by a right- sided torticollis. No doctor.

Right sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle is tense, prominent; head turned to right shoulder and face to face side, and shoulders stooped.

Pain is complained of in left outside throat.

Some cervical glands are hard, nodular.


On Afternoon of June 13th.

Childs head head was as straight as ever and shoulders also on the morning of june 14th, when the child got up.

The reader will kindly excuse the writer for answering a question which is apt to arise in the mind of the prescriber regarding the two torticollis cases reported here. Lyc. was called for in the first case, because of its rightsidedness and lithic diathesis. Cupr. was required in the second case, because of its rightsidedness and exanthemic suppression or metastasis.

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