NUX homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of NUX…


      Drowsy p.m., sleeps until 4 a.m., when one wakens and lies awake for an hour or two then falls into a dreamy troubled sleep from which one wakens late, feeling wretched.


      Fiery, excitable, irritable, oversensitive to external impressions as light, strong odors, jarring, etc., everything makes a strong impression, nervous and desire to lie down. Tongue coated, taste bad, a.m., usually bitter though food and drink taste natural. Throat as if scraped. Ineffectual urging to stool, irregular peristalsis. Irresistibly drowsy p.m., yawns and gapes. Chilly if one uncovers or moves. Is aggravation a.m., especially around 4, or if disturbed or loses sleep, or by mental effort or dry cold weather. Amelioration unbroken sleep. Face red.



      Concentration difficult, while calculating; fear, p.m., while walking; prattling in sleep; stupefaction, aggravation in sun; weeping impossible, though sad. (L): Anger, when obliged to answer; anxiety, after eating; confusion of mind, after a carousal, or from intoxicating liquors; excitement, in bed; abundant ideas, p.m., in bed; insanity of drunkards; irritable, when questioned; sad, after eating, or emissions; unconscious from odors, or after parturition. Fastidious, like Arsenicum, reverse: Sulph. Fear of knives. Irritable, wants to fight at drop of hat, passionate, fiery. Like Chamomilla, has a bad temper before and during menses; Chamomilla does not know it, Nux does. Wishes to be alone, cannot bear reading or conversation; angered if one attempts to soothe him.


      Night, waking one from sleep; after eating. (L): During chill; after dinner; room seems to whirl; from alcohol, specific; syncope. Gas, smell of (Phosphorus).


      Burning pain in forehead, after eating, and on waking; pressing pain in forehead, aggravation cold air, and in occiput, during menses, amelioration pressure; stunning, stupefying pain, after eating. (L): Heat, a.m.; intoxicated sense; pain, p.m., in bed, or, after intoxication, or, in forehead a.m., on waking, amelioration rising, or, in forehead above eyes, a.m., or, in occiput, during fever, amelioration pressure; bruised, sore pain, a.m. Is generally amelioration heat, except head.


      Granular lids, p.m.; inflamed canthi, aggravation a.m.; pain 4 a.m., on waking; pain, during pain in occiput; pain, on raising lids; burning pain, amelioration lying down; pressing pain in p.m. twilight; tearing pain at night, waking one; pulsation, a.m.; defective accommodation from overexertion; vision blurred when overheated, or, of gray points, or, dim vision of drunkards; stitches run together while sewing. (L): Discharge of pus from canthi, p.m.; burning pain in inner canthus, a.m.; photophobia, a.m.; vision dim from stimulants, or, lost during vertigo. Photophobia, a.m., tears gush on forcibly attempting to open lids, covers eyes. or buries head in pillow. As of hot water in eyes.


      Itching in Eustachian tubes compelling swallowing; noises reverberate, re-echo, forenoons; ringing in ears, during motion; stitching pain, to temples; tearing pain, aggravation warm room. (L): Itching, compelling swallowing. Itches, tickles, tingles, along Eustachian tubes, compelling swallowing, Gelsemium: coughing.


      Epistaxis, with suppressed haemorrhoidal flow; odor of cheese before nose; drinks smell putrid. (L): Coryza a.m., amelioration open air, or, from cutting hair, or, with discharge during day, dry at night, or, a.m., after rising, in open air and after eating. Coryza from sitting on cold stones or steps. Epistaxis usually at night in sleep, preceded by headache and red cheeks; stopped secretions. A valuable drug in the beginning of coryza.


      Bluish, during convulsions; pain, after abuse of coffee; tearing pain; tension of masseter muscles. Acne from cheese. As if sitting before a hot fire.


      Taste putrid, when hawking. (L): Pain in gums, after extraction of teeth; speechless, after apoplexy; taste sour, a.m., and after drinking.


      Pain, aggravation deep breathing or inspiration; drawing pain, after exertion of mind; gnawing pain, amelioration inhaling cold air, reverse of Rhus. also in warm room.


      Pressing pain, to stomach. (L): Raw pain, in cold air; stitching pain, to ear, on swallowing; scratching. As if scraped.


      Appetite ravenous, in dysentery; aversion to beer, a.m.; bitter eructations, while fasting, and foul, a.m.; heartburn, a.m., before breakfast; indigestion, after abuse of drugs; nausea, p.m., after drinking, or, with inability to vomit; cramping, griping pain causing urging to stool. (L): Aversion to ale; indigestion, after coffee or from mental exertion; nausea, a.m., in bed, or, during dinner, menses or sweat; pain, a.m., and amelioration warm drinks and heat of bed; cramping pain, after eating; vomiting on hawking up mucus, or, from intoxication, or, of blood, with suppressed piles. Desires stimulants and fat things, reverse of Pulsatilla Distress immediately after eating, reverse of Anacardium Pain aggravation light, amelioration hard pressure and transiently amelioration vomiting. Gagging from least draft of air, tickling feet or touching throat. Great hunger 24 hours before attack of dyspepsia; craves meat, gravies and fat food. Vomiting in which retching predominates over the vomiting, the more it is Nux; vomits with difficulty. Nausea and vomiting frequently accompany states requiring Nux vomica, as with Belladonna Pain in stomach comes an hour after eating, Ab-n. once, Kreosotum 3 hours, and Kali-bi. immediately after. Extremely touchy about food, and aversion to food just eaten.


      As if falling down, obliges one to walk carefully; pain from suppressed haemorrhoidal flow, or, in sides during menses; cramping pain, from suppressed haemorrhoidal flow; pressing pain in sides, during menses; stitching pain driving one to stool, with tearing. (L): Hernia, umbilical; pain, aching, dull, a.m., or, in bed, or, during pregnancy; cramping, griping pain, a.m. in bed; cutting pain, amelioration after stool, and in navel region, before stool; dragging, bearing down pain, with urging to stool; sore, bruised and tender pain, a.m., in bed; stitching pain, during menses and on sitting; weak in inguinal region. Colic from suppressed piles, of infants from flatus with constipation, Chamomilla, with diarrhoea, frequent ineffectual desire for stool. Hernia, incarcerated or otherwise, from weakness of ring, or, that has slipped down into sack will often reduce itself by applying a hot bran poultice; especially valuable for children, when from constipation or crying, especially if they are very cross; and for babies, left side, right side: Lycopodium Sense of goneness in groin, like Conium


      Diarrhoea from drugging, or from ginger; formication in anus at night; pain, after mental exertion; stitching pain after eating, Causticum: before (L): Constant desire for stool, constipation; diarrhoea, after alcoholic drinks, or, cathartics, or, after a debauch. In constipation, the harder one strains the harder it is to pass the stool. The constipation of Nux is due to irregular action of bowels; that of Sulph. to dryness of the membranes.


      Brown balls.


      Cystitis after suppressed menstrual or haemorrhoidal flow; itching in neck of bladder, a.m., in bed; aching pain in bladder, on lying down; urine retained in bladder, after beer; spasms in neck of bladder, after sexual excesses; pain from kidney, to right thigh; urethra contracted after urination; pricking pain in urethra, before urination; urine bloody from suppressed menstrual flow or haemorrhoidal flow. (L): Pressing pain in bladder, during urination; painful urging, with urging to stool; tearing in urethra, during urination.


      Erections, noon, after a nap; digging pain in uterus, during menses; prolapsed vagina, from lifting. (L): Contracting pain in male genitalia and in spermatic cord; seminal emissions, during day; bearing down in female genitalia, during urging to stool; cramping pain in uterus, causing her to double up; labor – like pain, faints, causing urging to stool. Internal swelling and burning in vagina, after laceration, like a prolapsus. Frequent fainting spells about time of menses, especially in warm room. Labor pains that are inefficient, but produce an ineffectual urging to stool and urinate instead. Prolapsus uteri, recent, from wrenching; if not sufficient try Sepia Is said to renew labor pains as well as induce expulsive pains for the placenta. Labor, when pains in back end up in a desire to defecate and urinate. Menses cease at night, irregular.


      Asthma, especially gastric, amelioration belching. Dyspnoea, from pressure of flatus upward.


      After midnight, until daybreak; dry, while lying on back, amelioration lying on side, aggravation at midnight; paroxysmal, evening, after lying down; persistent, at midnight, lying on back, amelioration lying on side; violent, morning before rising. Morning, in bed; dry, after midnight; paroxysmal, morning before rising from bed; violent, morning early in bed. Morning, amelioration warm drinks, reverse: Causticum and Cuprum, aggravation eating, reverse: Spongia, causing scraping. Gaping with Cough which aggravation.


      Bloody, morning, and with suppressed menses.


      Hemorrhage, after anger; convulsive palpitation; weak tired feeling about heart. (L): Constriction, during chill; flatulence; hemorrhage, of drunkards and from suppressed haemorrhoidal flow; jerking about heart; drawing pain; palpitation, after coffee and on lying after dinner. Nipples sore, white spot in center. As of a lump of hot lead under middle of sternum.


      Pain, 4 a.m., drives one out of bed; aching pain in open air, and on turning over in bed, must sit up in bed to turn over; laming pain in lumbar region, after a difficult parturition; sore, bruised, beaten pain in lumbar region, aggravation 3 to 4 morning, and in spine from running a sewing machine. (L): Cold morning; must sit up to turn over in bed. Pain down right ureter into genitals, nausea, vomiting and pain in Back. Pain in lumbar region, night in bed, the longer one lies the worse it gets, must sit up in bed to turn over. Pain as if Back would break; Kali-c., as if broken.


      Pulsating chilblains; chilliness of legs during sciatica, with contractions; convulsions of foot on touch; formication in paralyzed lower limbs; heaviness of upper Limbs on ascending steps; pain in calf, on coughing, amelioration heat of bed; drawing pain in thigh and leg, before chill; sudden paralysis of upper Limbs at night, with shocks; trembling of hands, from tobacco. (L): Contraction of hamstrings, on walking; legs blue; pain in joints, morning, and in legs, amelioration heat; paralysis of lower Limbs after apoplexy or from sexual excesses; trembling of hands in delirium tremens; weakness of knees as if they would knock together. Finger nails turn blue during chill.


      Sleepy, during diarrhoea. (L): Dreams of anger, disease and quarrels; falls to sleep, on sitting up, especially evening; sleepless, from abuse of wine; yawns during day. Wakens tired and unrefreshed and often with a suspicion of a headache. Dreams of lice. Should get up when one first wakens morning, or one will be sorry if one does not, as all the worst aggravation come on during second sleep. Sleep attainable only by stimulants.


      Morning, during menses, after faintness; shivering, afternoons, nails blue and cold for hours followed by heat, but no sweat. (L): Morning, if uncovered; evening not amelioration external heat; shaking chill, with sweat; violent chill, face and hands bluish, skin mottled. Cold. Limbs ache; sore bruised pain as if in periosteum: Arnica Drinking aggravation, reverse of Causticum Neither amelioration heat of stove nor by covering; aggravation uncovering: Phosphorus Pains in sacrum; in dorsal vertebrae: Chin-s. Sleeps after chill; during heat: Apis.


      Anticipating; dry Heat, after coition. (L): Heat increased in open air; chill absent 6 evening; shivering and sweat; from motion, reverse of Caps. Desires uncovering but aggravation thereby; aversion to uncovering: Belladonna; cold and chilly from putting hands out from under the bed covers: Baryta carb.; cannot move or uncover in the least but one feels chilly: Arnica Must be covered up, reverse of Secale


      On motion, brings on chilliness. Hot sweat, like Opi., but Opi. wants covers off, while Nux does not dare raise covers. Chilly if air strikes one. Copious. One side; on trunk but not on legs: Lycopodium


      Yellow, after anger.


      Convulsions, from bending head back; faint, 8 to 9 evening, and after belching or walking in open air. Faint, from odors; pulse fluttering; night reveling; weak morning on waking. Amelioration, heat, except head, like Arsenicum Convulsions renewed by least noise or touch, breath of air or sudden lightning. Spasms that are renewed by least touch often immediately cease when patient is grasped tightly. Spasms from eating unripe fruit, or, with increased sensitiveness. Convulsions with unconsciousness; with red face and closed eyes. Faints after diarrhoeic stool, after vomiting, and after labor pains. Epilepsy, fit comes on during stool. OVersensitive to drugs. Smallest fatal dose 3 grs. Seems to intensify action of Sepia Acts best given evening; should not be given just after a meal or when mind is on a strain; acts more rapidly on paralyzed parts than others. Tries to sober up even in delirium tremens. “The greatest drug to clean the slate when we have balled up our cases. “.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.