When we come to the practical aspects, it is the intelligence of the practitioner that counts more than anything else. Most homoeopaths end up as symptom-coverer as the following case illustration would show:
Case: Letter from Dr. X., M.D.(Radiologist), 33 years, is given below.
“Respected sir, This is Dr… These are the following things all my complaints.

1. Loss of libido (lack of sexual desire). Since l year, my U.T.A. and stricture problem started. My sexual life very limited. Now we are trying for kids. But I am not much active sexual life. Please do the needful. 2. Three months ago suffered with severe cough. That I had pneumonia patch in right midzone (of lung). No cough subsided but on an off pain is coming right posterial chest wall where pneumonia patch was there previously.

3. Hypertension. My blood pressure sometime touching 150/ 100. If I take twice (BP tablet) daily dose. Then it will be controlled.

4. Overweight. I observed I am putting more weight. My food intake also seems increased. I am fond of sweets and junk food. My present weight is 118 kg. Please do the needful.”
MOST IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE BORNE IN MIND: We are going to learn something new and unique out of this case. Every case is, of course, unique. There is difference between a symptom-coverer and a true homoeopathic physician. Any average practitioner would work out on the following symptoms:

V. Krishnaamurthy