250. Pricking itching on the left side of the chest towards the shoulder (aft. ¼ h.).

Outwardly on the chest and arms fine pricking for several days.

In the left side of the chest an aching cutting pain on taking a deep breath; at other times he feels but little of it (aft. 3 d.). [Ws.]

Shooting pinching crawling in the left side of the chest, in the region of the sixth and seventh ribs, which becomes more painful when pressed from without (aft. 10 h.). [Ws.]

Sudden pain simultaneously in the pectoral and dorsal muscles of the left side, as if a broad body furnished with points forced itself up-a broad pressure with much pricking (aft. 3 d.). [Ws.]

255. An aching in the left side if the chest, and sometimes several stitches in it, when moving and when at rest. [Hnl.]

Pinching jerk in the left side of the chest towards the interior (aft. 20 m.). [Ws.]

Dull pain in the seat of the junction of the right os ilii with the os sacrum, when standing (aft. 27 h.). [Hnl.]

Pressive sensation going up and down through the spine, when sitting erect (aft. 6 h.). [Htn.]

Feeling of coldness on the back in the region of the last ribs (aft. ¾ h.). [Ws.]

260. Severe stitch in the sacrum.

An aching pain in the sacrum only when walking, particularly when treading with the left foot (aft. ¼ h.). [Hnl.]

Fine tearing upwards on the os sacrum, from the right to the left side, only when sitting (aft. 5 d.). [Hnl.]

The sacrum and buttocks are very numb.

At night a burning itching exciting scratching, especially on the back; he only slumbers and tosses about constantly, with thirstless heat all over the body, especially towards morning. [Ws.]

265. Excessively painful transient stitch on the right scapula (aft. 17 h.). [Hnl.]

Pain on the scapulae, as if something pointed were stuck in there – a constant shooting pain combined with sore pain (aft. ¼ h.). [Ws.]

Muscular twitching about the left shoulder-joint. [Gn]

Burning on the left shoulder (aft. 16 h.). [Hnl.]

Fine pricks in the axilla (when sitting)(aft. 1 h.). [Ws.]

270. A constant prickling itching in the left axilla, when sitting (aft. 5 h.). [Hnl.]

Shooting drawing through the upper arm (aft. ¼ h.). [Ws.]

Stitches in the elbow-joint on moving.

When bending the arm, a stitch in the point of the elbow and then tearing in the joint as long as he keeps the arm bent.

Aching pain at the point of the left elbow (aft. ¾ h.).

275. Under the elbow-joint on the upper part of the forearm a cramp like pain with slow gurgling, especially when leaning on the arm (aft. 3 d.). [Ws.]

Pain in the left forearm as if the bone were compressed (aft. 1 h.).

In the internal muscles of the right forearm, severe out-boring stitches (aft. ½ h.). [Lr.]

Great blisters on the right forearm.

Heaviness in the forearms (aft. ½ h.). [Ws.]

280. Drawing pain in the forearms.

Trembling of the forearms and hands (in a few m.). [Ws.]

(Burning in the arms and hands.)

Several stitches in the right wrist, when at rest (aft. ¼ h.).

Drawing aching pain over the right wrist (aft. 6 h.). [Htn.]

285. Tensive pain in the left wrist, when at rest and when moving (aft. ¼ h.).

Severe drawing in the left wrist-joint (aft. 3 d.).

A tired feeling in and behind the wrists (aft. ¾ h.). [Ws.]

Swelling of the hands; she could not bend the fingers.

An in-drawing pinching on a point in the middle of the palm (aft. a few m.). [Ws.]

290. The tips of the index fingers lose feeling without becoming pale (aft. ¾ h.). [Ws.]

The middle joint of the left middle finger became swollen and red and was stiff when bending it.

Aching pain in the proximal finger joints of the right hand (aft. ¼ h.).

Itching in the ball of the left thumb, not removed by rubbing (aft. ¾ h.).

Cramp-like pain in the ball of the left thumb only when moving the hand, all day (aft. 6 h.). [Lr.]

295. Painful drawing in the proximal phalanx of the left thumb extending into the forearm (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Hnl.]

Cramp-like pain in the ball of the right thumb, which lasts all day, an on moving the hands extends also into the thumb itself (aft. aft. 1, 14.1/2, 25 h.). [Lr.]

A persistent stitch combined with sore pain in the distal thumb-joint (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Ws.]

On the right natis, quick muscular twitchings. [Hnl.]

The lower extremities felt quite stiff.

300. backwards pressing pain on the inner side of the right thigh above the knee (aft. ¼ h.).

A very acute prick in the skin of the inner side of the right thigh above the knee (aft. 54 h.).[Hnl.]

On the front of the right thigh near the hip, severe out-boring stitches (aft. 8 h.). [Lr.]

Persistent drawing stitches on the upper part of the left thigh just below the groin, especially when walking (aft. 2.1/2 h.). [Hnl.]

A tickling itching on the left side close to the groin, compelling rubbing (aft. 2.1/2 h.). [Lr.]

305. At the upper end of the thigh at every step, a tension as if a muscles were too short, each time accompanied by a stitch (aft. ¼ h.). [Ws.]

In the morning in bed, pulsating sharp stitches through tright thigh above the knee (aft. 22 h.). [Ws.]

Aching shooting pain above the right knee (when sitting)(aft. 4 h.). [Htn.]

Severe drawing in the left knee; thereafter profuse sweat, at night.

Heaviness in the knee-joints, felt when walking (aft. 1 h.). [Ws.]

310. When walking a weakness in the knees as if they would knuckle under him, though he plants the foot firmly down (aft. 4 h.). [Htn.]

On the left hough a jerking drawing pressure, which only occurs on flexing the knee, and alternates with a similar sensation in the axilla (aft. 6 h.). [Htn.]

In evening when lying, an obtuse shooting in the left knee, (continuing also when moving), for quarter of hour (aft. 41 h.). [Lr.]

When walking, a persistent prickling itching in the houghs, which compels scratching (aft. 5 h.). [Hnl.]

Aching pain in the external tendon of the flexor muscle of the right hough, more violent when walking than when sitting (aft. 7, 9 h.). [Hnl.]

315. After a short nap at noon, first the right then the left leg goes to sleep; on attempting to walk the left leg was drawn spasmodically up to the thigh; even when sitting he could not keep it extended – it was then also drawn spasmodically backwards (aft. 5 d.). [Hnl.]

Sharp stitches on the right calf, when walking (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Ws.]

Great irritation and restlessness on both legs, he must often change their position (aft. 16.1/4 h.). [Hnl.]

Tearing in the tibia, all the afternoon.

Tearing heavy feeling in the left tibia close to the ankle (aft. 34 h.). [Htn.]

320. When walking quickly, a sensation at the lower part of the left tibia as if a weight hung to it (aft. 3 d.). [Ws.]

Tearing in the ankles; the feet are as heavy as lead, up into the tibiae.

Drawing tearing from the right ankle-joint to the knee (aft. 8.1/2 h.). [Hnl.]

Drawing pain from the right foot to the thigh (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Hnl.]

Formication in the left foot, coming on when walking and not going off when sitting (aft. 1 h.). [Ws.]

325. (After a long walk pin-pricks in the heels, when sitting, for an hour.)

Severe intermittent needle-pricks on the left heel from within outwards, when standing, which went off on moving (aft. 1 h.). [Lr.]

In the right heel needle-pricks going upwards, when sitting (aft. 6 h.) [Lr.]

When standing, a severe needle-prick out at the right heel (aft. ½ h.). [Lr.]

A pressive pain on the right heel, which increased when walking (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Lr.]

330. In the morning on awaking a voluptuous itching on the back of the toes of the right foot, which compels scratching (aft. 24 h.). [Lr.]

At all times of the day on any, even a small part of the body, often only for a minute, at first a creeping in the skin, then the spot becomes red and hot, then there is eroding-itching, like a flea moving about (not biting), and on the spot miliary vesicles arise – the eroding itching is not allayed by scratching, on the contrary, that seems to make it last all the longer (aft. 2 h.).

Causes itching eruption on the skin and red, itching spots.

When he scratches an itching spot, there occurs itching on many other parts.

The occurs, especially when she feels cold, an itching erosion on the chest, scrobiculus cordis, back, and under the upper arms – at the other times only on the feet; by rubbing the part becomes red and the erosion becomes more severe for a short time; vesicles appear on the spots, which, however, soon go off.

335. Itching all over the body, as when sweat breaks out, which compels him to scratch, and always returns, in the morning on waking (aft. 48 h.). [Lr.]

All over the body, now here now there, a persistent itching prick, as with a very fine needle, which compels rubbing, but this does not remove it. [Ws.]

Painful stitches on several parts of the body, that compel him to scratch (aft. 49 h.). [Hnl.]

On the upper part of the body, as if bruised (aft. 24 h.).

He awakes with bruised pain all over the body.

340. Numb sensation on the lower half of the body.

Weariness in the lower extremities (aft. ½ h.). [Wr.]

Weariness in the whole body, especially the arms.

Such a heaviness of the body that when walking in the open air he was obliged to sit down on the ground, without drowsiness (aft. 9 h.). [Lr.]

Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was the founder of Homoeopathy. He is called the Father of Experimental Pharmacology because he was the first physician to prepare medicines in a specialized way; proving them on healthy human beings, to determine how the medicines acted to cure diseases.

Hahnemann's three major publications chart the development of homeopathy. In the Organon of Medicine, we see the fundamentals laid out. Materia Medica Pura records the exact symptoms of the remedy provings. In his book, The Chronic Diseases, Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homoeopathic Cure, he showed us how natural diseases become chronic in nature when suppressed by improper treatment.