CINA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of CINA…


      Touchy, mentally and physically, disposed to constantly pick the nose, face pale especially around nose and mouth even during fever, sickly appearance around eyes; child proof against all caresses.


      Irritable, nervous, peevish. Obstinate. Child: cannot be quieted; cries piteously if any one looks at it or attempts to touch or lead it; is aggravated at first touch, as when lifted from cradle; cross and strikes at everybody. Dark blue rings around eyes; pupils dilated. Chews, swallows, grinds teeth, at night during sleep, is restless and cries out. Appetite: capricious; desires many and different things; refuses ordinary food; great after a meal; canine alternating with loss of. Urine turbid, jellylike. Limbs twitch. Aggravation: night; early a.m., and after a meal.



      Indifferent to caresses; child: morose all day, cannot be quieted, cries piteously if taken hold of or carried, or, wants to be carried or rocked, or, does not wish to be touched or looked at. Desires things, pushes them away when offered, like Bryonia and Staph Child aggravation seeing strangers. Disturbed by everything, aggravation eating a moderate meal.


      Drawing pain in temples during cough. Symptoms of cerebral meningeal irritability, especially from worms, especially with swollen hot abdomen. Hydrocephalus, internal, headache from touch of, or on tapping, spinal cord, always aggravation in sun when head is hot and feet cold. Ache: skull sensitive before and during, child cannot have hair combed, women must wear their hair hanging down back. Sometimes amelioration rolling or turning head from side to side.


      Ache after masturbation; violet vision. (L): Sickly look around; vision: blue, but especially yellow. Asthenopia, vision blurred on attempting to read, amelioration rubbing eyes. Muscles about face and twitch. Upper lid weak, can hardly be opened, like Causticum and Gelsemium Strabismus from worms. Presbyopia, especially beginning in middle life of women, and from eyes strain, like Ruta, sensitive, nervous. Optical illusions in bright color.


      Fluent coryza at noon. (L): Rubs constantly, itches (is very restless, wets bed). Bores in till blood comes, like Arum. Child rubs nose against pillow or against shoulder of nurse.


      Bluish about lips and mouth; red on waking. Red or suddenly bluish, pale white about nose and mouth. Bright glowing red, hot cheeks alternating with pale sickly face and dark circles or rings around eyes. Muscles about eyes and, twitch, especially with disordered stomach and bowels. Symptoms vary rapidly, like Chamomilla Burning hot. Neuralgia of malar bones as if pinched by pincers, like Verb. Chewing or side to side motion of jaw, even before baby has teeth. Rising heat, cheeks glowing red, thirstless, after sleep.


      “Worm breath.” Worms pass out through mouth Chorea, to tongue.


      Grinds in sleep, tumbles, tosses.


      Clucking sound in oesophagus; gurgles after cough (L): Convulsive gurgling on drinking. Swallows oft, as if something came up in throat.


      Appetite changeable and at unusual times, desire many things. Vomit: mucus; tongue clean like Ip., but with canine hunger. Drinks roll audibly into stomach, like Cuprum, Hydr-ac. and Lauro., during whooping cough. Child always spitting up sour milk, sour belchings. Loaded, yet hunger not amelioration eating, like Iodium (the worms seem to get all the good from the food eaten), vomiting neither amelioration nor takes away the desire for more food; child, when full up to the chin, still craves the bottle, like Calc-p. which wants to nurse all the time. Shudders when drinking wine as if it was vinegar. Gnawing sense as from hunger.


      Crest of ilium twitches. Distended, hard, sore, hot, very sore about navel where there is a great deal of colic, sometimes amelioration pressure, like Colocynthis and Podophyllum Child sleeps on abdomen, wakes if turned over; Podophyllum has stools only amelioration lying on abdomen.


      Diarrhoea, intermittent. Worms: reflex symptoms; the most powerful eliminator of round; useless in oxyuria; pass out through mouth; thread. Diarrhoea and indigestion from least disturbance, aggravation summer, stools green slimy or white, vomits.


      White, like little pieces of popcorn popped Scanty.


      Urine: turns milky on standing; white, turbid, often fetid like Calcarea Frequent desire all day. Wets bed, especially from worms.


      Metrorrhagia, little girls.


      Interrupted inspiration (sometimes omitted).


      Choking, suffocative, a.m., after rising; dry, sneezing; fretting. (L): Nervous. Child: raises itself suddenly before, looks wildly about, becomes stiff and unconscious as if it would have epilepsy, then coughs; hacking, hoarse, gurgling downward, swallows after cough; whooping, drinks roll audibly into stomach with clucking sound down oesophagus as child comes out of spasm or paroxysm. Gagging, a.m.


      As if sternum lay too close to back, breathing embarrassed, anxiety and sweat.


      Convulsion, extensors; foot jerks, spasms; sore bruised pain on pressure, and of toes; stitching cramplike pain in upper, and in foot like a pressure; stiff before cough; hands twitch during cough (L): Arms extended during paroxysm. Boring from within out, below gluteii, on sitting, amelioration pressure and motion. Feet cold, head hot while in sun.


      Restless, changes position often, or wakes frequently in fright or screams and trembles. Spasmodic yawning, trembles, shivers. Screams out sharply, like Apis. Only while lying on abdomen or in constant motion. Dreams prolonged into waking hours, thinks them real. Child wakes p.m., or before midnight, in fright or fear, jumps up, sees sights, screams, trembles, tosses about, anxious. Grinds teeth. Suitable to complaints arising from yawning.


      Shivers, trembles, yawns. Thirst, face pale, cold, hands warm, nausea, vomits.


      Rising, cheeks red. Fever sudden, very high face hot, glowing red, pale around mouth and lips, or, this may alternate with pale face and dark rings around eyes. Typhoid fever with above ESSENTIAL.


      Convulsion of extensors; spasm, feet jerk; sore bruised pain on pressure, and of toes; stitching cramping pain in upper limbs, and in feet like a pressure. (L): Convulsions from worms. Convulsions: face pale, the more one stiffens out straight the better one rests, restless; fever and, aggravation touch, sensitive, delirium, eyes glassy, mouth drawn, white rings about nose and mouth; froth at mouth; from punishment of child, like Chamomilla and especially Ignatia

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.