RANDOM NOTES ON PRACTICE. 1. What is the remedy to be given (just one single dose) to a pregnant woman, when the foetus (baby in uterus) stops growing?

2. During e…

1. What is the remedy to be given (just one single dose) to a pregnant woman, when the foetus (baby in uterus) stops growing?

2. During epidemic encephalitis (brain fever, e.g., in Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu) what remedy would you use as prophylactic (preventive)?

3. All the children born to a woman are syphilitic by birth. What remedy in one single dose would you give her to prevent syphilis in the subsequent babies?

4. What is the remedy to be taken once a month by all practising homoeopaths? (Just because no homoeopath has been taking this regularly, is homoeopathy not becoming popular.) Also, please note that this remedy must first be given to a doctor-patient i.e., any homoeopath coming to you for treatment and also to a patient who has gone to many homoeopaths.

5. Name the two authors who had written biography of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

6. A patient complains of pain in spot in many places. If you draw a line connecting all these painful spots it is a straight vertical line. E.g., pain in right temple, right side of chest, right side of lower abdomen. Can you name the remedy?

7. What is the chief or first remedy that you would think of for haemophilia?

8. In homoeopathy what is the meaning of ‘scrofula’ or ‘scrofulosis’ and ‘cachexia?’

9. What is the remedy for jaundice after blood transfusion?

10. In respect of the symptom ‘haemorrhage’ differentiate between the two remedies Phosphorus and Hamamelis.

11. Name the remedy for (a) violent blow on single part of the body; (b) after a person falls rolling down from a speeding train or bus; (c) falling from height (second or third floor or from a tall tree) with bleeding; (d) falling down while trying to get into a running jeep or truck from behind?

12. Under what rubric in the repertory would you search for remedies for a patient with chronic tonsillitis?

13. What is the name of the reference book (and the name of its author) you would use for complaints of women occurring directly before, during or after childbirth or abortion?

14. A lady of twenty-eight had attempted to commit suicide (by swallowing kerosene or sleeping pills) and somehow she recovered. What is the remedy for her so that she may not repeat it in future?

15. What is the remedy for ‘ghost pain’?

16. A patient had fracture of tibia bone and though it healed, he was having pain with oozing etc., at the wounded place. One single dose of a remedy cured him. What is the remedy?

17. A patient was having vision problem. Went to an eye specialist and got spectacles. After a few days that glass did not suit. Had to change his specs. It happened this way 5-6 times. He was having half-a-dozen spectacles and whatever suited him that day, he would wear. One single dose cured him. Name the remedy.

18. A certain old age person of seventy-five, walking with a cane and standing on one side of the road, his body trembling, asks a passerby if the latter can help him to cross the road. We have cured three such cases with one single dose of a particular remedy. Can you name it? [For answers see page 15.]

V. Krishnaamurthy