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Homoeopathy the only Scientific and Actually Curative System of Medicine [Notes] homeopathic remedy symptoms from Duration of Action and Antidotes of The Principle Homoeopathic Remedies With Their Complementary and Inimical Relations by F.H. Lutze of the homeopathy medicine – Notes…

The obsequies of Homoeopathy have been published so often in the medical journals of the old school, that it seems to be time to refute them and prove that Homoeopathy is very much alive and will live to see the day in the no distant future when it will be the only legal system in the practice of medicine. Truth may be long suppressed, but can never perish.

There can be but one right way, all others must be more or less wrong. Only one straight line can be drawn between two given points.

The truth of anything lies in the practical application of it, with the following real good and lasting results and Homoeopathy will stand this test pre-eminently. Tests at the bedside of patients will give convincing proof of this.

That Homoeopathy did not become at once and is not, even now the only recognized legal practice of medicine is due:

1. To the natural perversity of human nature, which is inclined to believe in follies much quicker than in actual truths. People in general require training in each direction so that they can see the truth in that line. They want to be fooled, as Barnum used to say, and it is the truth. Anti-toxine for diphtheria, anti-typhoid serum for typhoid fever, a special serum for each disease according to its name; this seems so plausible, so rational that it takes like wild fire. And yet, no greater folly could ever be imagined. The same suit of clothing in size and shape for all persons, young and old, lean or stout, with the name of Jones, the same for all the Millers, the same for all the Smiths; treating a phantom disease which has no exercise by itself, and is at first simply a dynamic derangement of the organism, widely different in each person and letting the patient linger or die.

And to give medicine for the prevention of disease is as ridiculous as the building of a bridge for a river that has never been seen, nothing known of its width, depth, force of current, and condition of bottom and shores, which may never have to be crossed, never even seen. That highly educated people and even doctors in high government office believe in this nonsense, simply proves: That education is no bar to error or folly. Strict honesty, good common sense and sound judgement, all this with great kindness of heart, like the lamented Abraham Lincoln, tower high above education. Sanitation is the only preventive of disease; this alone prevented the rectum yellow fever in Havana, Cuba, in New Orleans and Memphis.

2. The great unheard of novelty of this doctrine. It was too much for the learned doctors and professors to comprehend: That a remedy which has caused the symptoms of a disease when taken in material doses by a person in normal health, could cure that same disease presenting those symptoms when of natural origin, if the same remedy were given in very minute, infinitesimal doses, that required the giant mind of Hahnemann to evolve and grasp.

3. The very small, infinitesimal doses of the remedy, recommended, by Hahnemann, as compared with the very large, complex and powerful doses of that time, made Homoeopathy seem foolish and ridiculous. Disease was then and is today, considered a powerful monster and to require massive doses to combat.

Yet we all know that the air we inhale is more necessary to sustain life in us than food. We could not live many minutes without it. And yet it is colorless, tasteless, odorless, intangible and well nigh imponderable. This proves, at least, that quality is of vastly more importance than quantity.

Roses and lilacs have caused hay fever and asthma in persons passing even at some disease.

A growth of poison ivy had caused vesicles in cluster and erysipelas in persons passing at a long distance. The poison of the plant carried to them by the breeze blowing over the growth towards them, cannot be detected in the air in any other way. Both the latter show the power of infinitesimals in nature, as also the wonderful effect of sunlight on everything on this earth, 93,000,000 miles from its source.

4. The difficulty of the application of Homoeopathy in practice. The old school doctors who could descend so far from their lofty theories as to try Homoeopathy, gave the remedies as had been and still is their custom, for the arbitrary name of the disease, a phantom, all cases of disease of the same name were the same and identical to them, all were given the same remedy and in material doses as well. The identity and peculiarity of the patient were entirely ignored, hence he lingered or died and Homoeopathy was a failure.

To get the patient’s symptoms, then find the remedy in the Homoeopathic Materia Medica, presenting a similar group of symptoms then give that remedy in a very small minute dose to the sufferer, that was not rational and withal too much trouble. Besides the Homoeopathic Materia Medica was filled with imaginary symptoms, which they had never seen produced or cured by it. That they could not see any such results, such symptoms, because they always jumbled a large number of remedies and large amounts of each drug in one prescription, this they failed to see.

Not many years ago I had four cases of scarlet fever in quick succession.

Case 1. The surface of the skin smooth, scarlet red and burning hot to the touch. Throbbing headache, dilated pupils, throat sore and red on inner right side and tender to touch externally on that side; very irritable. Temperature, 104 degrees worse swallowing liquids. Belladonna cured.

Case 2. The discoloration of the skin was bluish, surface smooth. Body not hot to touch. Temperature, 103 1/2 degrees. Headache. Throat sore to touch on left side externally; worse swallowing saliva or empty swallowing; sensation of a lump in the throat, which goes down on swallowing but returns at once. Throat purplish internally, constricted, unable to swallow even a drop of water. A few minutes after falling asleep he awakes breathless; has to make special effort in order to breathe again; cannot bear anything tight about the neck. Lachesis cured.

Case 3. Surface of the body was a bluish discoloration, the bluish parts are raised above the other parts of the skin, due to the swelling of the cellular tissue and lymphatics. Tongue coated slight brown with a red triangular tip, the apex of the triangle pointing backward; the more he swallows the easier it becomes; burning in the throat; great restlessness; must move to get relief from the pains. Rhus tox. cured.

Case 4. A boy, aet. 10 years, presented all the symptoms of dysentery. Stools small, of mucus and blood with great tenesmus and straining continuing long after the evacuation, severe pain in abdomen. Mercurius cor. cured this in three days, when all the symptoms of the smooth scarlet-red variety of scarlet fever appeared, which was cured by Belladonna.

These cases were cured in from five to eight days so perfectly that the parents would not believe they had been ill with scarlet fever; they had not been sick enough for that; had lost apparently no weight or strength, till desquamation set in, the skin peeling off in long strips.

The remedies were given in the higher potencies. No other remedy or combination of remedies could have cured them in the same manner. Large and strong doses of the same remedies would have endangered the lives of these patients.

But nothing convinces more or better than actual personal experience, and I know of no substance more suitable for this purpose than the table salt, sodium chloride, or Natrum Muriaticum. It has been in daily use all over the world since time immemorial, as an addition to the food, never produces any ill effects unless too much had been added to the food, when it might cause great thirst. It may, therefore, be said that in the crude state it is inert, has no medicinal virtue or effect, and for this reason as also for the ease wherewith it can be prepared as a homoeopathic remedy by anyone, thus preventing any error or trickery, to be eminently suitable for this test. Hahnemann was the first one to introduce it as a remedy, proving, testing it on himself while in good health and showing its great and wonderful power to heal the sick. A number of Austrian physicians, who could not believe what Hahnemann had published regarding the effect of common table salt on the human organism, in the 30th potency, on healthy persons and to cure the sick when these symptoms presented themselves in them, formed themselves into a proving society, tested salt on themselves in the 30th potency and were convinced. It had acted better even in the 30th potency than in the lower.

To prepare it for medicinal use: One-half ounce of ordinary table salt is dissolved in an ounce and a half of boiling distilled water, filtered and allowed to crystallize by evaporating it at a temperature of 122 degree F. to free it from its associate salts. The crystals are allowed to dry on blotting paper. One part by weight of the dry crystals are dissolved in nine parts by weight of distilled water, enough to fill the bottle about one half full, cork the bottle firmly, take it in the right hand and give two or more strong blows against the left hand or some other yielding substance, so as not to injure the hand or break the bottle.

Ten minute (drops) of this solution are added to ninety minims (drop) of distilled water giving two or more blows as directed above for the first solution; that is succussed twice or more times and this gives the first potency. One minim of the first potency added to 99 minims of distilled water (or alcohol if the potency is to be preserved for future use) enough to fill the potentizing bottle one-half full then succussed as before and this gives the 2nd potency. This may be continued till any desired potency is obtained and it will prove active and a wonderful remedy to heal the sick. Substances which are inert in the crude state, like salt, charcoal, silica, lycopodium, have been found most beneficial, most curative in the highest potencies.

Any potency desired of any remedy may be obtained from Boericke and Tafel, homoeopathic pharmacy, and will be perfectly reliable and true to the label and mark on the cork as to potency, by those who do not care to prepare it for themselves.

There is no power to heal the sick, no force in these potencies, which is not also contained in the crystals of salt, sodium chloride, or Natrum Muriaticum, but in the crystals it is like a strong man bound by chemical union. By the process of potentization, succussion (not simply shaking) and trituration the crude substances are too finely divided that they cannot be discovered by either microscope, or spectroscope, and thus its benign dynamic forces are set free and able to act on the human organism, beneficially and powerfully and its poisonous qualities are eliminated as in Arsenic, Belladonna, Phosphorus, etc., and these potencies are no longer subject to chemical laws as the crude original substance; Phosphorus for instance: sugar globules saturated with a high potency of Phosphorus and allowed to dry may be kept in a paper capsule in a drawer for a year and will then still be found to act as Phosphorus and not as Phosphoric Acid.

Now if you are honestly desirous of learning the truth of Homoeopathy take this remedy, Natrum Muriaticum (ordinary table salt), potentized at least to the 30th potency, take it in small doses, frequently repeated and you will see and be surprised at the result. Or try your own preparation on a patient under direction of a good homoeopathic physician (for no one can paint a fine picture though he has all the colors, brushes, etc., of an artist, unless he has studied the art of painting) and you will see a rapid and perfect cure effected.

If all doctors would only know and remember

That the patients must be treated (and no the disease according to its name as when giving antitoxine to every person for diphtheria) and that every patient differs very much from every other one, hence each one may require a different remedy.

That every patient is much more susceptible than a healthy person to the effect of medicine as well as to touch, motion, food or all other influences, and that the graver the disease the less medicine he can stand.

That disease is only a dynamic disturbance of the normal functions of the organism (not a monster) and does not require large doses of powerful and poisonous drugs to combat, and that even after pathological changes have taken place, a very small dose of the proper, indicated remedy will cure the patient.

In short, when all doctors have become strict and sincere homoeopaths then few persons will die except of old age or accidents. Thousands are now dying daily from serums so called, quinine, digitalis, etc., and mixture of drugs.

“Homoeopathy is a law of nature, like gravitation, hence infallible; only the patient or the doctor can fail.”

Miss T. M., about 30 years of age, and residing 365 miles from New York City, wrote to me for treatment. When young, 16 to 18 years of age, she had weighed about 135 pounds, but now her weight had been reduced to 90 pounds, from overwork in the household and in an office and a great disappointment. She was very despondent, cried when looked at but became angry if anyone tried to comfort her, the stools were difficult and in small balls like marbles and the menses were scanty and too late. She never had been treated by the old school doctors, but had been under the care of a homoeopath in her city without any marked improvement. Natrum Mur. in various potencies improved her at once so much that in about two months from the beginning of the treatment she had gained 35 pounds, feeling again in good spirits, and with the aid of a few other remedies like Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sulphur she soon was restored again to normal health.

This patient had taken salt in her daily food during all the years of her illness, yet it did not cure her, but salt, Natrum Mur. 45m. did this quickly.

Frederick H. Lutze
Dr Frederick Henry Lutze, MD, (1838-1924) was born in Bevergern, Germany, August 19, 1838, son of Henry Andrew and Clara (Gott) Lutze. He studied for his profession in the New York Homœopathic Medical College and Hospital, entering in 1879 and receiving his degree in 1882. He is author of "The Therapeutics of Facial and Sciatic Neuralgias," published by Boericke & Tafel, 1898. Other publications include -
Duration of action and antidotes of the principal Homoeopathic remedies.
Homeopathy : the only scientific and actually curative system of medicine.