AURUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of AURUM…


      Profound acute mental depression, settled melancholy and suicidal mania, despair.


      Profound sadness, horrible depression of spirits, hopeless, loathes life, longs for death and a constant feeling of neglect. No other remedy produces a more acute mental depression. Affections preeminently perverted. Want of self confidence. Weeps. Memory weak. Extremely irritable; always in a state of vexation. Extremely anxious with palpitation. Over sensitive to all pain, it drives one to despair, like Aconite Veins full. Pulse small, weak, rapid Pains: violent, tear, bones ache as if they would break; knifelike in periosteum. All glands of body more or less affected. Averse to uncovering. Desires open are, like Pulsatilla, but Pulsatilla is mild, gentle, yielding, Aurum obstinate, irascible. Aggravation: night; sunset to sunrise, like Syphilinum; warm bed and evening. Amelioration: cold wet weather, reverse of Dulcamara Erythism or vascular fullness characterizes all the complaints.



      No confidence in oneself, thinks others have none, makes one unhappy; delusion that one needs reproach for neglect of duty; despair about others; excited during pain, or, about religion, laughs and loathes life alternately; speaks continually in questions; sadness and physical energy alternate, as do stupefaction and convulsions; weeps when meeting people, Lycopodium when thanked. (L): Desires death evening; delusion of neglected duty; impulse to jump from a height, or, out of the window; moans during sleep; suicidal disposition during pain; weary of life, evening. Constant rapid questioning, waits for no replies. Depression from want of children. Melancholy; from supposed loss of friendship; feels hateful and quarrelsome; terribly so after abuse of Mercurius, sad, hopeless. Anguish; precordial distress. Excited furiously by contradiction or dispute, pugnacity aroused, face becomes red. Averse to one’s occupation, weeps. Absolute loss of enjoyment in everything. Sits and broods; looks on the dark side of everything.


      Of syphilitics.


      Tearing rending pain in sides of occiput aggravation motion. (L): Tearing pain in vertex. Ache: aggravation growing warm; maddening pain, often as of air blowing on one, looks to see where draught comes from though there is none, very sensitive; often wants Head covered up, though it feels hot; face bloated flushed shiny; occiput, in heart disease, circulation sluggish, face purple, skin dusky. Skull bones and periosteum sore to touch.


      Amelioration muscular exertion; melanosis; yellow spots marked by a network of bloodvessels on cornea; vision: yellow crested – shaped bodies moving obliquely upward, or foggy in hemiopia amelioration moonlight, or, sparks on exertion of mind. (L): Injected cornea; hemiopia, upper half of vision lost. Great vascularity, iris inflamed, especially aggravation touch, sore around eyes, as if in bones. Vision: tension interferes with; as if upper half was covered with a dark body and remains invisible; bright floating specks and dots seen by gaslight; showers of bright starlike bodies seen in upper dark section of field of vision, which shoots up and divides, then sees stars in every direction, like a rocket that explodes and comes down in a shower; hemiopia, left eye. Similar to Asa. in pain about eye, but Asa. is amelioration pressure. Protrude as in exophthalmic goitre, heart enlarged. Iritis, much pain around eyes, seemingly deep in bone. Pupils dilate irregularly. Amelioration: cold water; moonlight.


      (L): Pain behind left, bores, pricks; hearing acute amelioration music. Oversensitive to noise, amelioration music. Nose and, annoyingly dry. Rushing, as of wind or falling water.


      Brown red spots; tip knobby; bones sore, right side. (L): Nostrils agglutinated; cancer; discharge fetid; right side inflamed; boring pain in bones nights; sore bruised pain in bones; ulcerative pain inside right nostril on touch. Horrible odor from mouth and. Ozena and caries of bone where Kali-bi. seems indicated and fails. Flattens down; bones discharged, like Hepar and Mercurius Coryza, discharge thick, like white of egg. Tip knobby red, like Lachesis Strawberry Nose. Little knots on, composed of varicose veins, in right sided heart cases, as found also in old drinkers. Epithelioma of wing and lip, horrible offensive odor from Nose, pain in bones and loss of smell.


      Epithelioma near wing of nose; parotids pain on touch; boring pain in zygoma aggravation walking; burning pain in caries. (L): Caries of bone, bone inflames; sore bruised pain in lower jaw. Red, during excitement. Pale red spots in heart affections. Blue about nose and lips. Glowing red. Bloated, flushed, shiny, headache.


      Boring pain in palate; taste milky, or, as of spoiled game. (L): Caries of palate. Wart on tongue. Horrible odor from nose and.


      Thyroid enlarged, pulse rapid full, eyes protrude.


      Pressing pain aggravation expiration. Nausea a.m., amelioration after breakfast. Digestion slow. Drunkards crave alcohol.


      (L): Inguinal hernia, child. Liver enlarged, hard, inflamed, especially in connection with enlarged heart.


      Heavy ring of warts around anus.


      Often fluid, grayish, bileless.


      Ineffectual urging aggravation during menses. Urine turbid, reddish sediment.


      Sore bruised pain in testes 6 to 11 p.m.; sweat on male genitalia, a.m.; uterus prolapsed after straining. (L): Enlarged right teste; sarcocele; ovary heavy; uterus indurated. Leucorrhoea: thick white or yellowish, aggravation walking; copious, yellow. Sterility, especially if want of children has resulted in depressed spirits. Pining boys and girls at puberty; undeveloped testes in puny boys. Sweat mostly on and around genitalia. Complaints of female genitalia, of pelvis and abortion, all from straining and reaching up arms, as in reaching up at window to fix curtains, etc. Uterus ulcerated and indurated from repeated abortions. Testes chronically enlarged. Cystic mammary tumor. Climaxis, flushes of heat followed by sweat and sometimes chilliness.


      (L): Sobbing. Asthma, emphysema, purely nervous, of aged, aggravation wet weather. Suffocates in warm room, warm clothing, walking fast, or ascending stairs.


      Fat about heart, nervous irritability; pains wander from joint to joint, locate in heart. Palpitation: anxious, from congestion to chest; anguish, tremulous, fearful; heart strong and fast; great agony, extreme oppression; if suddenly spoken to; keeps one awake. Heart: trouble, face circumscribed red, neck and face pale, palpitation on least exertion, pressure behind sternum when walking, suffocates in closed room, wants cold air, amelioration gentle motion; marked oppression behind sternum, dyspnoea on walking fast and ascending stairs. Pressure behind sternum as if it would burst, on walking fast, ascending steps or any exertion. Angina pectoris from wandering pains in joints locating in heart.


      Periosteum of forearm inflamed; toes lame; sore bruised pain amelioration a.m., after rising; bursalike swelling of wrist; swelling of bones of hands and legs a.m. (L): Blood rushes to lower; rheumatic pain in toes. Pain: in knees if tightly bound; wander from joint to joint, finally locate in heart, or, bring on angina pectoris; cutting in toes when walking. Dropsy of lower, pain, pits on pressure, aggravation nights, amelioration a.m., profound melancholy, dyspnoea, heart and pulse weak, bloody discharge from nose at times; especially in heart and liver affections. Induration of cartilages about joints. Toes burn, red, swell. Cold, cold sweat covers.


      (L): Sleepless before midnight to a.m. Sleepless from palpitation, or any excitement. Dreams of sadness.


      Morning mostly on and around genitals. Cold, covers limbs.


      External pulsations ameliorated open air; weary on reading. (L): Amelioration p.m.; paralytic pain in bones. As if blood boiled in vessels. Pains: predominatingly boring, stitching; boring in bones; drive one to despair and out of bed at night and make one walk. Affects glands profoundly everywhere, they harden and infiltrate. Pulse weak, rapid; heart weak and irregular. Pining boys and girls at puberty. Veins become thick and tumified. Secondary syphilis and effects of Mercurius poisoning, nightly pains, settled melancholy, disgust for life, attempts suicide. Aggravation : like Syphilinum, sunset to sunrise; while many symptoms are amelioration after washing, especially cold washing, when mentally agitated, excited, etc., wants doors and windows wide open, or to get out in open air and clothing thrown off.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.