A practitioner would be doing a great blunder if he thinks
that he can find the remedy for all his patients with the
repertory or software. Most of those using software are under
the illusion that once the homoeo software is installed, they
can be damn sure of selecting the remedy for their patients. To
remove this delusion the following is being written.
The practitioner searches in the software for ‘diabetes’
and he gets some results. But, at the same time, he would be
missing many remedies for diabetes. This is because in some
places of materia medicas for ‘diabetes’ the terms ‘glycosuria’
or ‘sugar in urine’ is used. Also the word saccharine is used.
(See Boericke’s Mat. Med., Lactic Acid.—Urine)
Before programming the materia medica the programmer
must have either change the word ‘glycosuria’ to ‘diabetes’ or
give ‘diabetes’ within brackets after all the words ‘glycosuria.’
Alas! The present day homoeo softwares have been designed
by those with kindergarten knowledge of homoeopathy.
Because of either ignorance or arrogance the homoeo
software programmers are not listening to these observations.
Again a doctor may search for ‘liver’ but in many places
we find equivalent terms ‘hepatic affections’ ‘bilious’ etc.
being used for liver affections and the list goes on.
Therefore, the alternative terms must also be included in
the materia medicas such as the following terms:
) old age, aged persons
) glycosuria, diabetes, diabetes mellitus
) kidney, renal, nephritis, and so on and so forth.
Also, certain syndrome (group of symptoms) cannot be
classified under any rubric in the repertory or software and so
a homoeopath must necessarily learn by rote such symptoms!
Example cases are given on pages 32 to 35 and 47 to 49.

V. Krishnaamurthy