CHINA OFFICINALIS homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of CHINA OFFICINALIS…


      Extreme debility, especially from loss of animal fluids, with nervous erethism, with gradually increasing anaemia and great pallor.


      Ears ring, roar. Eructations afford no amelioration Face pale. Taste bitter. Loathes food; indifferent to eating and drinking; cannot eat fruit or sour things; if one craves anything it is something pungent, as spices, stimulants and coffee beans. Irritability, aggravation at night, and even on being looked at, like Ant-c. Copious flatus. Sweat on least exertion. Skin sensitive. Children continually ask for dainties. The pains tear, twinge, cut, or a jerklike tearing or sticking. Aggravation, and extremely sensitive to, slight touch, dreads the slightest approach lest he be touched (Arnica, in gout); draught of cold air, and motion. Amelioration: Hard pressure, like Bryonia and Colocynthis



      Delirium, after loss of fluids; delusion that one is hindered at work; mirth, at night till 2 a.m.; objects seem unworthy. (L): Anxiety, before chill, delusion on seeing people, on closing eyes; mind dull, a.m., on waking; fear of animals; misplaces words. Anxious from dreams, with starting up.


      Bursting pain, on closing eyes, amelioration opening them; jerking pain in temples, on motion, to upper jaw; stitching pain, temple to temple; tearing, rending pain, over eyes, a.m. (Lycopodium, p.m.); pulsating, after loss of blood. (L): Distended bloodvessels; pain, to teeth; pain in occiput, on lying; pain in temples, on motion; pressing asunder; as of hair was pulled; sore, bruised, after mental exertion; sweat, on walking in open air; pulsating, as if brain was beating against skull, as of waves, and in temples, on motion.


      Pain, 8 to 9 a.m.; burn, alternately; paralysis of optic nerve, right, then left; vision of golden chains dangling before eyes, or of white margins around letters; focal distance unequal. (L): Burning pain, first one, then the other; vision dim, at night. During haemorrhage sees persons and objects on closing eyes, which disappear on opening them.


      Discharge of blood, after prolonged suppuration. (L): Ears ring during headache.


      Tearing pain in dorsum of nose; cold sweat around nose.


      Heat in face, on entering room from warm air; pain in parotids, on swallowing, left side to right; burning pain, aggravation touch. (L): Black; cold sweat around mouth. Erysipelas of infants, limbs hot, swollen, like Aconite; tincture China if face erysipelas without vesication.


      Stitching, burning pain in tongue. (L): Burning, raw, smarting in tip of tongue, as from pepper; food and tobacco taste bitter. Everything tastes bitter (Aconite, except water).


      Pain, in nursing mothers. (L): Pain, during sweat; black sordes.


      Appetite lost, in foggy weather; fermentation, like Arnica, and sour eructations, after fruit; cramping, griping pain, after loss of animal fluids. (L): Appetite returns only while eating; aversion to hot food; distension, not amelioration eructations; pain, from loss of animal fluids, amelioration motion; vomiting of bile, during cough. Drinks little and often like Arsenicum Digestion is slow, and China is one of the most flatulent of remedies. Nausea aggravation sitting up; Cocc., in bed. Child always wanting dainties, irritable on waking, like Lycopodium, bad taste, and white tongue, like Ant-c. Thirst before chill, but not during, then after chill, but especially during the sweat.


      Cold, on every inspiration; fermentation and flatulence, after fruit, and flatulence after drinking tea; fullness, while eating; pain, on walking rapidly; pressing in hypochondria, on standing, amelioration bending forward. (L): Distension, after drinking; spleen hard, inflamed; pain, amelioration passing flatus; pain in liver, aggravation pressure; swelling of spleen. Colic, coming on regularly every night at 12 o’clock. China 6x is said to permanently eradicate the tendency to gall – stone colic, with attending symptoms.


      Diarrhoea at night, but only after eating during the day; flatus, without amelioration. Excoriation between nates, on walking; hard piles; pain in perineum, on walking; sore pain on walking; diarrhoea, afternoon, or, on alternate days, or, after smallpox, and, after weaning. diarrhoea exhausts excessively, the reverse of Ph-ac., aggravation hot weather and after fruit.


      Lienteric, after fruit.


      Involuntary urination at night, in weakly children.


      Congestion to womb, after haemorrhage; womb heavy, while walking; womb inflamed, after haemorrhage or sexual excesses. Uterine haemorrhage from excessive tea drinking or after abuse of chamomile tea. Convulsions right in the midst of haemorrhage, like Secale; the principal remedy.


      Asthmatic breathing in Autumn. (L): Whistling breathing.


      Haemorrhage, in nursing mothers; inflamed lungs, from loss of animal fluids; oppression of chest, from continued talking; aching pain in lower part, amelioration lying; drawing pain, on sitting, amelioration standing or walking; pressing pain, amelioration standing; sore, bruised pain, aggravation lying; palpitation, before chill; phthisis pulmonalis, after haemorrhage. (L): Sore, bruised pain, on percussion.


      Pain in scapulae, aggravation pressure; as if crushed, in lumbar region, on motion; sweat on cervical region, on least motion. (L): Heaviness, in sacral region; cramplike pain in lumbar region, on motion. Sacrum aches as from a heavy load, on long stooping. Spinal irritation, pain about eyes, vision weak.


      Pressing pain, after walking in open air; tearing pain, aggravation touch, in upper limbs, hands, fingers, lower limbs, thigh and foot, and paralytic in knees; invisible trembling. (L): Legs constricted as with a garter; pain in upper limb, on touch; tearing, jerking, and in upper limbs. Feet aggravation slippers, amelioration tight shoes.


      Dreams of vomiting worms; sleep restless, night before paroxysm; sleepless from haemorrhage; sleep, during long lasting heat. (L): Sleepy after supper. Uneasy sleep at night, with dreams that cause anxiety and starting up, on waking from which one cannot collect one’s senses, or about which one continues to be anxious, is very characteristic of China.


      Chilly in open air, heat in warm room; chill alternate with heat, afternoon. (L): Cold, during day; shaking chill, from draught of air. Chilly and prostrated, wants to be wrapped up, but cannot bear the fire. Great thirst before chill; with bone pains: Eup.; thirstless during chill, reverse of Ignatia; drinking during chill makes all symptoms unbearable: Cimex. Desires to be near hot stove but it increases chill, reverse of Ignatia


      Alternates with chill, afternoon; long lasting heat, with sleep. (L): Burning heat, with prickling over body; heat aggravation motion, reverse of Caps. Hectic fever, after the opening of an abscess, and if given before the opening, prevents collapse. Thirsty shortly before heat. Side lain on; reverse of Benzinum.


      At night, when covered ever so little; cold, clammy, with haemorrhage. Except where one lies on cheek.


      Chorea, from loss of animal fluids; internal trembling, after menses; weak, on rising from a seat. (L): Faint, from loss of fluids; tearing, jerking pain in bones. Acute effects of loss of animal fluids, Ph-ac., chronic effects, as from long lasting hemorrhage, exhausting diarrhoea, etc. The chief pains caused by China appear to be jerklike tearing, or sticking, jerking; they are not only aggravated on touch and motion, but even after they have disappeared, are renewed by merely touching the part, and often increased to frightful severity. the tincture of China is antiseptic, destroying amoebic motion and retarding tissue change. The pains are brought about by exposure to cold wind, and cold air, and are aggravation motion and touch.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.