On the whole side on which the (small) goitre is, a jerking pain; in the head a beating which descends into the cheeks and spreads into the neck as a tearing. [Stf.]

Twitching stitches in the forehead, increased by walking (aft. 5 h.). [Wr.]

Pressive down-drawing pain on the right side of the head and neck (aft. 4 h.). [Wr.]

Violent pressure in the forehead and occiput simultaneously as if the two were pressed together towards one another, at noon (aft. 5 h.).

30. Aching pain over the right eye rather externally (aft. ½ h.).

Aching pricking at one time he moves, with burning hot sensation spreading from the region behind the ear over the occiput to the nape. [Wr.]

Needle-pricks going transversely across on the left side of the forehead (aft. 4 h.). [Lr.]

When walking in the open air boring needle-pricks on the left side of the forehead as from within outwards (aft. 34 h.). [Lr.]

Beating in the left temple.

35. When lying she feels in her head, in the region of the ear, on which she is lying in bed, a noise like a strong pulsation, each time with a double beat; of she lies round on the other ear, she feels it on that side.

Sharp stitches on the left temple externally, extending into the forehead (aft. 6, 14 h.). [Lr.]

Pressure on the left side of the forehead (aft. 8.1/2 h.). [Lr.]

Sharp external pressure on both temples (aft. ¼ h.). [Ws.]

An out-pressing pain on the top of the left side of the forehead, when sitting, which went off after standing up (aft. 6.1/2 h.). [Lr.]

40. Drawing pain in the crown of the head (immediately).

Gnawing pain externally on the upper part of the head (aft. 1 h.). [Ws.]

Disagreeable sensitiveness of the integuments of the head, especially on moving the scalp (aft. ¼ h.). [Ws.]

Burning in the scalp on the right side (aft. 15 h.). [Gn.]

Feeling as if the hairs on the crown stood on end, or as if someone moved them, most severe at any movement of the body (aft. 1 h.). [Ws.]

45. Tensive contractive sensation above the root of the nose (aft. 11.1/2 h.). [Htn.]

A yellow scabby eruption on the left superciliary ridge, where it is only somewhat painful when touched. [Fr.H-n.]

The eyes have a dull look and the eyelids are swollen as after intoxication, or as if he had been reveling all night; at the same time exhausted, tried and sleepy (aft. 3.1/4 h.). [Htn.]

Sudden shooting drawing in the outer angle of the left orbit which spreads upwards and downwards round the eye to the inner angle (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Ws.]

Tensive shooting pain in the left outer canthus of the eye, worst on moving the yes; it went off when touched (aft. 4.1/4 h.). [Gn.]

50. Pricking itching under the left eye which is somewhat relieved by rubbing (aft. 5 h.). [Ws.]

Aching round beneath the eyelids.

Itching on the eyelids.

In the morning in bed the lids of the left eye are closed so that she can only open them with difficulty.

Heaviness of the eyelids. [Wr.]

55. Pressive heaviness in the eyelids, just as if they would close (aft. ¼ h.). [Wr.]

Tension in the left eye, near the temple (aft. ¼ h.).

In both eyes shooting and at last aching pain, in the evening (aft. 9 h.). [Wr.]

Aching and shooting in the right eye. [Fr.H-n.]

Burning in the left eye round about the eyeball.

60. Shooting in the eye.

The eyes suppurate.

The eyes are deeply sunk.

Burning pain on the outer surface of the left lower lid. [Gn.]

Redness of the white of the eye. [Fr.H-n.]

65. Great watering of the eye. [Fr.H-n.]

When she looks fixedly at a point, there occur headache and weeping of the eyes.

She can only make out distant objects by a great effort.

Severe heat of one side of the face, which is renewed even by merely thinking of it.

He has red cheeks and yet only the usual warmth in the face. [Htn.]

70. Dull ringing in the ears (aft. ½ h.). [Wr.]

Ringing in the right ear (aft. 10 h.). [Lr.]

Red swelling of the anterior convolution of the right auricle, with a pimple in it, which discharged like an ulcer for nine days; the ear was painful when pressed from without (aft. 24 h.).

In the left auricle, close to the entrance to the meatus auditorious, an inflamed lump, which later on was covered by a scab, remaining for several days painful to touch. [Hnl.]

75. Formation of boils on the left ear which are painful when touched (aft. 1 h.). [Ln.]

Burning in the orifice of the right ear. [Gn.]

Pain in the ear-cartilages per se like soreness – not altered by touching (aft. ¼ h.). [Ws.]

Tensive pain in the swelling at the orifice of the meatus auditories and formication therein, as if it would become an ulcer; sometimes stitches in it (aft. 15.1/2 h.). [Hnl.]

Fine pricks in the right ear towards the outside, as if through the membrana tympani (immediately). [Ws.]

80. Pressure in the ears and forcing in them.

Earache – a contractive pain (aft. 3 h.).

Drawing pain in the interior of the right ear (aft. 9 h.). [Wr.]

Cramp-like pain in the left ear when walking in the open air (aft. 24.1/2 h.). [Htn.]

Hardness of hearing.

85. Formicating pricks in the left nasal bone (aft. ½ h.). [Ws.]

Tearing in the nose.

(Stoppage of the nose mucus.)

Eruption on the tip of the nose and on the lips.

During dinner, after gently blowing the nose, a violent and long-continued epistaxis (aft. 3 d.). [Hnl.]

90. Aching tearing sensation in the right zygomatic arch (aft. ¼ h.). [Htn.]

Itching on the left cheek (aft. ½ h.).

Pricking itching in the left cheek (aft. ¾ h.).

Shooting on the cheek.

Swelling of the cheek.

95. Cramp-like pang from the left maxillary joint down along the cheek, in the evening when eating (aft. five days).

Twitching prick posteriorly from the right upper jaw into the right inner ear, in the evening in bed. [Hnl.]

Cramp-like pain on the left upper jaw (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Lr.]

On the left upper jaw needle-pricks darting across (aft. 2.3/4, 3.1/2 h.). [Lr.]

The lower jaw is painful when touched.

100. Fine pricks under the lower lip (aft. 7 h.). [Ws.]

Constant violent burning under the right commissure of the mouth, on the chin, as if an eruption were about to come there; on stretching the skin it becomes more violent (aft. 6 h.). [Hnl.]

The left side of the chin is painful to touch, extending to the oral commissure, as if festering (aft. 4 h.). [Ws.]

Sensation as if the cervical glands were swollen (aft. 14 h.).

Pain as if the cervical glands near the larynx and trachea were swollen (aft. 3 h.).

105. Several glandular swellings under the right side of the lower jaw, which interfere with the movement of the neck and have a tensive pain when touched (aft. 38 h.). [Lr.]

Glandular swellings under the left side of the lower jaw, which are painful on touching the neck (aft. 73 h.). [Lr.]

Sensation in the thyroid gland and the cervical glands, on taking breath as if air in them rushed up and down.

In the goitre shooting pain on swallowing, when not swallowing slight pain. [Stf.]

In the goitre, stitches also when not swallowing. [Stf.]

110. Pressive sensation in the goitre, several times daily.

Externally over the pit of the throat constant needle-pricks (in the lower part of the goitre).

Several large pimples under the chin on the neck, which are painful when pressed on (aft. 12 h.).

Stiffness of the neck when bowing and tthe head. [Ln.]

Intermittent, slow pressure on the right side of the neck, as if the skin were compressed between the fingers, the part down the jugular vein was also outwardly painful when touched. [Hbg.]

115. Painful pressure over the thyroid cartilage increased by touching (immediately). [Hbg.]

Whilst singing an aching pain in the region of the larynx (aft. 6.1/4 h.). [Htn.]

Tension of the cervical muscles especially on the right side, on bending back the head (aft. 3 d.). [Ws.]

In the goitre sensation as if something waggled and moved about in it as if alive, especially when swallowing. [Stf.]

In the goitre sensation as of a working in it, a distension and pushing, as if all would come out there. [Stf.]

120. Painful tension on the left side of the neck near adam’s apple, on turning the head towards the right side (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Ws.]

The region of the thyroid gland is as if indurated (aft. 4 d.).[Ws.]

Twitching in the right cervical muscles, when lying (aft. 24 h.). [Gn.]

At various times, twitching pricks externally in the region of the larynx. [Hnl.]

A transient stitch on the left side of the neck (aft. 1.1/4 h.). [Ws.]

125. Coarse slow stitches in the right cervical muscles, immediately on waking from sleep, which went off when swallowing and then immediately recurred (aft. 23 h.). [Htn.]

Transient formication on the neck (aft. 1.1/2 h.). [Ws.]

After opening the mouth wide and biting the teeth strongly together, a painful spasm in the cervical muscles, which drew the lower jaw forcibly down, with heaviness in the maxillary joint as if it were dislocated. [Hnl.]

Drawing needle-pricks through the left side of the neck (aft. 60 h.). [Ws.]

Painful sensation of stiffness on the left side of the nape, when he turns the head to the right side (aft. ½ h.). [Htn.]

130. frequently recurring pressive cracking pain on the left side of the nape, close to the scapula, which it not altered by any movement (aft. 7./12 h.). [Htn.]

Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was the founder of Homoeopathy. He is called the Father of Experimental Pharmacology because he was the first physician to prepare medicines in a specialized way; proving them on healthy human beings, to determine how the medicines acted to cure diseases.

Hahnemann's three major publications chart the development of homeopathy. In the Organon of Medicine, we see the fundamentals laid out. Materia Medica Pura records the exact symptoms of the remedy provings. In his book, The Chronic Diseases, Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homoeopathic Cure, he showed us how natural diseases become chronic in nature when suppressed by improper treatment.