AGARICUS homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of AGARICUS…

      Irritable nervousness, twitching, trembling, quivering tremor, which subside during sleep, parts burn, itch, tingle, as if frozen.


      The above IDENTIFICATION. Ill – humour; peevish; depressed. Vertigo. Eyes and lids twitch. Ears red, burn, itch. Nose as if frosted. Face twitches. Copious inodorous flatus. Bladder irritable; urine scanty. Hands tremble. Always chilly. Inclines to be sluggish, stupid. All motions subside during sleep. Sensitive to cold air and aggravation walking in it. Aggravation in morning; always exposure to cold, especially face; and women especially during menses. Amelioration in warm bed.



      Loquacious, during which one answers no questions; constant rage. Mentally and physically awkward and clumsy, lets things fall from the hands, like Apis, and stumbles over things in the way. Makes poetry without effort, especially at night. Aggravation in morning, amelioration toward in evening. Does the opposite to the thing one decided to undertake. Confusion and vertigo mixed. Smart in one’s own occupation, dumb in occupation of others. Child late in learning to talk, like Natr-m., and walk, like Calcarea; mental defects cause the slowness of Agaricus in learning to walk, while bone weakness accounts for Calcarea Becomes silly, self-willed, obstinate, conceited. Dumb in morning, brilliant in evening.


      Ache, of choreics; pain in left side while sitting; cold a scratching. Convulsive motions; drawing pain in forehead, to nose. Ache: of those who readily become delirious from fever or pain; from constipation, amelioration in stool; if urine becomes scanty, or if desire to stool is not attended to, Fl-ac. if call to urinate is not attended to; especially useful for drunkards, or when associated with spinal affections. Pain as from sharp ice or cold needles, Arsenicum hot needles. Scaly, icy cold after scratching, or itching. Incessant motion.


      Left aches; diplopia from over work at desk; objects become pale after looking long. (L): Pendulum like motion side to side; twitching. Inflame, tears, from odors or coughing. All motions cease during sleep. Valuable in asthenopia from prolonged strain, spasms of accommodation, lids and eyes twitch, muscles weak, type swims. Deception of colors and figures. Lids: twitch before a storm, especially a thunder storm; first remedy to be thought of in spasms.


      Burn, itch, red, as if frosted.


      Watery discharge, chorea. (L): Pain at root, during headache; sneeze after cough. Equal to Lachesis and Ledum for red tip of drunkards. Irritation in, no inflammation, spasmodic sneezing, pure water from nose. Most inveterate chronic catarrh, dryness, crusts, in tubercular people.


      Icy cold in spots. (L): Expression idiotic. Prosopalgia, electric like, as of splinters between skin and flesh, mostly infraorbital nerve and along jaw. Child jerks and licks lips. Muscles twitch, skin itches, red, burns as if frosted. Wandering quivering, like Nux.


      Eruption in children given to jerking and licking lips. Tongue: quivers, twitches and jerks; speech disordered; articulation violent; difficult to learn to speak, like Natr-m. Phagedenic ulcer on fraenum of tongue.


      Stitches to right side of head, and in right lower. Abdomen amelioration teeth aggravation.


      Dysphagia, chorea.


      Appetite lost after coition.


      (L): Drawing pain in hypogastrium; tension in inguinal region; twitching, jerking. Everything ferments, rumbles, rolls. Markedly tympanitic in typhoid; muscles tremble and jerk.


      Constipation: fruitless effort at stool, though one strains as if life depended upon it; sometimes though after one has given up the stool may pass involuntary, Arg-n. stool and urine. Diarrhoea morning like Aloe and Sulph., burning in right, violent urging, stool soft, great tenesmus, involuntary straining before during and after stool. As if rectum would burst, even after stool, like Mercurius and Sulph. Tenesmus especially after stool. If desire is not attended to headache comes on, Fl-ac. same with urine.


      Urine: scanty in nervous women, reverse of Ignatia, or, milky afternoons. Dysuria, pain in sphincter versicae, hyperaesthesia of skin down left sciatic nerve, pain in left popliteus and heel, cold creepings over whole course. Urine: feels cold while passing, reverse of Aconite: passes slowly, dribbles, can count drops as they pass along urethra; has to strain to promote flow; watery forenoon, milky afternoon.


      Desire, after sleep; nodules in vagina; milk disappears during brain trouble. Bearing down: in uterus after lifting; pains in slender, nervous, restless women, tingling, creeping. Old gleety discharge, continued itching, tingling in urethra when last drop remains discharging for a long time, like Pet. Leucorrhoea copious acrid keeps parts raw and irritated, like Fl-ac. has headache if desire to urinate is not attended to, amelioration urination. Prolapsus and heart aggravation just at close of menses.


      Constriction on singing.


      Paroxysmal, with or ending in sneezing. Sudden, convulsive, aggravation forenoon or during day.


      Oppression in region of diaphragm; as from a splinter in lower ribs; shock in region of heart on lying; pulse irregular after stool. Irritable heart of coffee drinkers and smokers. Irregular and tumultuous palpitation. Shocks and thrills in heart from sudden noise, eructations, cough, lying on left side, etc. often extends to other parts.


      Pain in sacrum while sitting; shock in cervical region on moving head to other side; stitches in sacrum while walking in open air. (L): Pain in sacrum amelioration lying, unable to rise; compelled to lie. Pain in lumbar region aggravation walking in open air. Spine. irritation, pain dull or usually sharp sticking, excessively tender; pain in cord on stooping; violent shooting, burning deep in; aggravation alcoholic drinks, like Zincum met. As of something so tight it will break if one stoops. Sensitive to hot sponge in lumbar region. The most of the pains are in the posterior cervical and lumbo – sacral regions, especially in connection with coition. Pain below waist in women.


      Icelike coldness in spots, or in olecranon; toes inflame as if frosted; itching between thumb and index finger, or of fingers, as if frosted; thigh pains after an emission; shooting splinterlike pain in sole; tremble after coition. (L): Feet chilly; pimples on backs of hands; hands burn like chilblains; feet as if frozen; toes jerks; pain in femur and tibia on walking; fingers gouty, stiff; nates twitch. Lower, become paralytically weak after becoming pregnant, must go to bed. hands hot, red, swell, itch, also feet. Fingers: stiff from gout; fly open spasmodically while holding things. Important for chilblains aggravation cold, Pulsatilla heat. Apis and Agaricus will cure the maid from dropping dishes and breaking them; Agaricus wants to stay in the kitchen, Apis wants to get out on account of the heat. Growing pains of children, they must sit near the fire or the limbs will become cold.


      Upper part of body.


      After coition.


      Itches: burns, red, swells; after coition or mental exertion; without visible eruption, like Dolichos, cannot let it alone. Pains sharp, shoot, as if under Skin, may shift from place to place, aggravation motion. Cold sense; or as of cold or hot needles.


      Chorea after coition, Bufo. during (L): Chorea amelioration sleep; faint after coition. Mushrooms should not be given to one susceptible to cold and damp. Stands between Lachesis and Stramonium Chorea, twitching of whole body, Mygale of face, amelioration. sleep. Convulsions from suppressed milk, or, after being scolded, like Ignatia Highly nervous, full of jerkings and twitchings. Symptoms appear diagonally at the same time in different sides of the body. Useful for newly married couples, especially women who become hysterical and faint during or after coition; for their urinary troubles: Staphysagria Sensitive to the rays of the sun, though chilly. Children with twitchings and girls before puberty, early fainting, nervous, who are late developing mentally, who are forgetful and learn slowly, slow in grasping ideas, like Baryta carb.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.