Female chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Symptoms related to Female Sexual Health….

A bounding feeling, as if something alive in right  breast — CROCUS SATIVUS.

A milky (Calc; Puls; Sep), acrid leucorrhœa, during urination — SILICEA TERRA.

Abdomen distended — JUGLANS REGIA.

Abdomen full, distended, and painfulSUMBULUS MOSCHATUS.

Abdominal muscles lame — BELLIS PERENNIS.

Abhorrence  of  sexual  intercourse — AGNUS CASTUS.

Abnormal sexual appetite and melancholia — PLATINUM METALLICUM.

Abscess of labia — SILICEA TERRA.

Abscess of mammæ — BRYONIA ALBA.

Abscesses of labiæ with great sensitiveness — HEPAR SULPHUR.


Aching in sacrum and pubes, with pain in anterior muscles of thighs  (Xanthox);spasmodic and membranous dysmenorrhœa (Borax) — VIBURNUM OPULUS.

Aching pain through hips and thighs during climacteric — STROPHANTHUS HISPIDUS.

Aching pains in abdomen over pubes when flow comes on — RADIUM BROMATUM.

Aching pains in hips and loins — POLYGONUM HYDROPIPEROIDES.

Acid and excoriating leucorrhœa — URTICA URENS.

Acrid leucorrhœa, thick, slimy, corroding the linen — IODIUM.

Acrid, brown leucorrhœa; smarting in  labia — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Acrid, burning leucorrhœa, often of bloody mucus — SULPHURICUM ACIDUM.

Acrid, fetid leucorrhœa — ROBINIA PSEUDACACIA.

Acrid, profuse leucorrhœa, with retarded  menses — ZIZIA AUREA.

Acts especially well at beginning and close of menstruation — LACHESIS MUTUS.

After menses, swelling of breasts, with milky  secretion — CYCLAMEN EUROPAEUM.

After menses, yellow leucorrhœa, with severe backacheEUPIONUM.

After menstruation commences, these  improve — SENECIO AUREUS.


After prolonged nursing — CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA.

After-pains (Arnica; Cup; Cham) — XANTOXYLUM FRAXINEUM.

After-pains, with fear and restlessnessACONITUM NAPELLUS.

After-pains, with great sensitiveness and intolerance to painCIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

After-pains; hæmorrhage associated with facial  flushing–AMYLENUM NITROSUM.


Agalactia; with sadness — AGNUS CASTUS.

Agonizing backache across loins, with dragging-down thighs — CARBOLICUM ACIDUM.

Albuminuria during pregnancy — HELONIAS DIOICA.

All the female symptoms are associated with restlessness, depression, coldness spinal tenderness and restless feetZINCUM METALLICUM.

Also, from suppressed foot sweats (Sil) — CUPRUM METALLICUM.

Amenorrhœa (Cimicif; Senec; Polygon) — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Amenorrhœa (use Macrotin preferably) — CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

Amenorrhœa and dysmenorrhœa, with weak  circulation — AVENA SATIVA.

Amenorrhœa when physical powers have been overtaxed, also with constipation — CANNABIS SATIVA.

Amenorrhœa, scanty menses, accompanied with orgasms — MERCURIALIS PERENNIS.

Amenorrhœa, with asthma (Puls) — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Amenorrhœa, with bloating; metrorrhagia with nausea; fainting, vital depression — APOCYNUM CANNABINUM.

Amenorrhœa, with burning pains from back to  pubis — ALNUS RUBRA.

Amenorrhœa, with ophthalmiaEUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS.

Amenorrhœa, with painful tympanites — CASTOREUM CANADENSE.

Amenorrhœa, with vicarious menstruation (Bry) — PHOSPHORUS.


An exceedingly sore, bruised feeling in uterus, with great relaxation of the vaginal tissues; apparently entire lack of tonicity of pelvic  contents — LAPPA ARCTIUM.

Anæmia of nursing mothers — ACETICUM ACIDUM.

Anæmic dysmenorrhœa with urinary disturbances — SENECIO AUREUS.

Any touch on body excites a voluptuous  sensation — STRYCHNINUM PURUM.

Aphonia and sore throat during menses — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Aphthous patches in vagina (Caul) — ALUMEN.

Arrests flow of milk after weaning — URTICA URENS.

Atony of uterus — SABINA.

Aversion to the other sex — AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Backache (Oxal ac) — PULEX IRRITANS.

Backache after miscarriage (Kali c) — HELONIAS DIOICA.

Backache during menses — CANNABIS INDICA.

Backache, weight and dragging in pelvis — GOSSYPIUM HERBACEUM.

Backache; spine very sensitive to touch or pressure — LAC CANINUM.

Bad smelling leucorrhœa — CISTUS CANADENSIS.

Badly smelling hæmorrhages, hot gushes of blood — BELLADONNA.

Bearing down in rectum, worse standing and during  menses — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Bearing -down sensation as if everything would escape through vulva (Bell; Kreoso; Lac c; Lil t; Nat c; Pod); must cross limbs to prevent protrusion, or press against vulva — SEPIA.

Bearing down sensation with urgent desire for stool, as though all organs would escape — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Bearing-down cramps, causing her to bend double (Opium) — COLOCYNTHIS.

Bearing-down pain — ARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Bearing-down pains before — VIBURNUM OPULUS.

Bearing-down pains, with much backache; worse, least movement — HEDEOMA PULEGIOIDES.

Bearing-down pains; worse in morning  (Sep) — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Bearing-down sensation (Sep; Murex) — NATRIUM CARBONICUM.

Bearing-down sensation — CINNAMOMUM CEYLANICUM.

Bearing-down sensationSTANNUM METALLICUM. Bearing-down sensation — XEROPHYLLUM.

Bearing-down, as if contents of pelvis would escape; better, rest — SANICULA AQUA.

Bearing-down, as if menses were to appear — APIS MELLIFICA.

Before and during menses much nervous disturbance, pain in ovaries;  difficult menstruation — SALIX NIGRA.

Before appearance of menses, a rash appears on skin, or sexual excitement — DULCAMARA.

Bore menses, coryza and nasal stoppage — MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM.

Before menses, headache, colic, chilliness and leucorrhœa — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Before menses, hysterical spasms — HYOSCYAMUS NIGER.

Before menses, inflammatory conditions of throat, chest, and bladder — SENECIO AUREUS.

Before menses, pain in sacrum, hunger,  palpitation — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Before menses, pain in stomach and small of back — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Before menses, throbbing in head (Kreos) — PETROLEUM.

Before menses, toothache; menses too early and  profuse–ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Before menstruation, itching and humid eruption of foreheadSARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS.

Before, menses, itching of axillæ — SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS.

Benign mammary tumorsTUBERCULINUM.

Benign tumors in breasts — MUREX PURPUREA.

Bleeding hæmorrhoids; nosebleed instead of menses (Bry) — ERIGERON CANADENSE.

Bleeding with uterine fibroid — SALIX NIGRA.

Bloated feeling in uterine region — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Blood expelled in large clots — APOCYNUM CANNABINUM.

Bloody leucorrhœa — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Bloody milk — BUFO RANA.

Boring pain in ovary — COLOCYNTHIS.

Breast is hard, painful and of purple hue — PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

Breasts and uterus engorged — BELLIS PERENNIS.

Breasts cold, sore, and sensitive — MEDORRHINUM.

Breasts enlarge and become painful before and during menses — CONIUM MACULATUM

Breasts feel full and tense; itching — OCIMUM CANUM.

Breasts feel heavy; are hard and red — BELLADONNA.

Breasts hot and painful hardBRYONIA ALBA.

Breasts painful — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Breasts painfully enlarged, distended with milk — ACETICUM ACIDUM.

Breasts swell and pain in breasts; worse left — ASTERIAS RUBENS.

Breasts swollen, nipples painful and tender — HELONIAS DIOICA.

Breasts swollen; painful before (Calc c; Con; Puls) and better on appearance of menses — LAC CANINUM.

Breasts tender and swollen before menses — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Bright-red flow — ERIGERON CANADENSE.

Brownish, offensive leucorrhœaSECALE CORNUTUM.

Bruised parts after labor — ARNICA MONTANA.

Bunches in breast feel quite soft and are  tenderKALIUM MURIATICUM.

Burning and itching of parts before and after menstruation; in little girls — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Burning and soreness in external and internal  parts — KREOSOTUM.

Burning and soreness in vagina — BERBERIS VULGARIS.

Burning in ovarian region — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Burning in ovaries and uterus — BUFO RANA.

Burning in pharynx during menstruation — NATRIUM SULPHURICUM.

Burning in right ovary — EUPIONUM.

Burning in right ovary — FAGOPYRUM ESCULENTUM. Burning in vagina and labia — CARBO ANIMALIS.

Burning pain in ovaries; extremely sensitive — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Burning pain in vagina during coition — SPIRANTHES AUTUMNALIS.

Burning pains in the ovarian region only during menses (Zinc after) — KALIUM NITRICUM.

Burning pains in uterus — SECALE CORNUTUM.

Cancer of breast (Asterias; Con; Carbo an; Plumb iod) — BADIAGA.

Cancer of breast — PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

Cancer of uterus, burning pain down  thighs — CARBO ANIMALIS.

Cancer of uterus; burning pain in uterus and  vagina — CALCAREA ARSENICOSA.

Cannot bear tight clothing around waist  (Lach) — BOVISTA LYCOPERDON.

Cannot keep legs still — CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Cauliflower excrescences of os uteri, with flying pains, foul smelling  discharge, and pressure below pubis — KALIUM ARSENICOSUM.

Ceases when resting (Sep; Lac c; Bell) — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Cervical redness — HYDROCOTYLE ASIATICA.

Cervix bleed easilyUSTILAGO MAYDIS.

Cervix dark red, swollen — MITCHELLA REPENS.

Cessation of labor-pains with coma between paroxysms — OPIUM.

Child refuses breast; milk tastes salty — CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA.

Chilliness, nausea, downward pressure, painful, flow intermits — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.


Chlorosis — PHOSPHORUS.

Chronic endocervicitis — CALENDULA OFFICINALIS.

Chronic endometritis — VISCUM ALBUM.

Chronic gonorrhœa, yellow, with little lumps along urethra — ALUMEN Alumen.

Chronic metritis and prolapsus — AURUM MURIATICUM NATRONATUM.

Chronic metritis — INULA HELENIUM.

Chronic tubal disease — EUPIONUM.

Chronic yellow vaginal discharge — ALUMEN

Climacteric complaints (Lach; Sulph) — VISCUM ALBUM.

Climacteric disorders — SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS.

Climacteric disturbances with burning of tip of tongue (Lathyrus) — CAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Climacteric flushes — SUMBULUS MOSCHATUS.

Climacteric flushing — GLONOINUM.

Climacteric flushings (Lach; Amyl nit) — BORICUM ACIDUM.

Climacteric hæmorrhage — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Climacteric headache and flushes of heat, with anxiety and  palpitation–AMYLENUM NITROSUM.

Climacteric troubles, palpitation, flashes of heat, hæmorrhages, vertex headache, fainting spells; worse, pressure of clothes — LACHESIS MUTUS.

Climateric hæmorrhageARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Coccyx and sacrum pain, especially on rising from sitting posture — LACHESIS MUTUS.

Coition painful — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Cold feeling in thigh after period — COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE.

Cold feeling in thighs after menstruation — COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS.


Colic and other sufferings cease with appearance of  flow — ASTERIAS RUBENS.

Complaints after parturitionKALIUM CARBONICUM.

Complaints all better during menstrual flow — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Complaints following parturition and coitus — AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Congestion of eyes — PHYSOSTIGMA VENENOSUM.

Congestion of uterus, prolapse, and anteversion — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Conscious of a womb — MUREX PURPUREA.

Constant desire to support parts externally — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Constant discharge from uterus; worse false step — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Constant throbbing behind symphysis pubisAESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM.

Constriction in uterine region and ovaries — CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS.

Convulsions after labor — STRAMONIUM.

Copious and excoriating leucorrhœa — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Copious and excoriating leucorrhœa — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Corrosive itching within vulva, burning and swelling of labia; violent itching between labia and thighs — KREOSOTUM.

Corrosive leucorrhœa, with subacute inflammatory conditions of the womb in young married women — KALIUM IODATUM.

Cracks and small ulcers about nipples — PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

Cramp pains in uterus at night — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Cramps, extending into chest, before, during, or after suppression of menses — CUPRUM METALLICUM.

Cutting pain from hip to hip — BELLADONNA.

Cutting pain in uterus; relieved after stool — PALLADIUM METALLICUM.

Cutting pains in uterus during menstruation — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Cystic tumors of ovaries — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Dark clots and abdominal distentionCHINA OFFICINALIS.

Dark, offensive lochia — SECALE CORNUTUM.

Darting in breast; painful indurations in breast, especially right — CARBO ANIMALIS.

Debility attending the menopause — HELONIAS DIOICA.


Decided aversion to coitus — GRAPHITES.

Deficient lactation, with distended breasts in lymphatic  women — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Deficient milk, with oversensitiveness — ASAFOETIDA.

Delayed and irregular menses; menstrual colic; amenorrhœa, pain in ovaries before flow; menorrhagia, irritable bladder;  leucorrhœa — JOANESIA ASOCA.

Delayed and irregular menstruation and  backache — RADIUM BROMATUM.

Delayed menses in young girls, with chest symptoms or ascites — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Derangements of menstruation, amenorrhœa; menses too early and  scanty,

in anæmic subjects — MANGANUM ACETICUM.

Desire diminished, cutting pain during  coition — BERBERIS VULGARIS.

Desire easily excitedMUREX PURPUREA.

Desire for coitus (Canth; Camph; Fl ac; Lach; Phos; Plat) — STRYCHNINUM PURUM.

Desire to support parts — SANICULA AQUA.

Desire too strong — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Desire too strong — NUX VOMICA.

Desire with vaginal pruritus — ARUNDO MAURITANICA.

Diarrhœa before and during mensesBOVISTA LYCOPERDON.

Diarrhœa during or after menses — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Diarrhœa, greenish mucous stools, and navel pain during mensesAMMONIUM MURIATICUM.

Difficult, first menses — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Diminished lochia — BELLADONNA.

Diminished secretion of milkURTICA URENS.

Diminished sexual desire with weakness — ARGEMONE MEXICANA.

Discharge of black blood between menses — ELAPS CORALLINUS.

Discharge of blood between menstrual periods — ROBINIA PSEUDACACIA.

Discharge of blood between menstrual  periods — SILICEA TERRA.

Discharge of blood between periods, at every little accidentAMBRA GRISEA.

Discharge of blood between periods, with sexual excitement (Ambr) — SABINA.

Discharge of blood from genitals during  stool — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Discharge of blood from uterus — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Discharge of blood from vagina every time child is nursed — SILICEA TERRA.

Discharge of long pieces from uterus — FERRUM METALLICUM.

Discharges always offensive (Nitr ac; Nux; Sep) — CARBOLICUM ACIDUM.

Disposition to yawn and stretch — PLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Distention of abdomen — ARANEA DIADEMA. Dragging around loins — BELLADONNA.

Dragging in sacral region, with prolapse, especially after a  miscarriage — HELONIAS DIOICA.

Drawing and pushing in the direction of the genitals; sensation as if menses appear — MOSCHUS.

Dribbling of urine after labor — TRILLIUM PENDULUM.

Dry cough before and during menses — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Dryness and heat of vagina — BELLADONNA.

Dull aching in ovaries, with sensation as if menses appear — — NICCOLUM SULPHURICUM.

Dull pain in ovarian region — HYDROCOTYLE ASIATICA.

During labor no expulsive action, though everything is relaxed — SECALE CORNUTUM.

During lactation with sexual excitement — CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA.

During menses great languor, with spasmodic pains in stomach and abdomen — IGNATIA AMARA.

During menses uterus feels as if squeezed — KALIUM IODATUM.

During menses, convulsive movements, urinary flux and sweat — HYOSCYAMUS NIGER.

During menses, difficult hearing; buzzing and roaring; eruption  after —


During menses, irritable and disinclined to talk; burning and stitches in chest and heart — EUPIONUM.

During menses, soreness of anus — MURIATICUM ACIDUM.

During menses, wakes with suffocative spells (Cupr; Iod;  Lach) — SPONGIA TOSTA.

During menstruation, burning in hands and  soles — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

During pregnancy inability to walkBELLIS PERENNIS.

Dwindling of mammary glandsIODIUM.

Dysmenorrhœa and chronic endometritis, with displacement — MUREX PURPUREA.

Dysmenorrhœa and uterine hæmorrhage; blood bright  red — MITCHELLA REPENS.

Dysmenorrhœa with sexual desire — CANNABIS INDICA.

Dysmenorrhœa, large clots of black blood — COFFEA CRUDA.

Dysmenorrhœa, with bearing-down pains, tenderness, drawing in groins — TANACETUM VULGARE.

Dysmenorrhœa, with black blood — ELAPS CORALLINUS.

Dysmenorrhœa, with blotches all over; mammæ engorged and sore, delicate, sensitive to cold — DULCAMARA.

Dysmenorrhœa, with coldness, purging, cold sweatVERATRUM ALBUM.

Dysmenorrhœa, with drawing-down  thighs — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Dysmenorrhœa, with pain in sacrum, and constant urging to stool — NUX VOMICA.

Dysmenorrhœa, with pains flying to other parts of  body — CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES.

Dysmenorrhœa, with profuse dark menses — COCCULUS INDICUS.

Dysmenorrhœa, with scanty and painful menses — GNAPHALIUM POLYCEPHALUM.

Dysmenorrhœa, with scanty flow; menses retarded — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Dysmenorrhœa, with severe ovarian pains — APIS MELLIFICA.

Dysmenorrhœa, with very sensitive ovaries — TARENTULA HISPANICA.

Dysmenorrhœa; blood discharged in drops with  tenesmus — CASTOREUM CANADENSE.

Dysmenorrhœa; pain extends down thighs, with aching in region of  heart — CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Dysmenorrhœa; pruritus of vulva; prolapse of womb; swelling and dark redness of genitals; pain on sitting down — COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS.

Dysmenorrhœa; pulsating pain in uterus and ovaries — CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS.

Dysmenorrhœa — CURARE.


Dysmenorrhœa — TUBERCULINUM.

Early and scanty menstruation; flow black — OLEUM ANIMALE AETHEREUM.

Ebullition of blood; palpitation — CUPRUM METALLICUM.

Epilepsy at time of menses — BUFO RANA.

Eroded spongy cervix — ARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Erosion and excoriation of cervix — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Erosion around external osVESPA CRABRO.

Erosion of cervix in the aged; easily bleeding — SULPHURICUM ACIDUM.

Erosions of cervix; fetid, acrid discharge — CARBOLICUM ACIDUM.

Eruption in vagina and on breasts and vulva during menses — ALLIUM SATIVUM.

Every alternate period very profuse — THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS.

Exaggerated sexual desire — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Excessive catamenia — ACETICUM ACIDUM.

Excessive menstruation with great weakness — VINCA MINOR.

Excessive sexual development; vaginismus — PLATINUM METALLICUM.

Excessive swelling of breasts — URTICA URENS.

Excited sexual desire — HYOSCYAMUS NIGER. Excited; parts itch–ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Excitement of sexual instinct with nervous agitation — ASTERIAS RUBENS. Excitement, with epileptic attacks — BUFO RANA.

Expels moles, dead fœtuses, membranes, etc — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

External genitals feel as though  wet — EUPATORIUM PURPUREUM.

External parts sore, with ulcers (Hep — NITRICUM ACIDUM. \

Extraordinary rigidity of os (Bell; Gels; Ver v) — CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES.

Extremely offensive leucorrhœa — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Facial blemishes in young women — CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

Faint on attempting to sit up — VIBURNUM OPULUS.

Faints from least exertionVERATRUM ALBUM.

False labor-pains; pains pass up back — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Favors easy conception — BORAX VENETA.

Feeble and ineffectual labor pains — KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Feeling as if fœtus were lying crosswise — ARNICA MONTANA.

Feeling as if something was pressing on a sore spot in the pelvis: worse sitting — MUREX PURPUREA.

Feeling as if uterus were pushed up on sitting down (Ferr iod) — NATRIUM HYPOCHLOROSUM.

Feeling of pressure in vagina — CINNABARIS.

Feeling of protrusion — MUREX PURPUREA.

Feels as if it opened and shut — NATRIUM HYPOCHLOROSUM. Feels as if menses would appear — ONOSMODIUM VIRGINIANUM. Feels prolapsed — LYSSINUM.

Feminine sexual frigidity — IGNATIA AMARA.

Fever at each menstrual period, consequent upon latent pelvic inflammation — PYROGENIUM.

Fibroid tumors, metritis, sub-involution, hypertrophy, ABIES CANADENSIS-PINUS CANADENSISx or ABIES CANADENSIS-PINUS CANADENSIS gr crude, 3 times a day — KALIUM IODATUM.


Fibroids with bearing-down sensation, cramping in feet, worse in afternoon and night — FRAXINUS AMERICANA.

Fingers seem swollen — CINNAMOMUM CEYLANICUM.

Fistulous tracks after mammary abscess — PHOSPHORUS.

Fistulous ulcers of breast (Phos) — SILICEA TERRA.

Flow between periods — CALCAREA SILICATA.

Flow less when moving about — CYCLAMEN EUROPAEUM.


Flushes of heat at climactericMANGANUM ACETICUM.

Frenzy on appearance of menses — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Frequent and very early miscarriage, causing seeming sterility — VIBURNUM OPULUS.

Frequent bleeding of nose at appearance of  menses — BRYONIA ALBA.

Frequent urination with burning and  tenesmus — BORICUM ACIDUM.

Frotomania; powerful lascivious impulses; leucorrhœa; hysteria — ORIGANUM MAJORANA.

Fullness in lower abdomen — ICHTHYOLUM.

Functional amenorrhœa of young girls with  backache — SENECIO AUREUS.

Galactorrhœa (Cal; Con; Bell) — BORAX VENETA.

Galactorrhœa (Calc) — PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

GalactorrhœaLAC CANINUM.

Gastralgia at beginning of menses — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

General sense of exhaustion — GLYCERINUM.

Genitals sore and moist — PETROLEUM.

Glairy leucorrhœa — PALLADIUM METALLICUM.

Granular ulceration of wombHYDROCOTYLE ASIATICA.

Great excitement at every period — MAGNESIUM MURIATICUM.

Great sensitiveness of vagina — AURUM METALLICUM.

Great soreness in uterine region, with sympathetic palpitation of heartCONVALLARIA MAJALIS.

Great tenderness over abdomen and uterine  region — APIS MELLIFICA.

Great weakness during menses (Alum; Carbo an; Coccul; Hæmatox) — IODIUM. Gushing leucorrhœaEUPIONUM.

Gushing of bright blood on least  movement — TRILLIUM PENDULUM.

Habitual abortion from uterine debility (Helon; Puls; Sab) — CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES.

Habitual tendency to abortion — ALETRIS FARINOSA.

Hæmorrhage after coition — KREOSOTUM.

Hæmorrhage from fibroids (Calc; Nitr ac; Phos; Sulph ac) — TRILLIUM PENDULUM.

Hæmorrhage from uterus; bright red, fluid — MILLEFOLIUM.

Hæmorrhage hotBELLADONNA.

Hæmorrhage, with pain; blood partly clots and bright red — VISCUM ALBUM.

Hæmorrhage, with violent uterine colic — THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS.

Hæmorrhage; partly clotted; worse from least motionSABINA. Hæmorrhages after laborACETICUM ACIDUM.

Hæmorrhages at change of life — APOCYNUM CANNABINUM. Hæmorrhages from fibroids — VINCA MINOR.

Hæmorrhoids, with prolapsus ani during pregnancy — PODOPHYLLINUM.

Hair on genitals falls out (Natr m, Zinc) — NITRICUM ACIDUM.


Heaviness; worse, sitting; better by  moving — NATRIUM CARBONICUM.

Helps to dry up milkLAC CANINUM.

Herpes on vagina and vulva — ROBINIA PSEUDACACIA.

Herpetic vulvitis — NATRIUM SULPHURICUM.

Hiccough during pregnancyCYCLAMEN EUROPAEUM.

Hoarseness, coryza, cough, sweats and morning sickness during menstruation — GRAPHITES.

Horrible labor-like pains in uterus, with urging to stool — OPIUM.

Hot during menses — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Hot flashes, followed by perspiration on parts touching each other, when separated become dry — — NICCOLUM SULPHURICUM.


Hot swelling breasts — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Hypersensitive vulva and vaginaCOFFEA CRUDA.

Hysterical palpitation with nose bleed —


If late, blood is dark; sometimes, first bright, then dark, with violent backacheCALCAREA PHOSPHORICA.

Ill effects of repressed sexual desire or suppressed menses, or from excessive indulgence — CONIUM MACULATUM.

In nursing, pain in opposite breastBORAX VENETA.

Increase of milk in breasts (Asafoet) —


Increased flow of saliva during — PULEX IRRITANS.

Increased menses, with paroxysms of icy coldness over whole bodySILICEA TERRA.

Increased sexual desire, with ovarian and uterine pains and  leucorrhœa — XEROPHYLLUM.

Increased sexual desire; easy conception — CALCAREA CARBONICA.


Induration and inflammation of mammæ — CISTUS CANADENSIS.

Induration in mammary glands — BUFO RANA.

Induration  of  cervix — NATRIUM CARBONICUM.

Induration of mammary glandsPLUMBUM METALLICUM. Induration of os and cervix — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Induration of ovaries and uterus and mammæ — GRAPHITES.

Ineffectual labor-pains — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Inefficient labor-pains; extend to rectum, with desire for stool and frequent urination (Lil) — NUX VOMICA.

Infant’s breasts tender — CHAMOMILLA.

Inflammation of neck of bladder — HYDROCOTYLE ASIATICA.

Inflammation of ovaries and uterus after abortion — SABINA. Inflammatory exudate — PYROGENIUM.

Infra-mammary pains worse, left side — CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

Intense burning in uterine regionTEREBINTHINIAE OLEUM.

Intense burning in vagina — PULEX IRRITANS.

Intense menstrual colic — MEDORRHINUM.

Intense pruritus — MEDORRHINUM.

Intense sore feeling about uterus; bearing-down, with hot sweat, but without relief — TILIA EUROPAEA.

Intense spasm of chest muscles — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Intermenstrual pain (Jas — HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA.

Intermenstrual pain, with great abdominal and pelvic soreness  (Ham) — BRYONIA ALBA.

Intermittent menstruation; flow only in evening and at night — COCCUS CACTI.

Intermittent menstruation; flow only in evening and at night — COCCUS CACTI.

Intermittent neuralgia of left ovary — ZIZIA AUREA.

Intermittent pain in ovariesGOSSYPIUM HERBACEUM.

Irregular menstruation, with palpitation — PHYSOSTIGMA VENENOSUM.

Irritable bladder in young married womenSTAPHYSAGRIA.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.