CUPRUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of CUPRUM…


      Spasms, convulsive tendency, or cramps, usually begin in fingers and toes by twitching, may be preceded by blindness, thumbs clenched across palms, fingers drawn tightly and violently over thumbs and difficult to open, face and lips blue, muscles often drawn into knots and may remain so.


      The grand central characteristic is – SPASMS. Restless tossing about; constantly uneasy and changing about. Eyes sunken, blue rings around. Face depicts fear and anguish. Taste slimy, metallic. Great thirst for cold drinks which amelioration. cold viscid sweat. Cold, bluish skin. suddenness; violence manifested everywhere; all actions spasmodic or convulsive; convulsive sphincters; convulsive cramps all over body, twitch, jerk, tremble; irregular activities.



      Anxiety before attack of whooping cough; malignant insanity; stupefaction from suppressed exanthemata. Delirium: loquacious, apathy follows; bellows like a calf; talks and prattles incoherently. Belladonna and Cuprum have a high state of sensitiveness, but Belladonna unlike Cuprum has a high state of congestion. Insanity: fits; when inflammation suddenly ceases. Afraid of one’s own thoughts, desires diversion from them. Like Arsenicum, fears to be left alone. Excitable. Frenzy. Exposes teeth. Child afraid of strangers during dentition. Mania, bites, tears, foolish gestures of mimicry, or, shrieks with great fear, tries to escape from everyone, chilly not amelioration heat. Convulsions, between attacks talks incoherently, delirious, spiteful, violent, weeps or shrieks. Nervous, wants to fly. Girls who have always had their own way, never been crossed, as they grow toward puberty and must submit to discipline, have mad fits and cramps.


      In attacks, amelioration stool.


      Lancinating pain in forehead amelioration pressure. (L): Pain in forehead between eyes. In brain affections, congestion, meningitis, or apoplexy, spasms in some degree must be present from simple twitching of fingers and toes to general convulsions; brain affections of child, catarrhal fever, difficult dentition or exanthematic disease, cannot hold head up. Ache: after epileptic attack; valuable when extremely violent, continued, sense of water poured over head; violent vomit all food and drink, eyes sunken; extremely violent over frontal sinuses, in nasal catarrh, like Kali-i. Metastasis to brain from other organs. Meningitis from suppressed eruption, loud screams, blue lips and above identification.


      Vision lost before convulsion, on looking up. Balls: rotate constantly, lids closed; turn up, either in or outward. Deep, sunken, blue rings around. Sudden blindness during progress of labor. Itch severely. Spasms of muscles, jerk, twitch, roll, like Agaricus


      Drumming in ears lain on, amelioration rising up.


      As of a violent rush of blood to.


      Pale. Blue lips and. Neuralgia, pains burn, sting, aggravation touch like Arsenicum


      Chronically inflamed tongue. Froth. A slimy, metallic taste is strongly indicative; Rhus the only other remedy. Tongue: cold breath and; paralysis, with general paralysis; darts back and forth, like Lachesis, rapidly. Speech: spasms of throat prevent speech; stutters. Sweet taste.


      Grinds in brain affections, but if from worms: Cina.


      Spasms: prevent speech; of oesophagus, like Zincum met., paroxysmal, cough, intense pain behind sternum on attempting to swallow. Swallow with a gurgle that goes down through intestines.


      Cramping deathly feeling below sternum; retching before epilepsy; vomit from receding eruption. (L): Deathlike sense; disposed to cramping pain; deathly sense below sternum. Spasms. Cramps: violent cutting in abdomen and, through to back, as if transfixed, prevents least motion; violent colic and constipated. Desire warm food and drink, like Lycopodium; eat and drink greedily, Hepar hastily. Vomit: obstinately, always on waking a.m. on least motion; purges and, with cold dry blue skin; hiccough, spasms and, amelioration drinking cold water. Excessive fierce pain at intervals. Cardialgia, violent spasmodic vomiting and pressure.


      Drawing pain in left hypochondrium, to hip. (L): Drawing pain in left hypochondrium; spasms of muscles. Colic: violent intermittent cramps and; spasmodic movements of muscles; most horrible, tend to collapse, convulsive vomiting, hiccup. Cramps, violent spasms or, in all limbs and upper abdomen, screams. Neuralgia of viscera, like Colocynthis Tense or contracted, hot, tender to touch.


      Cholera: workers in copper mines rarely ever get constipated; prophylactic, like Sulph., when taken internally or worn next to skin; morbus or infantum, terrible cramping pain; Asiatic, spasmodic stage most prominent, and above IDENTIFICATION, painful pressure in scrobiculum aggravation touch, drinks pass down with an audible gurgling noise, chest contracted, vomit; or, scanty stool, desires warm food and drink, swallow with a gurgling sound, most terrible cramps in stomach, abdomen and limbs, purges, screams, and above IDENTIFICATION; Camp. : dry constipated, cold, averse to uncovering predominate; Veratrum : profuse discharges and cold sweat especially on forehead predominate; in Cuprum: CRAMPS and blueness.


      Urination involuntary and unconscious in mania; urine copious after epilepsy. (L): Urine suppressed in convulsions. Urine scanty in brain affections.


      Afterpains: severe, crampy, in multipara; above IDENTIFICATION is to be found in dysmenorrhoea, childbed and afterpains. Chlorosis after abuse of iron, like Pulsatilla, aggravation hot weather. Cramps prevent coition, Graphites during, in aged persons who have been long single, then remarried, or, in those prematurely old, they appear in the calves, legs and feet. Dysmenorrhoea: violent delirium, eyes turn up, face distorts, sense of epilepsy; especially with above IDENTIFICATION; often hysterical. Menses suppressed by a cold bath, like Aconite, when convulsions come on. Labor, when sudden blindness comes on, light in room seem to go out, pains ceases and convulsions as in above IDENTIFICATION come on. Puerperal convulsions. Young girls at first menses, violent cramps in abdomen, limbs and uterus, diarrhoea.


      Hoarse in dry cold air. Voice cracked, squeaky; weak.


      Dyspnoea: intense, a handkerchief before nose or face takes breath away; the more d. the more the thumbs are clenched and the fingers cramped; breath interrupted and almost suppressed, cough; spasmodic; pain almost takes breath away. Asthma: hiccup begins attack; millari, of child, attack violent, no cough; spasmodic, face blue, throat constricted, intense dyspnoea, retches, vomits.


      Uninterrupted paroxysms; in sea wind. (L): Long lasting paroxysms, convulsions. Respiration interrupted, almost suppressed. Whooping: amelioration drinking cold water, like Coc- c.; child gets stiff, breathing apparently ceases, spasmodic twitchings, after a while they vomit and recover slowly, or, child coughs into a complete cataleptic spasm with each paroxysm; violent, spasmodic, face purple, vomits; threatens suffocation of child; long uninterrupted attacks till breath is gone; most malignant forms; chilly before attack.


      Constriction from anger, after drinking and before vomiting. Constriction: deathly sense of beneath sternum on attempting to swallow; as if transfixed with a knife from xiphoid appendix to back, or, as of a lump or wind collecting there. Knifelike thrusts from ensiform cartilage to back, aggravation least motion. Beginning paralysis of lungs, sudden dyspnoea, great prostration follows. Pneumonia, lack of reaction, cold sweat and surface, excessive dyspnoea. Chronic aortitis, like Baryta carb., distress behind sternum.


      Pain, to stomach, reverse of Belladonna Spinal irritation, violent paroxysms of pain, spine extremely sensitive its whole length.


      Thumbs clenched in epilepsy after a fall on head; cold fingers and headache alternate; feet icy cold, soles burn; convulsions of, during cough; foot and calf cramp on attempting coition; fingers jerk during chorea, to arms; irregular motion of fingers. (L): Fingers clench; hand cramps; thumbs drawn in; herpes on elbow; fingers twitch. Cramp: violent spasms or, in all limbs, and especially in legs and feet, screams; muscles of calves and thighs draw into knots; Podophyllum same in intestines. Convulsion: usually begins in fingers and toes; tonic spasms of thumbs. Paralysis: flexors, Plb. extensors; of lower, suffocative attacks, heat internally, cold externally like Arsenicum and reverse of Carb-v., anxiety, anguish, from fright. Lets things fall from hands, like Agaricus and Apis. Lymphatic vessels inflame, hand to shoulder, violent swelling of hand. Child shoots out limbs with great violence, then against abdomen as violently, back and forth, like Tabacum


      Deep, after convulsions.


      After epilepsy. Surface intensely cold and blue, long continued cold sweat and great prostration.


      Fever intermittent, body icy cold, predominates, surface blue, collapse, urine suppressed.


      Cold, long continued.


      Symptoms from suppressed eruptions; from undeveloped: Zinc,; as important as Zincum met. in suppressed eruption of measles and scarlet fever, from chill or exposure to wind, when convulsions as in above IDENTIFICATION result, and is the first remedy to be though of. In measles it brings out the rash and amelioration dry cough rapidly.


      Convulsions begin in fingers and toes; metastasis. Convulsions after vexation. Chlorosis after abuse of iron, like Pulsatilla, aggravation hot weather. Belladonna and Cuprum have a high state of sensitiveness, Belladonna having also a high state of congestion. Paralysis of flexors, Plb. extensors. Trembles. Pains, knifelike aggravation least motion, take breath away, thinks one must die if they last. Spasm: vomit, hiccup, amelioration cold drinking water; after vexation or fright; as if dead after convulsion: cramp or, drawing in fingers precede, thumbs clench or muscles twitch; shriek on going into; appears as dead after; when pain is on he wants to be covered up and have doors and windows closed; after suppression of discharge; great weakness, muscles relaxed; flexion and extension; uraemic, after cholera; before outbreak of measles, scarlet fever or suppressed eruption; from worms, like Cina; suddenly stopped discharges; between attacks: tired, weak, body relaxed; paralysis after; eradicates tendency to cramp and. Exhaustion of mind and body from overexertion and loss of sleep, like Cocc. and Nux. Results from suppressed skin troubles, especially acute exanthemata. Chorea: epilepsy and other purely nervous spasmodic affections all carry the above IDENTIFICATION; from fright; most violent, spasmodic vomiting, cold sweat; violent hysterical symptoms, violent laughing or weeping; during pregnancy. Child lies on abdomen, thrusts feet up, like Medorrhinum Epilepsy: clearly idiopathic, no organic lesion, aggravation about new moon, after mental excitement or fright; characterized by most violent spasms, cold sweat, blue surface; with above IDENTIFICATION, fall with a shriek, passes faeces and urine during attack; begins with constriction in lower part of chest. The chief characteristic of Cuprum is – its symptoms are disposed to appear periodically or in groups. Muscles knot and remain so. Neuritis, lightninglike pains aggravation touch; Mag-p. amelioration heat and pressure. The dynamic antidote is especially Hepar

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.