Are you suffering from Apprehension? Dr. Tyler tells us the BEST homeopathic medicines for the treatment of Apprehension….

Lilium tigr. [Lil-t]

      Crazy feeling in head: as if she would go crazy.

Hurry: aimless hurried motion (Argentum nit.).

Wants to walk. Must keep busy to repress sexual excitement.

Tormented about her salvation (comp. Medorrhinum, Lachesis, Stramonium, Psorinum)

Imperative duties, and cannot perform them.

Depressed: weeps: indifferent (Sepia, Phosphorus, etc.).

Pelvic symptoms, also, are those of Sepia.

But Sepia is chilly and indifferent, while Lilium feels the heat, and is full of rush and torment.(See. p. 35.).

Argentum nit. [Arg-n]

      Greatest remedy for Anticipation.

When ready for church, opera, interview, gets diarrhoea (Gelsemium, Phosphorus, etc.). Diarrhoea from anticipation. “Exam. funk.”

Hurried, anxious, irritable, nervous.

Must walk fast–faster: so hurried (Liliumtigr.).

Disturbances of memory: of reason.

Irrational: does strange things: has strange obsessions:fear of passing a certain corner: of bridges and high places: he might have impulse to jump off; to jump into river.

Sight of high houses makes him dizzy and stagger: houses might approach and crush him.

Craves sweets which disagree: salt. (See section “Fears”._

“A fool beyond hope for this world.” (See p. 36.).

Borax [Bor]

      Great fear of downward motion (Gelsemium, Cuprum, p. 31).

Afraid to go downstairs; can’t swing, ride, use a rocking chair, such is the fear of downward motion.

Children wake, scream, grasp sides of cradle.

Easily startled by sudden noise.

Nervous: fidgety: sensitive.

Anxiety increased till 11 p.m.

“When thinking at his work, nausea. Strong nausea.”

One of the remedies of sea-sickness,”When boat went down, felt everything inside me come up.”.

Gelsemium [Gels]

      Bad effects of great fright of fear (Aconite, Opium).

Stage fright: fear of appearing in public: anticipation brings on diarrhoea (Argentum nit.).

Involuntary discharges from fright, or surprises.

Fear of falling (Borax, Cuprum p. 31, Stramonium p. 34, Lac caninum p. 33).

Tremor: wants to be held. Lack of courage.

Wants to be quiet: to be let alone.

Arnica [Arn]

      In serious illness, says there is nothing the matter with him (Opium). Or

Horrors in the night (Aconite).

Horror of instant death, with cardiac distress at night. “Send for the doctor at once”

Restlessness, because everything he lies on is too hard. Must move for ease.

Everything coming towards him is going to hurt him (Arsenicum, Stramonium, Valer., p.34). Fears approach–being struck.

Great desire to scratch, will scratch wall, bed, his head, etc. (See p. 29.).

Opium [Op]

      Tells you she is not sick (Arnica).

Says she is well and happy: wants nothing: has no symptoms: (when desperately ill).

Talkative: mental activity (Coffea).

Much affected by sound–light–faintest odours.

Not at home sensation (Bryonia, Eup. pur.).

Most of the complaints are painless.

Wants a cool room: kicks the clothes off.

Dullness, insensibility, to deep coma.

Again–rouses from stupor with a look of awful fear or anxiety.

Complaints from fear, when the fear remains.

Sees frightful images: black forms: ghosts, devils, etc. (comp. Belladonna).

Complaints from joy (Coffea), anger (Chamomilla), shame (Staphysagria) sudden fright (Aconite). (P. 32.).

Hura braziliens [Hura]

      Sensation of floating.

Imagines she sees a dead person and cries.

Sensation of falling to the ground: as if hanging three feet from the ground.

Imagines she is alone in the world.

Impatient: because her ideas flow too slowly.

Sadness: despair: feels abandoned.

Margaret Lucy Tyler
Margaret Lucy Tyler, 1875 – 1943, was an English homeopath who was a student of James Tyler Kent. She qualified in medicine in 1903 at the age of 44 and served on the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital until her death forty years later. Margaret Tyler became one of the most influential homeopaths of all time. Margaret Tyler wrote - How Not to Practice Homeopathy, Homeopathic Drug Pictures, Repertorising with Sir John Weir, Pointers to some Hayfever remedies, Pointers to Common Remedies.