CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA…


      Tardy and imperfect formication and development of bone, especially skull bone, in the child the latter do not keep pace with the rest of the bones of the body; adults have a constant desire to go from place to place; child has irresistible craving for ham or bacon rind.


      Peevish; extremely fretful. Weak mentally and generally, tired, unable to stand mental effort, dreads mental exertion; thinking of one’s complaints causes them to grow worse or appear. Anxious. Restless. Depressed. Wants to be at home, and when there wants to travel and go from place to place, like Tuberculinum Child : least motion unbearable; slow in learning to do things, like Baryta carb., and in learning to walk from deficiency of bone formation, like Calcarea, the muscles also develop slowly; feeble minded; infant wants to nurse all the time; emaciated, backward, inclines of rickets. A wonderful developer of girls at puberty, like Pulsatilla Face pale, waxy, skin dirty. Craves bacon and smoked meats, Calcarea eggs. Abdomen large, flabby, Calcarea like an inverted saucer. Sensitive to cold, like Hepar, to dampness, like Natr-s., and to a jar, like Belladonna; like Kali-c. the pains go to the cold or uncovered parts. Aggravation: thinking of one’s troubles, like Ox-ac. and Pip-m.; cold weather or sudden changes to cold weather; motion; exertion; Fall and Spring, especially when the air is full of melting snow. Amelioration rest, like Bryonia



      Anxiety when lifted from cradle, reverse of Borax; prostrated from taking. Wishes to go home, and when there, to go out. Seeks solitude, shuns society, Bufo to masturbate. Feeble, of child, like Baryta carb.


      In windy weather. On rising from sitting in the aged.


      Black scurf; heat, to toes; sides pulsate, aggravated motion. Ache: anaemic school girls with diarrhoea, always come home from school with it, very valuable; vertex; child grasps Head and screams. Bald spots. As of ice on upper part of occiput. Chronic irritation of brain, like hydrocephalus, after exhausting diseases, like cholera infantum. Fontanelles: remaining open too long, or close then reopen; both open, posterior one very large; Silicea has more marked sweat on Head; Calcarea has an anterior open one; Calc-p. both but especially the posterior one. Skull bones especially occipital, very soft and thin, crackle like paper on pressure. Threatened hydrocephalus, China failing. Rolls from side to side, neck too slender to support it. Dull pain and stiffness especially after a draught. Sensitive to a jar, pressure of hat, like Carb-v., desires to wash with cold water and be quiet and alone. Scalp sweats, forehead cold to touch. Has prevented hydrocephalus, and should be given to mothers bearing children whose previous children have shown indications for Calc- p. Every step felt in head, or sacrum.


      Letters change into little black points; fiery shimmerings. As of something in eyes, renewed if others talk about it. Scrofulous keratitis, photophobia, large tonsils. Strabismus of child coming out of congestion to brain, diarrhoea, emaciation. Feel hot. Easy tears.


      Buzzing noise after stool. Cold nose and. Itch during carriage ride. Ache deep in. Cold Rheumatic tearing if weather changes to cold.


      Chin, tip of ear and, cold. Large pedunculated polypi. Icy cold. Coryza fluent in cold room, stops in warm room.


      Valuable for acne of girls; of boys: Pic-ac. Pale, waxy, dirty skin. Neuralgia, or rheumatic ache, nights, cold air, aggravation exertion, amelioration heat; Mag-p. amelioration heat and pressure. Upper lip swells, pains, hard, burns. Cold sweat.


      Soft. Dentition slow or late, Teeth soon decay, like Kreosotum that show dark specks and begin to decay as soon as thy begin to appear, and Staphysagria whose teeth turn black and show dark streaks. Sensitive to touch, pressure and on masticating.


      Growing child with chronic throat troubles; tonsils enlarge, every cold settles in them, like Alumina, Baryta carb. and Psorinum; mucus; dry at night.


      Appetite ravenous, 4 evening; cutting pain after cold drinks. (L): Pain after dinner. Easily disordered from cold drinks, ice cream and fruit, they cause pain and diarrhoea. Nausea from scraping larynx and throat. Child: refuses breast, milk tastes salty; wants to nurse all the time; craves ham rind, while Mag-c. scrofulous child craves meat, and the Calcarea scrofulous child craves especially hard boiled eggs. Craves salt and smoked meat. Pain temporary amelioration eating. Dyspepsia after eating, or only temporary amelioration eating and raising wind, as if one ought to raise wind but could not, on fasting pain goes to spine, indescribable distress in Stomach region.


      Right hypochondrium hard, Iodium left; sacrum, lower limbs and, numb; pain on every attempt to eat. Large, but flabby, Calcarea full and firm. Pain in liver after becoming chilled, sore, aggravation after eating and motion, desire to keep quiet. Cutting pain in spleen. Flatus causes motion as of something alive in Abdomen. Infant’s navel ulcerates. Tabes mesenterica, diarrhoea.


      Stitching pain, perineum to penis. Fistula ani: and after operation for same and the sequelae; tubercular cases. Fissure ani, burns, pains stitch. Cholera infantum, desires indigestible things like ham and smoked meats, abdomen sunken flabby, emaciates, green stools offensive undigested and forcibly expelled. Diarrhoea from fruit, ice cream, cold drinks or vexation, stools passed with much flatus and spluttering noise. Polypus. Second stool from riding in a carriage. Piles: pain keeps one in bed, is intense on standing, walking and touch, amelioration heat, general suffering, from every cold change of weather; often itch, burn and discharge yellow pus. Boils and abscesses about or near anus discharging blood or pus. While it resembles Arg-n. in the noisy spluttering passage of the stool, the stool of Arg-n. is green, Arg-n. craving sweets, Calc-p. ham.


      Pain in kidney on blowing nose or lifting; chronic white discharge form urethra, in anaemic people. Diabetes. Empty bladder aches. Stitches in prostate. Gonorrhoea: anaemia; chronic gleety discharge, sharp pain in urethra and prostate; long standing cases of gonorrhoeal rheumatism, like Medorrhinum, all aggravation every change to cold weather.


      Uterine pain in cold damp weather; pains from other parts center in vagina; uterus aches a.m.; cramping pain in uterus in cold damp weather; cutting, uterus to sacrum; uterus prolapsed during urination; uterus as if weak during passage of stool and urine. Uterus: distress after every exposure; polypus; violent cramps in groins and, several hours before flow, makes her cry out, amelioration flow established, like Lachesis; prolapsed during stool and urination. Leucorrhoea; creamlike; day and night, like white of egg. Desire: erection from carriage riding; intense especially in women before menses; nymphomania, heat and weight on vertex, melancholia, face flushed, always aggravation before menses. Menses: if indicated after talking cold during first menses, will prevent her having painful periods throughout her menstrual life; dark especially in rheumatic subjects, resembling Sepia in many of its rheumatic symptoms. Vagina burns like fire, up into chest, pain in both sides of bladder. Like Pulsatilla, a splendid remedy for girls around puberty, who are slow in developing or maturing, who suffer much, especially after taking cold during first period. Should be given to pregnant women who have given birth to babies found to need Calc-p.


      Must scrape mucus from, before one can talk or sing, like Phosphorus


      Sighs involuntary, like Ignatia Child suffocates when lifted from cradle, reverse of Borax


      Suffocative, of child, aggravation sitting, amelioration lying, reverse of Pulsatilla Chronic short dry, night sweats. After prolonged nursing, voice weak, pain between shoulders. Dry hacking, in thin pale sickly people, especially if rheumatic, aggravation cold damp weather.


      Constricted, amelioration lying; clavicles pain, to wrists; burning pain in breast during pregnancy; stitching pain, to liver; ulcers over sternum and clavicles. (L): Child refuses mother’s milk. Milk has a salty taste that remains long in the mouth of those who taste it. Like Acalyph., valuable in phthisis and blood – spitting. Rattles, expectoration difficult, like Ant- t. and Causticum


      Abscess, lumbar; sacrum and lower limbs numb; pain in cervical region in windy weather; as if broken in lumbar region on walking; sacroiliac symphysis as if dislocated or as if separated; cervical region pulsates while sitting. Every step felt in sacrum. Sensitive to a draught. Rheumatism in neck from a draught, stiff, head dull. Spine: Pott’s disease, spine curved, lumbar abscess; curved, tears, shoots, aches, tender. Neck too slender to support head. Pain: morning and in cold weather when stormy, stiff; from lifting or over straining, like Rhus; lumbar and sacral regions.


      Arthritic nodes on condyles; fistulous opening on ankle; heavy during pregnancy; lower numb, waist to feet, while riding; lower ache in wet weather; cutting in knee on walking; shooting in elbow, left then right; small spots on nates; as if paralyzed while sitting; ulcer on malleolus. (L): Upper pain, aggravation cold weather; stitching in nates; condyles of elbows swell. Feet: constantly cold and damp, as if one had on wet stockings, like Calcarea, but is preferable to Calcarea in uterine troubles; caries of os calcis; crawling in soles when riding in a carriage. Rheumatism: especially in cold weather when air is full of melting snow, gets well in Spring and returns in Autumn; aggravation changes of weather or exposure to dampness; every cold causes pain in joints. Caries of hip joints and heel, pus offensive. Lower, always cold to knees, the cold parts are always the suffering parts, with Kali-c. pain goes to cold or uncovered parts. Ulcerative pain at root of nail. Pain: aggravation motion, amelioration rest and heat, like Bryonia; of fast growing child, aches in bones; gouty fingers and toes pain in cold weather.


      (L): Deep morning difficult to waken. Stretches and yawns constantly, like Nux.


      Prominent parts of body cold. Strikes upward; runs up back; terrible muscular jerks almost throw one out of chair.


      Night, phthisis.


      Urticaria after a cold bath; ulcers from boils. Itches after eating. Ulceration after a mustard plaster was allowed to remain too long; Sapo sodae amelioration the burning.


      Bones: non-union of fractured ends, it favors formation of callous and enables them to unite, like Symphyt., condyles swell, especially in the aged; brittle; pain where bones form sutures. Rachitis: fontanelle wide open, diarrhoea, emaciates; as a preventive, should it fail try Silicea Child: flabby shrunken emaciated; old looking and wrinkled; weak, fretful, bones badly developed, grows slowly; rather stupid; wants to nurse all the time; abdomen sunken flabby; exhausted from frequent discharges, drowsy, face cold; scrofulous, craves especially ham rind, Calcarea hard boiled eggs, Mag-c. meat; especially tending to hydrocephalus, who is scrofulous, and to be given to pregnant mothers who give birth to such a child, in alternation with Sulph.; will not stand any more. Anaemia: truly bloodless; tedious cases of scrofulous children; child spare, sickly, lingering open fontanelles, or if they reopen after being closed. School girls especially at or near puberty, nervous, restless, desire to leave home, and when away desire to return, have headache in school, develop slowly and apt to become chlorotic. Calc-p. patients are less chalky and white than Calcarea patients, more dirty white and brownish. Convulsions of children; no remedy should be given during attack and especially this if one wishes to get the best results. Aggravation; thinking of one’s complaints, like Ox-ac. and Pip-m.; motion, like Bryonia; wet, like Dulcamara and Natr-s.; every exposure especially to dampness; every change of weather. Compare especially Fl-ac.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.