Male chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Symptoms related to Male Sexual Health….


After sexual intercourse, backacheCANNABIS INDICA.

Atrophy of penis and testicles — ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Atrophy of testicles in boysAURUM METALLICUM.

Atrophy of testicles — LYSSINUM.

Backache in lumbar region and weak legs — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

Bad effects of sexual excesses — NUX VOMICA.


Bloody, seminal emissions — SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS.

Boils on scrotum — CUPRUM ARSENICOSUM.

Bruised pain in testicles, swollen, hard — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.


Burning and soreness of genitals, with eruption on inner surface of thighs — SILICEA TERRA.

Burning and swelling of the prepuce, with redness of  meatus — YUCCA FILAMENTOSA.

Burning  in  urethra — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Burning in urethra — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Burning, sore pain in glans — SABINA.

Cancer-like ulcers — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Chancres assume phagedænic appearance — MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS.


Chordee (Kali brom; Camph) — MYGALE LASIODORA.

Chordee — CAMPHORA.



Chronic gonorrhœa, with thick, fetid discharge — SILICEA TERRA.

Chronic induration of testicles — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Chronic induration of testicles — AURUM METALLICUM.

Coition followed by weakness and irritability — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Coition painful — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Coitus painful at the time of  emission — SABAL SERRULATA.


Coldness of scrotum, with impotency, atrophied testicles, loss of sensibility in testicles, with softening and dwindling — CAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Complaints from abnormal sexual desire — LYSSINUM.

Complaints from coition — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Complaints from coition — SEPIA.

Complete absence of sexual desire; parts relaxed; penis retracted — NUPHAR LUTEUM.

Complete impotency, with nocturnal  emissions — URANIUM NITRICUM.

Condyloma and sycotic excrescences — EUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS.

Condylomata surround head of penis — SEPIA.

Condylomata; soft, fleshy excrescences; greenish discharges — NATRIUM SULPHURICUM.


Constant sexual excitement — ONOSMODIUM VIRGINIANUM.

Constriction at root of penis, at night on awakening — KALIUM BICHROMICUM.

Constrictive pain in testicles — NUX VOMICA.

Crawling and stinging in glans — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Crushed pain in testicles — ARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Debility and impotence — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Deep pain in perineum — OLEUM SANTALI.

Deficient erections — ONOSMODIUM VIRGINIANUM.

Deficient sexual instinct — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Desire diminished — BELLADONNA.

Desire gone (Selen; Con; Sabal) — AGNUS CASTUS.

 Desire increased, with loss of power — UPAS TIEUT.

Desire increased; ejaculation too soon — OLEUM ANIMALE AETHEREUM.

Desire increased; power decreased — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Desire increased — CAMPHORA.

Desire lost, parts atrophied — CARBONEUM SULPHURATUM.

Desire wanting — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Desire without erection — NATRIUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Diabetes, with impotency (Phos ac) — COCA-ERYTHROXYLON COCA.

Diminished desire and premature impotence — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Diminished power — INDIUM METALLICUM.

Discharge greenish, thick — MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS.

Discharge of prostatic fluid at stool — AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM.

Discharge of prostatic fluid at stool — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Discharge of prostatic fluid from slight causes — ERYNGIUM AQUATICUM.

Disposition to handle organs (Hyos;  Zinc) — BUFO RANA.

Drawing in of testicles and spermatic cord — CAINCA.

Drawing in testicles up to spermatic cord — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Drawing pain in testicles — HIPPOMANES.

Dribbling of prostatic fluid — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Dribbling of semen during sleep — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Dropsical swelling of genitals (Sulph) — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Dull backache, as after excessive  coitus — UPAS TIEUT.

Dull pain in lumbar region, with great despondency and mental irritability — USTILAGO MAYDIS.

Dull, heavy pain in spermatic cord, extending to  testicles — SENECIO AUREUS.

Dyspnœa after coition — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Easily excited desire — NUX VOMICA.

Eczema of scrotum — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Effects of onanism — BUFO RANA.

Effects of sexual excesses, especially loss of memory, impaired co-ordination, numbness and tingling in limbs — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Effects of suppressed sexual appetiteCONIUM MACULATUM.

Elephantiasis of scrotum — SILICEA TERRA.

Emission, even after coitus — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Emissions and weakened sexual power — CORALLIUM RUBRUM.

Emissions at night and at stool — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Emissions from high living — NUX VOMICA.

Emissions in sleep, or from sexual atony, with weak  kneesDIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Emissions profuse, followed by great exhaustion, without sensual dreams — PICRICUM ACIDUM.

Emissions too frequent — INDIUM METALLICUM.

Emissions with hypochondriasis — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Emissions without dreams, with weakness in back and trembling in limbsNATRIUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Emissions without erection — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

Emissions, depending on sexual weakness and after organismLUPULUS HUMULUS.

Emissions, with irresistible tendency to  masturbation — USTILAGO MAYDIS.


Enlarge prostate — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Enlarged and painful prostate with frequent urging and painful urination — MEDORRHINUM.

Enlarged prostate — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Enlarged prostate — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Enlargement of testiclesMEZEREUM.


Epididymitis — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Erection fails when coition is attempted — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Erection without desire — AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Erections (Picric ac) — KALIUM BICHROMICUM.

Erections violent — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Erections when half-asleep; cease when fully awake — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Erections, with urethral crawling — TUSSILAGO PETASITES.

Eruption on scrotum and about genitals — ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Especially after self-abuse; persistent dwelling on sexual subjects — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Excessive desire — ALUMINA.

Excessive emissions, followed by weaknessKALIUM CARBONICUM.

Excited lascivious fancy — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Excitement and emission without amorous fancies — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Falling off of hair (pubic) — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Figwarts of offensive odor — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Flow of prostatic fluid — BELLADONNA.

Frequent emissions, followed by great  weakness — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Frequent emissionsCALCAREA CARBONICA.

Frequent erections and emissions — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Frequent micturation with burning — ARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Frequent profuse emissions — CARBONEUM SULPHURATUM.

Genitals cold and relaxed (Phos ac) — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Genitals shrivel — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Glans very red — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Gleet; discharge from urethra only during night; no pain — SEPIA.

Gleet; whole urethra feels sore — MEDORRHINUM.



Gleety discharge — AGNUS CASTUS.

Gonorrhœa (Cann; Tussil) — YUCCA FILAMENTOSA.

Gonorrhœa, balanitis (Merc), with œdema of  prepuce — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Gonorrhœa, first stage; discharge scanty; tendency to corrode; little pain, but much heat; smarting at meatus — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Gonorrhœa, second stage; discharge thick and yellow — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Gonorrhœa, with chordee, excessive burning, pain in prostate — CAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Gonorrhœa, with hæmaturia — MEZEREUM.

Gonorrhœa; discharge slimy, yellowish-green — KALIUM SULPHURICUM.

Gonorrhœa; discharge thick, greenish; little  pain — NATRIUM SULPHURICUM.

Gonorrhœa; urethra orifice red, swollen; glans sore and hot — MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS.

Gonorrhœa; yellowish, thick discharge — TUSSILAGO PETASITES.



Gonorrhœal rheumatism — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Great lassitude following coitus — ZIZIA AUREA.

Hands constantly kept on genitals — STRAMONIUM.

Hard erections, with pain in testicles and up  cord — PICRICUM ACIDUM.

Heat and pain in penis; painful erections; phimosis — JACARANDA CAROBA.

Heat and swelling of left testicle — OCIMUM CANUM.

Heat in parts — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Herpes preputialis — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Herpes, sensitive, bleed easily — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Herpetic eruption on genitals — SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS.

Herpetic eruption on perineum — PETROLEUM.

Horribly offensive smell of urine after standing a short time — INDIUM METALLICUM.

Humid soreness on genitals and between scrotum and thigh — HEPAR SULPHUR.


Hydrocele; indurations of the testicles — CALCAREA FLUORICA.

Hydrocele; scrotum enlarged like a bladder — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Hydrocele — IODIUM.


Hydrocele — SILICEA TERRA.


Ilio-scrotal neuralgia — CLEMATIS ERECTA.

Impotence with retarded emission — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Impotence, associated with diabetes (Coca) — MOSCHUS.

Impotence — AGNUS CASTUS.






Impotency, with involuntary emissions during stool, when  urinating — NUPHAR LUTEUM.

Impotency; relaxation of penis during excitement — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Impotency — MORPHINUM.

Increased desire — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Increased desire — SABINA.

Increases desire, decreases abilitySELENIUM METALLICUM.

Indurated, with pains worse slight jar — BROMIUM.

Induration and swelling of testes after gonorrhœa — RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM.

Inflammation of prepuce and glans; pain in  penis — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Inflammation of scrotum resulting in deep acrid ulcers, with intense itching and burning; worse, touching the parts from  washing — EUPHORBIA LATHYRIS.

Inflammatory gonorrhœa, with pus-like discharge — SABINA.

Intense excitement of sexual organs — LACHESIS MUTUS.

Intolerable stench on genitals — SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS.

Involuntary emissions when straining at  stool — ALUMINA.

Involuntary emissions; impotence, discharge too quick, spasms during coition — BUFO RANA.

Involuntary emissions — SULPHUR.

Involuntary, seminal emissions at stool — VIOLA TRICOLOR.

Irresistible desire; involuntary emissions, with lascivious dreams — PHOSPHORUS.

Irritability after coitus — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Itching and moisture at thigh near scrotum — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Itching and pain of penis, with pustules — KALIUM BICHROMICUM.

Itching and pain of scrotum and spermatic cords — AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Itching in urethra — PETROLEUM.


Itching of genitals when going to bed — SULPHUR.

Itching of glans, frænum, and scrotum — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Itching of prepuce — ZINGIBER OFFICINALE.

Itching of scrotum, keeps him awake; scrotum swollen — URTICA URENS.

Itching of scrotum — BENZOLUM.

Itching on scrotum and perineum — SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS.

Itching pimples on glans and prepuce — JACARANDA CAROBA.


Lack of power — PHOSPHORUS.

Lascivious dreams, with involuntary  emissions — SENECIO AUREUS.

Lascivious; exposes his person; plays with genitals during fever — HYOSCYAMUS NIGER.

Lascivious; priapism, with frequent  emissions — LYSSINUM.


Lewd dreams — X-RAY.


Loss of prostatic fluid on straining — AGNUS CASTUS.

Loss of prostatic fluid — CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA.

Loss of sexual power, with atrophied testes — IODIUM.

Loss of sexual power, with lascivious fancies — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Loss of sexual powerPLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Nausea and vomiting after coition — MOSCHUS.

Neuralgia of spermatic cord and testicles — BERBERIS VULGARIS.

Nightly emission (Digitalin), with great weakness of genitals after coitus — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Nightly emissions — CAMPHORA.

No desire or ability — OXYTROPIS LAMBERTI.

No emission and no orgasm during embrace — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

No emission during coition — LYSSINUM.

No erectile power; impotenceLYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

No erections — AGNUS CASTUS.

Nocturnal emissions, followed by great weakness — MEDORRHINUM.

Nocturnal emissions, stained with blood — MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS.

Nocturnal emissions; sexual power diminished utter prostration after coitus (Kali carb) — KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Nocturnal irritability of bladder; dribbling urine — EUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS.

Nocturnal sweat of genitals — BELLADONNA.

Obstinate gonorrhœa “does not get well” — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Œdema of prepuce, and swollen glans-penis — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Offensive perspiration — SEPIA.

On attempting coition, penis relaxes — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Oozing of white, glairy mucus from glans — CANNABIS INDICA.

Orchitis (Hama; Puls) — NUX VOMICA.

Orchitis; glands feel crushed — RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM.

Orchitis; pain from abdomen to testicles — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.





Organs cold, relaxed and powerless — SULPHUR.

Organs cold, relaxed sweaty — URANIUM NITRICUM.

Organs cold — SEPIA.

Organs feel cold — SABAL SERRULATA.

Organs seem larger, puffed, relaxed, cold, sweating; skin of scrotum thick — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Pain along spermatic cord to testicles — OLEUM ANIMALE AETHEREUM.

Pain and burning felt near neck of bladder, with frequent and urgent desire to urinate — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Pain and swelling of testiclesAURUM METALLICUM.

Pain and tenesmus in urinating, worse lying on  backPULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Pain in end of urethra; greenish discharge; brown spots on genitals and abdomen — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

Pain in glans (Prunus; Pareira) — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Pain in right spermatic cord, (Oxal ac) — MORPHINUM.

Pain in right testicle; better, urinating — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

Pain in spermatic cord after embrace — ARUNDO MAURITANICA.

Pain in spermatic cord, running into testes — HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA.

Pain in spermatic cord — TUSSILAGO PETASITES.

Pain in testicles and along spermatic cord and down thighs — OXYTROPIS LAMBERTI.

Pain in testicles and penis — NUPHAR LUTEUM.

Pain in testicles — HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA.

Pain worse during passage of pungent smelling urine — CAINCA.

Painful erections; swelling of the prepuce — OLEUM SANTALI.

Painful erections — LUPULUS HUMULUS.

Painful erections — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Painful induration of testicles — PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

Painful movement of the testicles — SALIX NIGRA.

Pains shoot into testicles from region of  kidneys — DIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Parts cold, relaxed — AGNUS CASTUS.

Parts externally numb; burn internally — AMBRA GRISEA.

Parts relax during embrace  (Nux) — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Penis and testes enormously swollen — MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS.

Perspiration of scrotum; is constantly damp and moist — CUPRUM ARSENICOSUM.

Phosphates decreased — THYMOLUM.

Polyuria — THYMOLUM.

Premature emission (Calad; Sel; Agn) — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Premature senility — MOSCHUS.

Prepuce irritated; itches — MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS.

Prepuce painful and swollen — JACARANDA CAROBA.

Prepuce painful with difficulty in retracting  it — SABINA.

Prepuce swollen; warts on it which bleed easily; testicles enlarged; buboes; angry- looking chancres — CINNABARIS.

Pressure in testicles — GINSENG QUINQUEFOLIUM.

Pressure in the perineumOLEUM ANIMALE AETHEREUM.

Priapism in gonorrhœa — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Priapism; satyriasis — PICRICUM ACIDUM.

PriapismCAMPHORA. Priapism — THYMOLUM.

Profuse perspiration of genitals — CORALLIUM RUBRUM.

Profuse urination — BENZOLUM.

Profuse, nightly, seminal emissions with lascivious dreams of a  perverted character — THYMOLUM.

Prolonged thrill — CANNABIS INDICA.

Prostate enlargedSENECIO AUREUS.

Prostate inflamed and swollen — PETROLEUM.

Prostatic discharge during stool — ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.

Prostatic discharge — ALUMINA.

Prostatic enlargement (Ferr pic; Thiosinaminum; Iod; Sabal) — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Prostatic enlargement and irritation — CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA.

Prostatic hypertrophy, especially in cases not too far advanced — PICRICUM ACIDUM.

Prostatic hypertrophy — OLEUM ANIMALE AETHEREUM.

Prostatic troubles; enlargement; discharge of prostatic  fluid — SABAL SERRULATA.


Prostatitis — HIPPOMANES.

Prostatorrhœa, even when passing a soft  stool — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.



Purulent discharge of a white color from urethra; tingling and burning in urethra; pain in prostate; pains in penis — CUPRUM ARSENICOSUM.

Re-establishes suppressed gonorrhœa — X-RAY.

Relaxation and coldness of organsDIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Rheumatic pains after frequent emissions — GINSENG QUINQUEFOLIUM.

Right half only — CLEMATIS ERECTA.


Scanty emission without ejaculation — AGNUS CASTUS.

Scrotum continually sweating — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Semen emitted too soon — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Semen thin, odorless — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Seminal emissions and impotency, with fear of never being better — SCUTELLARIA LATERIFOLIA.

Seminal emissions without erections, with lassitude (Dioscor; Phos ac) — ERYNGIUM AQUATICUM.

Seminal emissions, without sexual  excitementARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Seminal emissions — AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Seminal vesiculitis (Oxal acid) — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Seminal vesiculitis — OXALICUM ACIDUM.

Sensation of swelling in perineum or near anus, as if sitting on a ball — CANNABIS INDICA.

Severe pain in testicles — BENZOLUM.

Sexual debility, with increased desire; aversion to coition; too early or no ejaculation; herpetic eruption on organs — GRAPHITES.

Sexual desire excited; painful erections — ZINGIBER OFFICINALE.

Sexual desire increased — HIPPOMANES.

Sexual desire lost — X-RAY.

Sexual erethism, with indecent speech and action — STRAMONIUM.

Sexual erethism; nocturnal emissions — SILICEA TERRA.

Sexual excitement during partial slumber — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Sexual excitement; lasciviousness reaching almost to insanity; seminal emissions — TARENTULA HISPANICA.

Sexual excitement — GINSENG QUINQUEFOLIUM.

Sexual nervousness, with feeble erection — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Sexual neurasthenia — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Sexual neuroticsSABAL SERRULATA.

Sexual passion and desire increased with erections at night, during sleep — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Sexual passion and desire increased with erections at night, during sleep — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Sexual power deficient; testicles tender and  swollen — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Sexual power increased — ZIZIA AUREA.

Shooting along perineum to penisPHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

Smarting in urethra from neck of bladder to  meatus — CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA.

Smarting, burning, stitching in testicles, in prepuce and  scrotum — BERBERIS VULGARIS.

Sore, dragging in testicle, could not bear any pressure; better gentle support — ERIODYCTION CALIFORNICUM.

Soreness and burning in glans and beneath  prepuce — NITRICUM ACIDUM.

Spasmodic retraction of genitals, with pressure above pubic bone — EUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS.


Spermatic cord sensitive to concussion of walking or  riding — THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS.

Spermatorrhœa, with dreams, backache, burning in spine, weakness and irritability — NUX VOMICA.

Spermatorrhœa, with erotic fancies and amorous  dreams — USTILAGO MAYDIS.

Spermatorrhœa, with sunken features; guilty look; emissions, with backache and weakness and sexual neurasthenia — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Spermatorrhœa, without erectionsGELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Spermatorrhœa; impotency; after too much indulgence — AVENA SATIVA.

Spermatorrhœa — LUPULUS HUMULUS.

Spermatorrhœa — NUPHAR LUTEUM. Stitches in penis — SULPHUR.

Stricture; urine passed only in drops, and stream interrupted  (Clemat) — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Strong desire; painful erections — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Strong-smelling sweat on scrotum and pubes — DIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Suppurating inguinal glands — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Swelling of glands and prepuce-dark-red erysipelatous; scrotum thick, swollen, œdematous — RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Swelling of prepuce, burning in glans — VIOLA TRICOLOR.

Swelling of right testicle — BENZOLUM.

Swelling of scrotum (Orchitis) — CLEMATIS ERECTA.

Swelling of spermatic cord and testicles, with pain and  tenderness — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Swelling of testicles — BROMIUM.

Swollen scrotumFLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Swollen scrotumFLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Sycotic excrescences (Thuja) — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Sycotic excrescences — SABINA.

Syphilides, squamous and vesicular — CINNABARIS.

Syphilis; squamous eruption and bone  pains — SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS.

Syphilitic ulcers, with cheesy, tenacious  exudation — KALIUM BICHROMICUM.

Terrible neuralgic pains in spermatic cordOXALICUM ACIDUM.

Testicles drawn up, feel constricted — PLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Testicles enlarged, hot, and painful — HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA.

Testicles feel contused and heavy — OXALICUM ACIDUM.

Testicles feel seized and pulled forcibly upward; worse,  right — OLEUM ANIMALE AETHEREUM.

Testicles hang heavy or retracted, with pain along spermatic cord; worse, right side — CLEMATIS ERECTA.

Testicles hard and enlarged — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Testicles hard, drawn up, inflamed — BELLADONNA.

Testicles indurated with bruised feelingCLEMATIS ERECTA.

Testicles indurated — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Testicles sensitive and swollen — COPAIVA OFFICINALIS.

Testicles swelled, drawn up — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Testicles swollen and indurated — IODIUM.

Testicles tender; drawing pains along spermatic cord — INDIUM METALLICUM.

Testicles, cold, swollen, hard, and painful — AGNUS CASTUS.

Testicles, worse left, swollen, painful, drawn  up — RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM.

Thick, yellow discharge from urethra; late stage of gonorrhœa — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Thick, yellowish, muco-purulent  discharge — OLEUM SANTALI.

Troubles from suppressed gonorrhœa — CLEMATIS ERECTA.

Ulcers externally on prepuce similar to chancre (Nitr acid) — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Ulcers on glans and inner prepuce, with yellow  ichor — CORALLIUM RUBRUM.

Ulcers, with paroxysmal stitches; aggravated at night — KALIUM BICHROMICUM.

Ulcers; burn and sting; exude, offensive  matter — NITRICUM ACIDUM.

Uncontrollable masturbation — USTILAGO MAYDIS.

Urates increased — THYMOLUM.

Urethritis — MEDORRHINUM.

Urinary burning and subsequent dribbling of urine — THYMOLUM.


Vesicles and ulcers; soft chancre — MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS.

Violent desire; involuntary emissions — MOSCHUS.

Violent erections with stitches in urethra — CLEMATIS ERECTA.

Violent erections without voluptuous sensations — AMBRA GRISEA.

Violent erections — MYGALE LASIODORA.

Violent erections — AURUM METALLICUM.

Violent sexual desire — MEZEREUM.

Voluptuous itching of scrotum — AMBRA GRISEA.

Voluptuous itching; increased desire; seminal emissions without dreams — ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.

Voluptuous tickling at end of urethra — GINSENG QUINQUEFOLIUM.

Wasting of testes and loss of sexual powerSABAL SERRULATA.

Weakness of genital organs — GINSENG QUINQUEFOLIUM.

Yellow discharge from urethra — AGNUS CASTUS.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.